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Third Party’s Stiod: Efficient Alarm clock App

2 Jul

The great soul who invented the snooze button might  indeed have wanted to help people. But they just invented a way of making workers and students late.

It is simple: you start hitting the gentle button to stop the weirdest wake up sounds up. And you can turn side, get even more comfortable and sleep again. Then it sounds once more, and you hit the snooze, and you sleep and… on and on till you don’t have enough time to brush your hair or your teeth and rush out.

The Stiod I saw this morning on facebook was an Alarm App that has  the two traditional snooze and off buttons with a little change: The button for turning off is free and the other one costs money (say $0,99)  for snoozing. Cool and upsetting at once! Isn’t it? I wonder who the money goes to, but that is another discussion, maybe to the App ower – Man, a gold pot!

With that, being lazy will cost you a bit more – by the way, to me it cost some taxi rides sometimes and later breakfast at the baker’s.


Stiod Sharing: Cell Phone Charging Station

20 Jun

Yesterday I posted a stiod for charger tables in restaurants, bars etc. Today, while surfing around I came to this great thing I have not seen before (published here): a charging station. In a Burger King restaurant in Philippines you can find this:

 A station to charge up your cellphone that has not only the outlets but the chargers so you can plug in your mobile and save your day! Just notice that there are three Nokia chargers and one Samsung, one Sony Ericsson and one Motorola. It seems that the Finish company is bigger out there in the Philippines.

It could be a great thing if mobile companies got inspired and found it as a marketing strategy, making charging totems available in different places in some cities, so their client’s devices would get charged when they were in battery need. 😀

What if this charging stations took solar energy?

Tables with electric outlets

19 Jun

Some years ago I would thank the gods if some place here in São Paulo had wireless connection so I would be able to type everywhere. That is not a big problem nowadays since I can have mobile internet almost where ever I  go. This makes  my text working rather flexible and I can write at any bar, cafe or bookstore. But not always do I remember charging completely the notebook or the mobile and there I go. Sometimes the battery just empties in a sudden. Out of batteries all the time I planned to surf out of home is gone.

That are many places that even offer wireless and that is really good and sometimes those networks are faster than my network provider. But that are places that won’t allow me using any electrical outlets that I find free on their walls. There was this mall with nice decoration etc. and I sat near the wall for a while. Mobile battery just abandoned me and I found this outlet smiling at me. I just plug it and this security guard comes censoring me: “Lady, you cannot use our contact!”

After a while feeling a robber and coming silently home (no battery, no music on the phone, no typing notes… no-thing!). In my quite way I went thinking of this post: Produce tables with inbuilt electrical outlets for clients charging their devices in restaurants, shopping malls etc.

I think that more than allowing us to charge our devices, the tables in this “public” places should offer on their tops some contacts so we can charge our devices while we are consuming, just as an extra service. I would prioritize more a place with this feature than a cheaper one. And that would make it much more convenient than paying a guard to stop me “stealing” their electrical stream. 

Technological torture

17 Jun
blue cross

blue cross (Photo credit: Tilley441)

The title of this post was supposed to be called some thing related to friends game. But after it was applied it turned out to make that reference to a torture. No body would get that harmed out of the play, though it was tough.

Besides that difficulty of nowadays get-together when mates go on and on complaining as a sympathy holding topic, there are those situations when you sit at a cafe with your friends and it takes no longer than five minutes to the first one open their mobile phones, i-pads etc to check mail, check sms, send sms or tinkle int hey own ways.

Then it came to us yesterdays stiod, I am publishing now for obvious reasons – I had such a hangover I could not sit in near the computer before…

Two possibilities – the pals want to show off whose technological device is more advanced or they are indeed addicted to their online lives and cannot stay a while out of it. Thinking of that a couple of friends decided  to challenge the whole group not to interact with their gadgets while we were at a bar.

All the machines set up on the table sharing place with bottles, glasses and finger food. Not a few times were we talking about them, but none would touch their devices otherwise they would pay the whole bill. Was it hard – yep. My facebook page were not updated. I took no picture for this post.

