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Stiod Sharing – “Loss Goggles”

3 Jun

People have been trying to help us all losing weight by all means. Taking away our food. Lessening the amount of food. Reducing the taste. Creating satisfaction pills.

This Japanese team decided going a bit more creative. Eyeglasses that makes the food look bigger. Allegedly the glasses will help you losing weight, by magnifying only the food in your hands. It seems the food gets 50% bigger. And you will eat less of the food.

It seems the thesis that you eat with your eyes is being confirmed. The researchers just don’t know what is it that make people eat less wit the food sized being virtually increased.

It looks good. Wonder how long will it take to my stomach get used to less food, instead.


A fixed Idea – The most dangerous stiod of all

23 May

Yesterday a friend sent me an advertising video I liked so much. I really wanted to share it here in the blog. As it is in Portuguese I got the stiod of subtitling it myself. That drowned into me as one of this killing idea-worm. Because I could not sleep since then, It reminded me one of the best Brazilian writers and decided sharing  it all – Machado de Assis is the writer.

I realized now that one idea I had saved in my drafts folder is just similar to his what made me a bit alarmed. First, I am introducing you Bras Cubas. He is a dead writer that decides writing about his life. And his causa mortis was pneumonia. But this pneumonia was triggered by an idea. A fixed Idea Bras Cubas would not give up – inventing an ointment that was responsible to work against melancholy. Only putting it would take away your sorrow, depression etc. – Perhaps a less harmful version of Prozac and the likes.

Asphodelus albus

Asphodelus albus (Photo credit: z_aurelie)

Some weeks ago I read about a flower called Asphodelus – in mythology this plant is considered to have strong bounds to underworld. It might be due to its long roots.  Many Greeks were interested in this flower, that becomes so gloomy in the end of Autumn and beginning of winter. But they were not the only ones. Poets (specially those writing and living the Spleen). Wirginia Woolf wrote about how this flower works:

But some were early infected by a germ said to be bred of the pollen of the asphodel and to be blown out of Greece and Italy, which was of so deadly a nature that it would shake the hand as it was raised to strike, and cloud the eye as it sought its prey, and make the tongue stammer as it declared its love.

I wondered if there was possibility of creating an incense from asphodel and using its the power of triggering the spleen (“splénétique”) state so that one could write and write and write. One would enter in such a “Byron” state of mind that would create the most passionate poems while the sadness and melancholy lasted in ones body.

I gave up the Idea before I entered myself into this incomprehensible feelings of sadness myself. And now am I waiting till the other fixed Idea takes its way to makeability.

Chair that imitates an exercise ball

20 May

Elderly man with a dumbell sitting on an exerc...

When I lived in a bigger house I used to have there an exercise ball I used to sit on during the most time I was writing home. Only one week after I started using it I felt great relief in back pains, less pain in the legs as well as I got less tired as a whole. That is because an exercise ball does much good for one’s  body, such as aligning the spine, making one change position all the time, increasing the balance and so on. – If you have got enough space in your working room go for it, by the way! No regret, I swear.

Many people, including me in my temporary apartment, do not have space enough for keeping a big sized ball in home. Nor can we have such device in our offices or our clients and co-workers will just find us mad.

Old Office Chair.JPG

However I believe that the benefits of the exercise ball and its functioning, might be possible to be adapted to a office chair, with such mechanism that will demand the same balance of our body as the ball does, and as so make us changing position often, require body stance, improve circulation etc. All the things being equal to a ball but the shape that is just as sober as any office chair in our current world.

Yep., I said in our current world because it will change forever after we get access to this exercise chair. Isn’t it just amazing losing about 350 calories just for stay sitting – comfortably – in your work chair? And more, it is just fun sitting on these balls.

So, chair makers and designers, you’ve got some new demand.

Liars Anonymous

18 May

Sisterworld (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some people might try to say the truth most of the time whereas other have some sort of pathological pleasure in lying. Many of the fabulists cannot stop telling lies. I myself observed this made-up stories that I could hardly understand why they were being told. Specially because the telling of it would not change anything in the liars’ life nor in mine.

Maybe shrinks will have better information about that than I do myself. Moreover I don’t want to go deep into definitions and scientific things.  But the thing is these compulsive liars need help. Many of them would not do so in a clinic for many reasons.

I believe one way to solution is having a (physical space) fellowship where people can have a collective experience and share their needs in lying, their effort to stopping etc. People could even have lie workshops etc. All of this under the supervision of people who are there to help them. Sorry if I am talking about inventing the wheel. I hope only reinventing it, since help groups exist already such as Alcoholic Anonymous and Narcotic Anonymous.

Actually, after this stiod I went researching and did not find much but one virtual group. A good start, by the way. The question is, do people who enter this virtual community represent the ones with real problem? What about their families, do they have any orientation? A weekly/ periodical meeting would do much, would give the feeling of belonging, of fellowship etc.

I myself get sad when I see how these people undergo prejudice. Those who are anchored in some sort of authoritarian beliefs suffer the promises of going to hell and so on. How harmful can be living in a truth demanding society when you have to create your parallel world where you can feel comfortable living in? What about if you believe yourself a sinner, criminal, and ascribe yourself all the punishments possible?

What about canalizing the lying potential into creation of stories, films, poems etc?

Stiod Opinion – Natural drinking

14 May
Cooling tank for milk pasteurization

milk pasteurization (credit: Wikipedia)

I’ll allow myself using a pun, but I hate extremism.

There are (not so) few people who defend you should have things as natural as they are. These whatchamacallit people go arguing that everything should be eaten in their natural state, no processing, no medicine, chemic*** (ops. I almost swore).

In believing so, people would fight vaccination or even defend that drinking unpasteurized milk is a preferred alternative to pasteurized one. The main argument is that  it is more natural and the reasons for pasteurizing such drink do not exist. Since my old years in school I knew that some food are to be cooked, some washed and some drinks are to undergo pasteurization because “it aims to reduce the number of viable pathogens so they are unlikely to cause disease (assuming the pasteurized product is stored as indicated and is consumed before its expiration date )”- (Wikipedia).  Watch out that pasteurizing  process (milk is heated up to 71.7°C (161°F) for 15–20 seconds)  is different from  UHT (at a temperature exceeding 135°C (275°F)).

Even you grow your cows yourself you cannot avoid them or their milk having bacteria that are dangerous to human beings – moreover if you don’t believe they are to be vaccinated! The same with your eggs, your orange etc.

Permit me now being grumpy and suggest some other natural attitudes for extremalists (naturalists?) to do.

  • Fight the treatment of water (that is good for countries such as Brazil, Thailand etc.)
  •  Use only river or lake water to showering – no soap or treated water
  • Eating a raw portion of toadstool (inspiration from trohopppolitik.blogspot)
  • Avoid using any type of medication, specially for those open wounds – it’s natural to heal by itself.
  • Eat unvaccinated meat – specially chicken.

The list can go on. No, anything is better just because they are in their natural state. Science has evolved a lot over the centuries and we live better, much better since the invention of hygiene processes, penicillin etc. Soap can change lives in treating wounds and preventing some loads of diseases including some types of cancer, for example (vulva, penis etc.)

If such people don´t have much more to worry about, I’ll bring them a post about possible worries for giving you reasons to fight or complain about life. 😀

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