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Stiod Sharing: Cinebox or Cinema Jukebox

30 May

Do you know that scene of Fried Green Tomatoes everybody talks about? Have you never seen The Seventh Seal, The 39 Steps, or a lot lot of films people are making on and on since the beginning of 20th century? That have been plenty of them. People still think you should know this and that specially good sequence. So, what about stop by a jukecinebox and check some of the most famous ones?

The project was developed by André Sturm and Alessandra Dorgan and it is pretty original.

It is a blend of an old jukebox and a photo booth. From a screen outside you chose a film scene you please (they offer selected scenes of 60 films), enter the  stuff and watch the selected sequence for three minutes. There inside you’ll find two seats and two puff seats.

The place where it is installed and the purpose make it quite a great project. It is just a nice place to have such a thing, since I don’t suppose it would work in bars etc. I wonder how interesting it would be having such in a library, for example, cool if you are writing some homework, composition etc and then you would check the scene you want to write about etc. Although as it is today, you have only a part of it. What does not make the project less important.

Available from May 1st to November, 1 2012.

Tuesday to Friday, from 12 am to 10 pm.; Saturday, Sunday and Holidays from 11 am. to 9 pm..
Gratis |

Full list of films
Museu da Imagem e do Som
Avenida Europa, 158 | Jardim Europa | São Paulo | Brazil Phone: (11) 2117-4777 |

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