Salvation Form

12 Nov

Disclaimer: All forms of religion shall be respected.

There are all those theories about “the truth” out there which i won’t much possibly discuss. Likewise there ar

Religion Stencil

Religion Stencil (Photo credit: murdelta)

e a bunch of religions in my immediate world who sure have got the truth into their everyday beliefs. I myself have been member to some of them. But no care to myself, I am doomed to some hell, because I give people attention. And they preach me.

As the collective wisdom says, you cannot stand with a foot on two boats. By that we have that many religions are mutually exclusive: Either Christian, Muslim or Jewish, Mormon etc.

But many of the religions work in gathering souls and redeeming them from hell or the eternal fury. Here it comes. You, reader are innocent till someone preach you the salvation – from that moment on, you are doomed . No rescue. No salvation or prayer will help you if you do not convert your life to the religion you are learning about.

In this multicultural interlinked world, soon or later you will get to know some people showing you the path to salvation and if you deny, you are lost. And if you get to know more than one, then what will  you do?

I have a plan to save all you who have not being preached on before. It is a form, that have to be signed by you in order to authorize people to preach to you and give you salvation. Otherwise, you cannot be taught about any religion at all. One form to each missionary.

That will make people to be obligated to ask before saving you. If they do so, and you are already saved from one side, you will sure be doomed by the new one – or the former, if you give it up and chose the newly taught religion.

No one can guarantee which truth is for real, or which hell is the hottest one!

Please, do not ask me how!!! – I shall work this idea my way Nobel Peace Prize – but before I get there, please, do not open your doors on weekend mornings, neither accept brochures or books, nor eavesdrop any worship/ church service. It is the easier way to keep innocent and avoiding the “hells”.

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