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Salvation Form

12 Nov

Disclaimer: All forms of religion shall be respected.

There are all those theories about “the truth” out there which i won’t much possibly discuss. Likewise there ar

Religion Stencil

Religion Stencil (Photo credit: murdelta)

e a bunch of religions in my immediate world who sure have got the truth into their everyday beliefs. I myself have been member to some of them. But no care to myself, I am doomed to some hell, because I give people attention. And they preach me.

As the collective wisdom says, you cannot stand with a foot on two boats. By that we have that many religions are mutually exclusive: Either Christian, Muslim or Jewish, Mormon etc.

But many of the religions work in gathering souls and redeeming them from hell or the eternal fury. Here it comes. You, reader are innocent till someone preach you the salvation – from that moment on, you are doomed . No rescue. No salvation or prayer will help you if you do not convert your life to the religion you are learning about.

In this multicultural interlinked world, soon or later you will get to know some people showing you the path to salvation and if you deny, you are lost. And if you get to know more than one, then what will  you do?

I have a plan to save all you who have not being preached on before. It is a form, that have to be signed by you in order to authorize people to preach to you and give you salvation. Otherwise, you cannot be taught about any religion at all. One form to each missionary.

That will make people to be obligated to ask before saving you. If they do so, and you are already saved from one side, you will sure be doomed by the new one – or the former, if you give it up and chose the newly taught religion.

No one can guarantee which truth is for real, or which hell is the hottest one!

Please, do not ask me how!!! – I shall work this idea my way Nobel Peace Prize – but before I get there, please, do not open your doors on weekend mornings, neither accept brochures or books, nor eavesdrop any worship/ church service. It is the easier way to keep innocent and avoiding the “hells”.


The forbiden words list

29 May

Recently I read at the Telegraph that it is not a good thing to use the word “obesity” since it carries negative meanings. (here)
One week ago or a bit more, newspaper in Sweden go mad because of Prime Ministers saying of “ethnicity”. (here, here and here)
A couple of months ago, a dictionary writer went sued because he gave the derogatory definition of a word in his dictionary in Brazil. (here, here)


That is such a desolating situation! The episodes in the prologue above just give us a starting point to see that this political correct issue is way hard. That is because we cannot be all sure about the words and terminology in our own languages because there will be people scrutinizing deep inlet meanings of so far ordinary words. Those people will get offended or understand all the other speakers should get offended by listening you to say shameful words.

The stiod is also a dare: To create a list of words deemed to negative understandings. I have some ideas for names:

  • The black list of prejudiced words.
  • The cursing vocabulary.
  • Unpronounceable  and unwritable  words
  • Banished words list

All of these make me remember a short story I read years ago written by Pierdomenico Baccalario. It tells a story of  Li-po. He is condemned to wander around the world eating paper and drinking ink, after he utters the secret word. I did not find anything about the story in English though I really tried. Perhaps there is something about it. I come back later if I find some.

Ecumenical holidays

28 May

I used to love holidays. But I am about to stop it.

I liked holidays because I had the great chance to stay home. I dislike holidays because of several reasons. One of them is my inclination – or trial – to be  more tolerant or more universal as we use to say. Other reason is also about having broader frontiers.
Different countries have different holidays and when you deal with several of them the number of non-working days in your calendar sinks. If you are to deal, with a Dutch authority for example, you have to keep in mind that  today was a holiday in Holland. 15th May it was holiday in Sweden, next week we get some in SP etc.
A good calendar or Google Calendar will help us to go through it, it’s just paying attention (so you don’t waste time going to a closed Council :/ or trying desperately to call another one).
But what got me worried is that many holidays are Christian ones, moreover, they are Catholic ones. I do respect the Pope followers and the likes, I love Christmas spirit and Easter chocolates (though I hardly ever think of the religious background of them). However, why do I have to skip carrying my business if it is a day for celebrating what I don’t care about? Pentecost, Corpus Christi, etc. etc.
I am trying not to be selfish now, but  only thinking of the great amount of people who are not Catholics or Christians. They have to skip their business so the Christianity memoir is preserved. Nonetheless, other religions do not have a day for their own in our Gregorian Calendar.
Everybody works in Chinese New Year, Chanukah’s, Yemanjá’s day, Hijri New Year, Foundation of Mecca, I don’t really know myself which days are important to other religions – I would not care much I guess. But I believe we should have less Christian holidays but a (or some) ecumenical day – when all the religions are respected.
Alternatively we could have one or two free days granted to each worker so s/he would chose to celebrate the day that is relevant to their religion. The same amount of days to every worker from all over the world regardless their beliefs. Because as it is nowadays is just not fair and we are standing far from religious tolerance by celebrating one creed but not others.

