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Third Party’s Stiod: Efficient Alarm clock App

2 Jul

The great soul who invented the snooze button might  indeed have wanted to help people. But they just invented a way of making workers and students late.

It is simple: you start hitting the gentle button to stop the weirdest wake up sounds up. And you can turn side, get even more comfortable and sleep again. Then it sounds once more, and you hit the snooze, and you sleep and… on and on till you don’t have enough time to brush your hair or your teeth and rush out.

The Stiod I saw this morning on facebook was an Alarm App that has  the two traditional snooze and off buttons with a little change: The button for turning off is free and the other one costs money (say $0,99)  for snoozing. Cool and upsetting at once! Isn’t it? I wonder who the money goes to, but that is another discussion, maybe to the App ower – Man, a gold pot!

With that, being lazy will cost you a bit more – by the way, to me it cost some taxi rides sometimes and later breakfast at the baker’s.

Period Tracker for male users

12 May

Diagram of the menstrual cycle (based on sever...

No, I am not possessed by my last period. Just haven’t done much of outer life because of some annoying cramps. That makes me thinking of my immediate reality. Ok, perhaps you’re right.

And no, I am not suggesting (yet) that men should bleed on our behalf!

Let me introduce my newest stiod – an App that helps men to follow their girls’ period and identify and interpret her signs- that are nothing more than symptoms she experiences every month depending on the point of her period she is.

Usually our partners do not know where in our periods we women are, and that makes them a bit insensitive about those loads of changes our body and our mood go through.


How it would work?

  • One fills a date when his/her girl gets her period
  • The App will calculate when probably next period comes (just as Ovuview works – and it works pretty well)
  • A tab would show what are the most probable symptoms for the given point the woman is in her period. And explain to the partner what is going on.
  • The App suggests what are the most probable reactions to such signs – menstruation is coming in a few days, be careful with nipples and so on. Fertile periods etc…

Just as Ovuview, the App could have a log, where the partner enters the main symptoms s/he observes in their girl – did she had cramps today? Were she more keen to have sex? Humidity etc.

Guys, we are walking towards the future of relationships – a walk towards perfection, that is nothing more  than based on comprehension. And this App will help you guys in your way there.


Notifying Pet feeder

2 May

It has been one year we decided adopting a cute spoiled short-haired cat. Since then, having his dried food bowl full became one of my duties. It does not harm me at all and is a way of giving him love.

Sometimes, though, I find it hard to take decisions because I wouldn’t know if he’s got enough food for my absence. I would not allow myself getting him a automatic feeder or the likes. That’s quite un-personal. Then, the stiod was born

Pip would get a wi-fi bowl. Its system might be simple: based in its weight and a clock. Its function is to inform me weather it is empty or full. And if when it was emptied or filled (if I get a cat sitter, for example – or whatchamacallit). When on of this events occur it generates a log in an App, that shows me the current status of the bowl. And the App shows me if he is probably satisfied or hungry based in given veterinarian data. B-)




Even or Odds deciding – App

26 Apr

Since I started blogging at WP, reading blogs became a delightful habit. There are thousands of people out there with interesting things to do, and great ideas around. This blogger, for example created an App so you decide if a given number is odd or even. I did not play it, but I can see myself doing it again and again.

Since not everybody is like me (and AndroidResearch) that can be entertained with futility, and because I have turned into a (annoying) positivist, I can see his App as something formidable. And useful. Let’s have an Even or Odds App, similar to those toss-the-coin ones.

How I imagine it working: You decide who takes even and who takes odds. You would just shake your device, after opening the app, and it would show you randomly a number and say out aloud  the word “even” or “odd”.

It sounds pretty stupid I know. But it is not, indeed. You don’t really need an app for that unless you are blind or have all fingers :). In my friendship circles (even family), I got these disabled people around. In many cases they are just as normal people as any of us. But some of them do not have all fingers. Some of them are blind. As my BFF says sometimes to me: “I would show you my middle finger if I had got one!”

It might be cultural, but the ancient game Morra (the odds and even games) is pretty common around here, to decide which team starts a match, who will clean the cat sand (oh, this is home), make the popcorn during a match or a film, we do all of it with even or odds decision. It gets a bit hard if you do not have fingers, if you cannot see what your colleague put first as “amount of fingers”.

