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Third Party’s Stiod: Efficient Alarm clock App

2 Jul

The great soul who invented the snooze button might  indeed have wanted to help people. But they just invented a way of making workers and students late.

It is simple: you start hitting the gentle button to stop the weirdest wake up sounds up. And you can turn side, get even more comfortable and sleep again. Then it sounds once more, and you hit the snooze, and you sleep and… on and on till you don’t have enough time to brush your hair or your teeth and rush out.

The Stiod I saw this morning on facebook was an Alarm App that has  the two traditional snooze and off buttons with a little change: The button for turning off is free and the other one costs money (say $0,99)  for snoozing. Cool and upsetting at once! Isn’t it? I wonder who the money goes to, but that is another discussion, maybe to the App ower – Man, a gold pot!

With that, being lazy will cost you a bit more – by the way, to me it cost some taxi rides sometimes and later breakfast at the baker’s.


Pregnancy test

7 Jun

It has been a good while you can go to the drugstore and buy a pregnancy test. Before that you’d have to go to hospital and wait until one give you the result: positive x negative.

The first tests you would pee on a piece of special paper and wait some minutes and get the result: one line – negative, two lines positive.

But we are ahead on time, years after I was terrified doing one of this home exams, I wished  thought it was possible it was happening after one day delay in the period.

Go to the drugstore and they sell me some stripe I would have to stick into a glass with urine in it and wait some minutes. One line – negative, two lines positive. Ok with the plastic free tech. But you have to be quite handy to not pee your hand etc. Than, into the frenzy of getting one or two stripes you just freak flatter out and drip this disgusting pee all over.


Idea: Some chemical you pour into your toilet and it will react with your urine and change color. For example: blue positive, red negative or which ever colors.

That is, just using a common pine detergent in my toilet it changes its color. I read some years ago of a liquid you poured into the swimming pools and it would show if someone kissed in it. So we are half way to the do-ability of the idea. One change in color, the test is going on and negative. Other color the test is positive.

You are allowed to know if you are pregnant or not in a very cleaner way. 😀

BTW  – it was negative :’-(


Stiod Sharing: An Organ Donation video idea that is worth to be spread out.

25 May

Sorry, I have to refer  you to an external link:

Stiod Sharing: An Organ Donation video idea that is worth to be spread out.

This is a video from Santa Casa de Misericórdia in São Paulo so to make people to understand how it feels like being in giant waiting queue. How would you react if  you were in the position 27.951 in a queue? The idea was to convey the message in ordinary the queue numbers. So if you took your queue ticket, you would see a huge number instead of your actual position — which was displayed in small numbers at the bottom of the ticket.

This would be your position if you were in the queue for receiving an organ. Become a donor. Tell your family. http://www.santacasa.sp.org.br. Your actual queue position is 104

To share it, the best way of doing was subtitling the youtube video. I hope you guys like it, despite I am a translator, this is the first time I subtitle a video 😀

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Chair that imitates an exercise ball

20 May

Elderly man with a dumbell sitting on an exerc...

When I lived in a bigger house I used to have there an exercise ball I used to sit on during the most time I was writing home. Only one week after I started using it I felt great relief in back pains, less pain in the legs as well as I got less tired as a whole. That is because an exercise ball does much good for one’s  body, such as aligning the spine, making one change position all the time, increasing the balance and so on. – If you have got enough space in your working room go for it, by the way! No regret, I swear.

Many people, including me in my temporary apartment, do not have space enough for keeping a big sized ball in home. Nor can we have such device in our offices or our clients and co-workers will just find us mad.

Old Office Chair.JPG

However I believe that the benefits of the exercise ball and its functioning, might be possible to be adapted to a office chair, with such mechanism that will demand the same balance of our body as the ball does, and as so make us changing position often, require body stance, improve circulation etc. All the things being equal to a ball but the shape that is just as sober as any office chair in our current world.