Stiod Opinion: Football Gospel Fan-club

6 May

Let us be interconnected by fate. Oh, dramatic me.

Perhaps just because the last post was about football, this one just popped out from my TV. Perhaps it’s the destiny.

Let me stop with this yonder talk and go straight to the point. In my beloved Brazil, a protestant priest decided to create his own football fan-club: Fogospel. It is  a way of blending the passions for Jesus and for football.

Wait, wait… will you deem me for intolerance if I say it is weird? That’s perhaps because we have the football stadium as our (un)sacred place for swearing and screaming the stress off. These people go there and restrain themselves from swearing. But, how do they express their (extreme) anger or (extreme) happiness? Using religious words!!!

Instead of saying “f*ck you referee”, they say “go and convert yourself, referee”.

Instead of “shit”, “Jesus”

Instead of “f*ck off you j*rk*d”, “Oh God, save him!”

Again, you might call me a bitter b**ch, but I do not think it is OK for many Gospel, Catholic, Muslim, or Jew or other religious groups to cry out The Sacred Name vainly.

Please, where are we folks going with all this tolerance talk? To allow any jerk doing whatever they want in name of their beliefs. Please, take me home…

Stiod Derived: Christian wine (water based)

21 Apr

You would sell a wine, created directly from water. Just as the New Testament says. That would be world wide accepted since no fermentation process would be undergone! the purest wine in Earth!

Check my motivations: ** all respect for real religions and beliefs reserved **

A couple of weeks ago I saw something extra weird!

This Christian guy comes to the medias (I saw it on youtube at first) announcing his newest stiod. The idea according to him was to have an alternative beverage to Coke. Yes, this giant trademark. And he says he is going to overcome Coke’s market power. Sometimes, in my innermost self I believe he’s right.

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the the universe.”

(usually assigned to Einstein)

Despite I’m skeptical he shall find those people in Israel, I still believe it. That’s because his main argument is: “God” told him that “coca cola”,  the trade mark in Brazil, if you read backwards,  mean “the devil’s water” (which language?). His “god”  is helping him to find 7.000 distributors according to  I kings 19:18

“Yet I reserve seven thousand in Israel—all whose knees have not bowed down to Baal and whose mouths have not kissed him.”

That’s because he got a revelation from Him that he must do this factoring and crush down Coke, so that His glory would come to Earth.  My belief is base on the unexplainable amount of money such churches have gathered in a couple of decades in Brazil (that case, for example of the church founders arrested in USA)

Poor people who work at least 44 hours per week and make about  € 2400, 00 a year give away regularly 10% of their money (montlhly), plus extra charges for special prayers such as “318 priests campaing” or “take your prayer to Israel with heaven’s selected priests” that have € 20,0oas starters –  and it goes on

every week, or every mass!!!

I do respect religions. I cannot respect people who take away the least resources people have to feed their family in the name of God or whatever… sorry!

Well, this guy wants to be Brazil’s richest man, so we(*) got him some tips (stiod)

  • Add wine to his product stocktaking; or perhaps beer, it can even be more honest than alcohol free options;
  • Brew water based wine! we mean… no grapes, no alcohol… just wine!

    Goblet Glass (Banquet): An all-purpose glass f...

    (credit: Wikipedia)

  • Find a new name – respected by fundamentalist muslims that believe Coke and USA are tools in Devil’s hand;
  • Find a new name – respected by fundamentalist marxists that believe Coke and USA are tools in Devil’s hand;

I am pretty sure he might have many other stiod to share with us!


* in colaboration with Husband

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