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Salvation Form

12 Nov

Disclaimer: All forms of religion shall be respected.

There are all those theories about “the truth” out there which i won’t much possibly discuss. Likewise there ar

Religion Stencil

Religion Stencil (Photo credit: murdelta)

e a bunch of religions in my immediate world who sure have got the truth into their everyday beliefs. I myself have been member to some of them. But no care to myself, I am doomed to some hell, because I give people attention. And they preach me.

As the collective wisdom says, you cannot stand with a foot on two boats. By that we have that many religions are mutually exclusive: Either Christian, Muslim or Jewish, Mormon etc.

But many of the religions work in gathering souls and redeeming them from hell or the eternal fury. Here it comes. You, reader are innocent till someone preach you the salvation – from that moment on, you are doomed . No rescue. No salvation or prayer will help you if you do not convert your life to the religion you are learning about.

In this multicultural interlinked world, soon or later you will get to know some people showing you the path to salvation and if you deny, you are lost. And if you get to know more than one, then what will  you do?

I have a plan to save all you who have not being preached on before. It is a form, that have to be signed by you in order to authorize people to preach to you and give you salvation. Otherwise, you cannot be taught about any religion at all. One form to each missionary.

That will make people to be obligated to ask before saving you. If they do so, and you are already saved from one side, you will sure be doomed by the new one – or the former, if you give it up and chose the newly taught religion.

No one can guarantee which truth is for real, or which hell is the hottest one!

Please, do not ask me how!!! – I shall work this idea my way Nobel Peace Prize – but before I get there, please, do not open your doors on weekend mornings, neither accept brochures or books, nor eavesdrop any worship/ church service. It is the easier way to keep innocent and avoiding the “hells”.

Third Party’s Stiod: Efficient Alarm clock App

2 Jul

The great soul who invented the snooze button might  indeed have wanted to help people. But they just invented a way of making workers and students late.

It is simple: you start hitting the gentle button to stop the weirdest wake up sounds up. And you can turn side, get even more comfortable and sleep again. Then it sounds once more, and you hit the snooze, and you sleep and… on and on till you don’t have enough time to brush your hair or your teeth and rush out.

The Stiod I saw this morning on facebook was an Alarm App that has  the two traditional snooze and off buttons with a little change: The button for turning off is free and the other one costs money (say $0,99)  for snoozing. Cool and upsetting at once! Isn’t it? I wonder who the money goes to, but that is another discussion, maybe to the App ower – Man, a gold pot!

With that, being lazy will cost you a bit more – by the way, to me it cost some taxi rides sometimes and later breakfast at the baker’s.

Stiod Sharing: Cell Phone Charging Station

20 Jun

Yesterday I posted a stiod for charger tables in restaurants, bars etc. Today, while surfing around I came to this great thing I have not seen before (published here): a charging station. In a Burger King restaurant in Philippines you can find this:

 A station to charge up your cellphone that has not only the outlets but the chargers so you can plug in your mobile and save your day! Just notice that there are three Nokia chargers and one Samsung, one Sony Ericsson and one Motorola. It seems that the Finish company is bigger out there in the Philippines.

It could be a great thing if mobile companies got inspired and found it as a marketing strategy, making charging totems available in different places in some cities, so their client’s devices would get charged when they were in battery need. 😀

What if this charging stations took solar energy?

Stiod Sharing: Choosing your flight neighbor.

13 Jun
English: JetBlue Airplane in Flight over Houston

(credit: Wikipedia)

Peter is taking a long distance flight. He’s very happy because he just got a promotion in his job, proposed his girlfriend and they are going to get married soon. He’s absolutely good and his life is walking towards perfection. Just have to tell that to everybody.

Jean is taking a long distance flight. He’s very busy, has lots of work to prepare before his presentation only four hours after landing. He opens his laptop, starts a dozen spreadsheets and tries to create the powerpoint slides so perhaps he has time to take a shower before rushing to the company headquarters.

Maria and Manuel are on vacations and took their kids to travel. They take the same long distance flight as Jean and Peter.

Ana Maria and Manuel’s daughter, happen to sit together with Daddy and Jean. Mommy, Teddy and daddy are in the seat behind her.

While Ana tries to play with her little brother, she kicks Jeans laptop accidentally. Later, Teddy cries because Tony, the middle brother stole his toy. Peter can’t hold his happiness and has to talk to the mother and the father who sit next to him, just the aisle separating them. The father is irritated with the kids crying, the guy talking and the long flight, starts complaining to Jean.