Yep., I said in our current world because it will change forever after we get access to this exercise chair. Isn’t it just amazing losing about 350 calories just for stay sitting – comfortably – in your work chair? And more, it is just fun sitting on these balls.

So, chair makers and designers, you’ve got some new demand.

Liars Anonymous

18 May

Sisterworld (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some people might try to say the truth most of the time whereas other have some sort of pathological pleasure in lying. Many of the fabulists cannot stop telling lies. I myself observed this made-up stories that I could hardly understand why they were being told. Specially because the telling of it would not change anything in the liars’ life nor in mine.

Maybe shrinks will have better information about that than I do myself. Moreover I don’t want to go deep into definitions and scientific things.  But the thing is these compulsive liars need help. Many of them would not do so in a clinic for many reasons.

I believe one way to solution is having a (physical space) fellowship where people can have a collective experience and share their needs in lying, their effort to stopping etc. People could even have lie workshops etc. All of this under the supervision of people who are there to help them. Sorry if I am talking about inventing the wheel. I hope only reinventing it, since help groups exist already such as Alcoholic Anonymous and Narcotic Anonymous.

Actually, after this stiod I went researching and did not find much but one virtual group. A good start, by the way. The question is, do people who enter this virtual community represent the ones with real problem? What about their families, do they have any orientation? A weekly/ periodical meeting would do much, would give the feeling of belonging, of fellowship etc.

I myself get sad when I see how these people undergo prejudice. Those who are anchored in some sort of authoritarian beliefs suffer the promises of going to hell and so on. How harmful can be living in a truth demanding society when you have to create your parallel world where you can feel comfortable living in? What about if you believe yourself a sinner, criminal, and ascribe yourself all the punishments possible?

What about canalizing the lying potential into creation of stories, films, poems etc?

Stiod Opinion – Natural drinking

14 May
Cooling tank for milk pasteurization

milk pasteurization (credit: Wikipedia)

I’ll allow myself using a pun, but I hate extremism.

There are (not so) few people who defend you should have things as natural as they are. These whatchamacallit people go arguing that everything should be eaten in their natural state, no processing, no medicine, chemic*** (ops. I almost swore).

In believing so, people would fight vaccination or even defend that drinking unpasteurized milk is a preferred alternative to pasteurized one. The main argument is that  it is more natural and the reasons for pasteurizing such drink do not exist. Since my old years in school I knew that some food are to be cooked, some washed and some drinks are to undergo pasteurization because “it aims to reduce the number of viable pathogens so they are unlikely to cause disease (assuming the pasteurized product is stored as indicated and is consumed before its expiration date )”- (Wikipedia).  Watch out that pasteurizing  process (milk is heated up to 71.7°C (161°F) for 15–20 seconds)  is different from  UHT (at a temperature exceeding 135°C (275°F)).

Even you grow your cows yourself you cannot avoid them or their milk having bacteria that are dangerous to human beings – moreover if you don’t believe they are to be vaccinated! The same with your eggs, your orange etc.

Permit me now being grumpy and suggest some other natural attitudes for extremalists (naturalists?) to do.

  • Fight the treatment of water (that is good for countries such as Brazil, Thailand etc.)
  •  Use only river or lake water to showering – no soap or treated water
  • Eating a raw portion of toadstool (inspiration from trohopppolitik.blogspot)
  • Avoid using any type of medication, specially for those open wounds – it’s natural to heal by itself.
  • Eat unvaccinated meat – specially chicken.

The list can go on. No, anything is better just because they are in their natural state. Science has evolved a lot over the centuries and we live better, much better since the invention of hygiene processes, penicillin etc. Soap can change lives in treating wounds and preventing some loads of diseases including some types of cancer, for example (vulva, penis etc.)

If such people don´t have much more to worry about, I’ll bring them a post about possible worries for giving you reasons to fight or complain about life. 😀

Period Tracker for male users

12 May

Diagram of the menstrual cycle (based on sever...

No, I am not possessed by my last period. Just haven’t done much of outer life because of some annoying cramps. That makes me thinking of my immediate reality. Ok, perhaps you’re right.