It is nice, to help people but sure it will entertain a lot of other people (regardless the age) that do not necessarily need it.

Imagine people who have vices — some people will always put an even number of fingers if they chose “even”, or the other way round. So it is quite obvious what you will get if you put an odd number. The app makes the decision more random!

Thanks for the Insight in your post, AndroidResearch

Digital interpreter

25 Apr
Title page of one of the earliest phrase books...

Title page of one of the earliest phrase books of Sindebele to be published in Rhodesia: J. O'Neil's "Phrase Book in English and Sindebele", 1910: Ellis Allen, Bulawayo, Rhodesia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You might say: “Come on, dear… we got those fantastic (half working) phrase book App. We do not need any one more.

Yeah. That’s true, but as far as I’ve seen these phrasebooks work partially and not as this one.

Despite it is still non-totally-working because of the bad quality of voice recognition technology we have nowadays, it might work better, with some pre-configured set of languages.

It will work with voice recognition, and you say the phrase you need to say somewhere in the world (in some preset language, of course), it recognizes your message (let’s say it works as source language mainly English, and then it gives you the phrase in the target language. You can just play the thing out loud in a restaurant, bus station, news stand etc (it can be separated by categories, so the set to look up the sentences will be quite restricted).

If you need, for example order a beer, you say the sentence in English (ok, am I being too lazy, you can type it, but we are talking about communicating, and speaking is faster) or select it from a given set. Your phrase book App look up for the counterpart in the target language and says it aloud to you.

If you are a daring person, you can try to repeat it by yourself, but you can avoid the scene, and help native people go quicker then you “treiaul oov seayiing dthe  seenteenss in dtheirr laenguaegdj” . Why that if you can have your personal digital interpreter?

Your interpreter will also help you to understand the answers you get. You ask your service/ product provider to speak clearly to your phone/ tablet/ gadget. The App will look for a similar sentence into its database. It will, then return you a (written) translation.

I am afraid it will have to rely on web, for having both ways of translations. But if you skip this last feature, I do not think only an off-line application would be non-working.

We have plenty of platforms for that, such as Forvo or Google voices. And I am in the queue for acquiring one in my next travel to Hungary – I don’t dare trying to speak that language myself.

Here is your fridge – App

21 Apr
CDC beets

(credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever found yourself with a bunch of raw food home but no idea of what to do with them?

The recipe App or website will help you to find the optimal recipe based on key ingredients you have home. For example, you have beetroot, milk, egg, flower. What can you do with that?

You enter these ingredients, and it searches for recipes (on the web, or into the website database) where you can use the most ingredients you can, with the minimum necessity to buy others. With the example of my fridge above I would get: option 1, beetroot souffle; option 2, omelet & beetroot juice with milk; option 3, beetroot stuffed pancakes. (These recipes have to come from somewhere, of course).

This idea is perhaps suitable to chefs such as Erik Fröderberg from the TV program that names my stiod, in this program he comes to personalities and cooks 3 dishes meal with whatever they have in their fridges.

The facility could even ask you if you got some extra ingredient that you did not list, so it can help you out to use optimally your “leftover” ingredients.

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Stiod Derived: When is my pizza coming — App?

21 Apr

That would be a net based App (or the likes). You are really hungry nearby 11.58pm. You can not stand the stove or the stoven or whatever kitchen machine you have home. You, then order a pizza. They promise you 30 minutes to get fed and it takes 76′ !  Other 50 homes had the same idea, and perhaps 10 of them are in love with the pizza moto boy (or whatever reason) . 

Picture of an authentic Neapolitan Pizza Margh...

The App, or webpage, would show you how long  (in the rough) will it take to your order come to your house! will it take 10 mins, you can, for example prepare a salad (I love pizza with a salad starter) and cool down the wine (another pleasure of mine and other 8.oo0.o00 São Paulo inhabitants’  (the others would have beer or coke instead)).

Is it difficult? I hardly believe so. You can roughly calculate the due time based in the client’s post code (sometimes even telephone numbers, they always ask you by the way, around here.) and the pizzeria’s one, plus the time the pizza is ready.  That would take people around 46 minutes programming…

Bon appétit!


some pizza parlor man just got it in the neck from Mr CB 😉

This is the second time they were 45 minutes late in delivering our order. Last time the pizzas were more or less cold, this time, the were re-heated but the wrong pizza when we opened it up.

