Stiod sharing – education program instead of wealthfare

My grand father used to say that a handshake had the same value as a signature for a honest man. His time’s sure gone.

Not seldom see I people trying to cheat for money, avoid taxes etc. A comon cheat in Brazil may now face some problems. Here there is something possible to be called ” proffessional unemployed”. People who work for a given time and force to be fired so they go into the whealthfare system. Then, they find another job and do not get registererd so they get the money from goverment and from their jobs.

Now, the authorities are going to force those who have been enemployed for the third time to study.

That is pretty intersting not for the teaching — I doubt
Ulack of knowlegde is the biggest problem in this spefific case. Many have already complained of the project defending it is punishment.

Supposing it is, I wonder when we will see a “punishment” school to be built for corrupt politians and many other shameless groups who won’t need the social insurance money…..


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