And no, I am not suggesting (yet) that men should bleed on our behalf!

Let me introduce my newest stiod – an App that helps men to follow their girls’ period and identify and interpret her signs- that are nothing more than symptoms she experiences every month depending on the point of her period she is.

Usually our partners do not know where in our periods we women are, and that makes them a bit insensitive about those loads of changes our body and our mood go through.


How it would work?

  • One fills a date when his/her girl gets her period
  • The App will calculate when probably next period comes (just as Ovuview works – and it works pretty well)
  • A tab would show what are the most probable symptoms for the given point the woman is in her period. And explain to the partner what is going on.
  • The App suggests what are the most probable reactions to such signs – menstruation is coming in a few days, be careful with nipples and so on. Fertile periods etc…

Just as Ovuview, the App could have a log, where the partner enters the main symptoms s/he observes in their girl – did she had cramps today? Were she more keen to have sex? Humidity etc.

Guys, we are walking towards the future of relationships – a walk towards perfection, that is nothing more  than based on comprehension. And this App will help you guys in your way there.


Friday Night: Engov → Beer/Caipirinha/ Vodka → Engov

11 May
Alcoholic Beverages Prohibited

Alcoholic Beverages Prohibited (credit: C-Monster)

❀❀❀ Disclaimer – post for those who are keen of some alcoholic beverage on weekends  ❀❀❀

Many of us have some recipe on how to cure that undesirable hangover the day after a great, long drinking night. Some old fellows would insist that having a beer as the first move when you wake up is flawless. I am skeptical! That’s why I don’t do that (anymore). In fact I did it once for three days in a row in a bygone carnival (Ouro Preto / Brazil). The fourth day turned into hell, so I got even more skeptical about this recipe.

What I, from the height of my thirties, advise is drinking water and, perhaps the most important, taking a pill of Engov®  before your drinking starts and one just after or as soon as you remember you boozed kind of hard.

Engov is a drug which has as active ingredients  aluminum hydroxide, aspirin andmepyramine maleate effective in combating hangovers. You will remember me pretty thankful after this stiod special if you consider not going out on Saturday because Sunday is Mother’s day in your community.

Attention: It prevents the common symptoms of hangover, but not moral headaches caused by excessive drinking. 😉


Weight Loss series: Create chances to walk

10 May

One reading around session and I found out this quite inspiring post (here).

That is curious how simple attitudes may change the whole thing. The author in this post will get off her bus one stop earlier so to find one more reason to walk.

I have thought a bit about myself.  And what can be the ideas I can bring to my reality in order to move more.

  1. Copy her idea and leave the bus one stop earlier.
  2. Avoid taking the bus or metro at all if my walk would be equal or less than 20 minutes
  3. Buy less food supplies each time I go to supermarket so I need to go there more often.
  4. Get of the elevator one floor earlier and walk upstairs
  5. Visit one of São Paulo shopping mall twice a week and up for sales – they are big enough for walking for hours there inside.

What do you guys do for walking in your everyday lives?

Menstrual Cramps Killing panties

10 May

Drawing illustrating various styles of panties...

Today’s first stiod is an underwear that stops pain in the lower body, mostly caused by menstruation.

I doubt many women would deny tampons and pads were a great invention in mankind history. I read somewhere that in the past court ladies used to have a maid that went after them cleaning up the mess their monthly flow made. Oh Mighty Lady!

Well, now we have different ways of stopping the flow, many times before it gets out what is quite hygienic. We have also ways of stopping cramps by using medicines such as Buscopan, Ibuprofen etc. But why is that the only way we have to control menstrual cramps (or other low bowel cramps) is taking in tons of medication that have a lot of side effects that I don’t want to trigger? Why not pain-killing panties?

With these underwear, you would have some pain relieving system. What i know of technology by now would be far infrared rays, but there might be something else. Many women know that keeping  a heat bag in the aching area will relieve a lot the pains, but I can’t go out wearing a hot bag 😦

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