Do you want your seat neighbour to be like-minded, share hobbies with you or speak a specific language? 
Do you want to chat, or to rest while flying? Join SeatBuddy to make the best of your flight time.

Is this scene familiar to you? Hardly ever am I in the role of Peter and not seldom do I meed some kids family in flights and the likes. Now you can avoid these not friendly travelers.

Peter can choose a department in the plane where people are friendly and want to talk about free topics. Jean can book a silent department while Maria and Manuel… well, they will wait until a family department is created – Perhaps it will need some doors to hold the possibility of a silent department in the same plane.

The idea comes from the Latvian air company Air Baltic. The passengers will have the possibility to choose their neighbors. You can choose your travel mood or join the community SeatBuddy from their website. It will take your facebook information to match your profile to other passengers’.

Ideas for Gay Pride Parade

6 Jun
English: A drag queen at the 2008 Gay Pride in...

(credit: Wikipedia)

That is time of freeing the fantasies and going to Paulista Ave. showing or supporting gay pride – sorry there is an acronym but as it changes each year I can’t cope with it all.

Husband’s friends use to make fun of him telling he was seen in high heels last year. I thought why not? Have been thinking of some costumes that are appropriate for the occasion.

Either if not in São Paulo and your gay parade hasn’t occurred this year yet you can of your gay parade has already been, you can come back later and consider the ideas as well.

You will not want to wear a sexy costume will you? Just as everybody? For that you don’t really need a stiod. What I was thinking here I love the Drag Queens, they are just wonderful.

Some Ideas:

  • What I think this year could be a most aggressive defense of the gay pride: Take to the streets figures that are themselves against gay marriage, sex freedom etc. Why not religious homophobic figures, homophobic politicians, etc.
  • Also, If I was a man, I would wear myself a big pregnancy belly, and create an androgynous figure. It will both represent the right of lesbians turning into a masculine body and still getting pregnant or of gay couples having kids.
  • Thinking of wearing male costume myself and getting Husband going hand by hand with a guy. And this is another idea. Homogenizing  hetero couples so to show sympathy to the Gay Cause.

And you reader. Do you have any tips for enjoying gay parades?

VIII Gay Pride in São Paulo, Brazil

Stiod Sharing – Double screened computer

5 Jun

Do you know that thing people insist in calling privacy?

Great you still remember what it is. Oh, no, no… it is not only that thing you read in terms of use in websites… no, hum… that means more.

Back in the past, privacy was also about oneself. You had the ability to seclude yourself, and reveal your activities on your will basis. Bygone time…

We are growing sharing people. And the necessity to share our activities (facebook, tweeter, wp…) is not that new, but day after day it gets easier and easier. Imagine now that you are sitting with your laptop at a library of café, people in front of you just turn their eyes towards you and l-e-t-t-e-r by tetletter what you are typing, reading, browsing, because the back of your laptop displays a screen identical to the one you see while using your computer.

That is Asus proposal while releasing Thaichi. A double screened computer. It was designed to turn a tablet into a computer or vice-versa in a simple way — by opening it (or to transform a computer in tablet?).

I think this is the great stiod when you thing of education – teacher can go around and check what students are doing by checking their second screen without going behind or side by side with students (digression – remember how flattered I got when a programing teacher came behind me while I was in secondary school. I was so in love with him, and his arm would often rubbered my shoulders or something when he would point something out in my screen – OMG! I used to whisper to myself).

Very helpful also for group work  co-workers or advisers and advisees can sit in front of each other and discuss things, as well as see them equally comfort just while see each other face to face while discussing.

“Not that there’s anything wrong sitting next to each other, but this looks much better”

Jonney Shih – Asus (from

Oh, and the grumpy opening to this post? aren’t you against this losing of privacy?

I do believe the opening of the second screen is optional – or am I stupid (regardless the title of the blog)? The losing of privacy makes me concerned not about Asus gadget, but about people will use it. Just as I love dock stations and hatehatehate when people use them to play out loud they annoying or nice music in the bus or the train while I’d rather solve my dearest crosswords. 🙂

Stiod Sharing – “Loss Goggles”

3 Jun

People have been trying to help us all losing weight by all means. Taking away our food. Lessening the amount of food. Reducing the taste. Creating satisfaction pills.

This Japanese team decided going a bit more creative. Eyeglasses that makes the food look bigger. Allegedly the glasses will help you losing weight, by magnifying only the food in your hands. It seems the food gets 50% bigger. And you will eat less of the food.