Ohhh, ever seen a hungry man turning into a “monster”? Not a pretty sight, indeed.

Big boy took him and the ill-fated pizzas back to their rightful owner, last I heard was a call to see what the two wee ones want from McDonalds 😉



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Third Party’s Stiod: Charge for having your spam spread!

20 Apr

Did I oversleep and missed some evolution of world? Kinda dunno

This company just gets the stiod of creating a facebook spam. The victim receives an invite from some acquaintance (former victim, of course). It promises “Sync your friends contact information from Facebook directly into your iPhone and iPad”. After accepting or at least clicking the link, the “app” spreads itself to the victims’  contacts. It does not stop there, as it is a spam it would go on and on. But there’s nothing new in that. Nothing worth the name stiod!

The’s spam  App will charge it’s victims to spread their their invites. That is, you give this guys the room for “advertising” and it charges you! This is a gold mine idea… How didn’t I come to it before? Oh… right, honesty honesty… what is that, pal?

no spam!

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It should be illegal, or should it?

Would like to be bolder, I could suggest asking for volunteers to give them money in charge for some destructive viruses, for example. That would probably work with some promise to look up other people’s privacy or just promising to get the computer stopping working at once. Quite spontaneous.’

A mild version of its is a new “google facility” Street view

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Stiod Opinion: Virtual Companion to Agoraphobics

19 Apr
Panic attack

Panic attack (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That is pretty cool to see that people around world have many interesting ideas to make world better. This agoraphobic blogger is creating an App to help people who find it difficult to go out home. The idea is “to help agoraphobics and those with social anxieties … a companion who will walk with you out the door, to the sidewalk and beyond”. Although all my fears that this might create a dependence just similar to the ones triggered by therapies and medications, the idea of a help of this kind sounds great.

In fact, it might seem as a personification of a schizophrenia, when you create a imaginary friend to cope with your fears and problems. But it does not need to be so! Not at all.

Of course the details of her App are kept to herself and her friend helping her. But here goes some wonder that I think would be a great thing around.

Would the App work with real people, wanting to help and to “walk” together with the agoraphobic? Virtual friends, volunteers or just other disordered people (social dependents, for example) that are on line there, interacting with the App user so they will feel comfortable in having someone around?

In one of the comments (check here), some follower to her blog, suggested the App calling a person when the panic was imminent. What a nice thought, despite my skepticism on an App noticing when you’re about to have a panic attack (it might me possible, by some physical signals, perhaps?). The idea of programing the App to get someone in the voluntary lists to call you in a given time, when you are out home, might be a great feature to arlynnpresser‘s App!

Whishing you all the luck and looking forward to news!

Let’s answer her question to you:  would you want that app?

Bibliography directly from your book barcode

16 Apr

Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.
Mark Twain(* )

Researchers, writers and students, this Stiod is for you – as well as for any one else who would need so.

Everybody who had to deliver a work where bibliographic references are need would agree that making them is a bit annoying, time consuming and does not sum up to your work. This idea is a bit far from turning real, but someone has to start it up!

The Stiod shall work if in collaboration with libraries, specially because they usually have all the data in their system. I googled some way of getting all the information from a common ISBN database, but all my trials turned out empty for ISBN of the books I used – so, perhaps we still need some efficient ISBN database that embraces the most of books (if I am not wrong, the numbers themselves tell a lot about books, perhaps there’s a way of decoding it) has some as well, but only for books they sell.

The thing works as follows:

  1. Scan the bar code of a book
  2. the system localizes the ISBN information of its.
  3. the system generates a .txt file with all the information for a good bibliography entry
  4. the user adds those info to their bibliography manager of preference (BibTeX, Reference Manager etc.)
  5. Work is done.

For old books where the info would be impossible to find, one could simply get a network of users, who create and share their entries. Soon the whole world would cite and have access to a huge bibliographic reference since the first ISBN listed books.

Imagine you with a barcode scanner (or even without it – see alternative below),

EAN-13 bar code of ISBN-13 in compliance with ...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(* quoted in The Call of Conscience:Heidegger and Levinas… by Michael J. Hyde)

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