Stiod Opinion: cloning… a Mammoth!

1 Jun

Disclaimer: I love technology and science. I do think many inventions are great and should keep on.

While I go dreaming of having a slaveable copy of myself that did all the boring jobs I have to do such as tidying up, ironing, and doing the gym. Scientist lay their dream in cloning nothing more useless than a mammoth.

I mean, what will be the environmental gain in bringing back to life an animal that disappeared thousands years ago?Instead of creating white elephants, they want to create a prehistoric one. Than you would have to go through questions such as the proper environment for them, the proper food – think of these giant things roaming in the northern lands, with no predators… Or should the same group of mammoth parents bing also to life saber tooth cats etc.

We have to agree that science gains a lot with a lot of experiments people judge to be useless.

Can’t you guys invent ways for making water out of sand, for example that would be more useful to people dying of thirst around Earth. Is it impossible?

It seems also impossible to resurrect old animals specially because as I read around, the project might only mammothize elephants instead of getting a real mammoth back.


Read more:

The Woolly Mammoth’s Return? Scientists Plan to Clone Extinct Creature


Will we ever… clone a mammoth?




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