It seems the thesis that you eat with your eyes is being confirmed. The researchers just don’t know what is it that make people eat less wit the food sized being virtually increased.

It looks good. Wonder how long will it take to my stomach get used to less food, instead.

Stiod Opinion: cloning… a Mammoth!

1 Jun

Disclaimer: I love technology and science. I do think many inventions are great and should keep on.

While I go dreaming of having a slaveable copy of myself that did all the boring jobs I have to do such as tidying up, ironing, and doing the gym. Scientist lay their dream in cloning nothing more useless than a mammoth.

I mean, what will be the environmental gain in bringing back to life an animal that disappeared thousands years ago?Instead of creating white elephants, they want to create a prehistoric one. Than you would have to go through questions such as the proper environment for them, the proper food – think of these giant things roaming in the northern lands, with no predators… Or should the same group of mammoth parents bing also to life saber tooth cats etc.

We have to agree that science gains a lot with a lot of experiments people judge to be useless.

Can’t you guys invent ways for making water out of sand, for example that would be more useful to people dying of thirst around Earth. Is it impossible?

It seems also impossible to resurrect old animals specially because as I read around, the project might only mammothize elephants instead of getting a real mammoth back.


Read more:

The Woolly Mammoth’s Return? Scientists Plan to Clone Extinct Creature


Will we ever… clone a mammoth?



Stiod Sharing: Cinebox or Cinema Jukebox

30 May

Do you know that scene of Fried Green Tomatoes everybody talks about? Have you never seen The Seventh Seal, The 39 Steps, or a lot lot of films people are making on and on since the beginning of 20th century? That have been plenty of them. People still think you should know this and that specially good sequence. So, what about stop by a jukecinebox and check some of the most famous ones?

The project was developed by André Sturm and Alessandra Dorgan and it is pretty original.

It is a blend of an old jukebox and a photo booth. From a screen outside you chose a film scene you please (they offer selected scenes of 60 films), enter the  stuff and watch the selected sequence for three minutes. There inside you’ll find two seats and two puff seats.

The place where it is installed and the purpose make it quite a great project. It is just a nice place to have such a thing, since I don’t suppose it would work in bars etc. I wonder how interesting it would be having such in a library, for example, cool if you are writing some homework, composition etc and then you would check the scene you want to write about etc. Although as it is today, you have only a part of it. What does not make the project less important.

Available from May 1st to November, 1 2012.

Tuesday to Friday, from 12 am to 10 pm.; Saturday, Sunday and Holidays from 11 am. to 9 pm..
Gratis |

Full list of films
Museu da Imagem e do Som
Avenida Europa, 158 | Jardim Europa | São Paulo | Brazil Phone: (11) 2117-4777 |

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Avalie o conteúdo

Ecumenical holidays

28 May

I used to love holidays. But I am about to stop it.

I liked holidays because I had the great chance to stay home. I dislike holidays because of several reasons. One of them is my inclination – or trial – to be  more tolerant or more universal as we use to say. Other reason is also about having broader frontiers.
Different countries have different holidays and when you deal with several of them the number of non-working days in your calendar sinks. If you are to deal, with a Dutch authority for example, you have to keep in mind that  today was a holiday in Holland. 15th May it was holiday in Sweden, next week we get some in SP etc.
A good calendar or Google Calendar will help us to go through it, it’s just paying attention (so you don’t waste time going to a closed Council :/ or trying desperately to call another one).
But what got me worried is that many holidays are Christian ones, moreover, they are Catholic ones. I do respect the Pope followers and the likes, I love Christmas spirit and Easter chocolates (though I hardly ever think of the religious background of them). However, why do I have to skip carrying my business if it is a day for celebrating what I don’t care about? Pentecost, Corpus Christi, etc. etc.
I am trying not to be selfish now, but  only thinking of the great amount of people who are not Catholics or Christians. They have to skip their business so the Christianity memoir is preserved. Nonetheless, other religions do not have a day for their own in our Gregorian Calendar.
Everybody works in Chinese New Year, Chanukah’s, Yemanjá’s day, Hijri New Year, Foundation of Mecca, I don’t really know myself which days are important to other religions – I would not care much I guess. But I believe we should have less Christian holidays but a (or some) ecumenical day – when all the religions are respected.
Alternatively we could have one or two free days granted to each worker so s/he would chose to celebrate the day that is relevant to their religion. The same amount of days to every worker from all over the world regardless their beliefs. Because as it is nowadays is just not fair and we are standing far from religious tolerance by celebrating one creed but not others.
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