Despite the pressure and the stress of being unplugged, the bill was shared evenly as we use to do. That made us think how hard it was not tinkling with digital machines when we are together, but how good it was taking a time and devoting it totally to the friends who were indeed with us.

Stiod Sharing – Double screened computer

5 Jun

Do you know that thing people insist in calling privacy?

Great you still remember what it is. Oh, no, no… it is not only that thing you read in terms of use in websites… no, hum… that means more.

Back in the past, privacy was also about oneself. You had the ability to seclude yourself, and reveal your activities on your will basis. Bygone time…

We are growing sharing people. And the necessity to share our activities (facebook, tweeter, wp…) is not that new, but day after day it gets easier and easier. Imagine now that you are sitting with your laptop at a library of café, people in front of you just turn their eyes towards you and l-e-t-t-e-r by tetletter what you are typing, reading, browsing, because the back of your laptop displays a screen identical to the one you see while using your computer.

That is Asus proposal while releasing Thaichi. A double screened computer. It was designed to turn a tablet into a computer or vice-versa in a simple way — by opening it (or to transform a computer in tablet?).

I think this is the great stiod when you thing of education – teacher can go around and check what students are doing by checking their second screen without going behind or side by side with students (digression – remember how flattered I got when a programing teacher came behind me while I was in secondary school. I was so in love with him, and his arm would often rubbered my shoulders or something when he would point something out in my screen – OMG! I used to whisper to myself).

Very helpful also for group work  co-workers or advisers and advisees can sit in front of each other and discuss things, as well as see them equally comfort just while see each other face to face while discussing.

“Not that there’s anything wrong sitting next to each other, but this looks much better”

Jonney Shih – Asus (from

Oh, and the grumpy opening to this post? aren’t you against this losing of privacy?

I do believe the opening of the second screen is optional – or am I stupid (regardless the title of the blog)? The losing of privacy makes me concerned not about Asus gadget, but about people will use it. Just as I love dock stations and hatehatehate when people use them to play out loud they annoying or nice music in the bus or the train while I’d rather solve my dearest crosswords. 🙂

Stiod News – Facebook Kids

4 Jun

It has been less than two months Stupid Ideas of the Day are online, and it seems that someone out there have already listened to one of the ideas: the facebook kids. I was googling for more information, but couldn’t find more than the piece of news I saw on TV this morning. And it is in Portuguese, but the TV news show reports that Facebook is already planing to create some sort of access to kids under 13.

Check the program here.

That might be my self-esteem/pride but the features they kind of announced are quite similar to those published by this humble blog. Let’s hope it comes to. My little niece is learning to read and write in such a hurry because she hopes having her own facebook page.


Stiod Sharing – “Loss Goggles”

3 Jun

People have been trying to help us all losing weight by all means. Taking away our food. Lessening the amount of food. Reducing the taste. Creating satisfaction pills.

This Japanese team decided going a bit more creative. Eyeglasses that makes the food look bigger. Allegedly the glasses will help you losing weight, by magnifying only the food in your hands. It seems the food gets 50% bigger. And you will eat less of the food.

It seems the thesis that you eat with your eyes is being confirmed. The researchers just don’t know what is it that make people eat less wit the food sized being virtually increased.

It looks good. Wonder how long will it take to my stomach get used to less food, instead.

Stiod Opinion: cloning… a Mammoth!

1 Jun

Disclaimer: I love technology and science. I do think many inventions are great and should keep on.

While I go dreaming of having a slaveable copy of myself that did all the boring jobs I have to do such as tidying up, ironing, and doing the gym. Scientist lay their dream in cloning nothing more useless than a mammoth.

I mean, what will be the environmental gain in bringing back to life an animal that disappeared thousands years ago?Instead of creating white elephants, they want to create a prehistoric one. Than you would have to go through questions such as the proper environment for them, the proper food – think of these giant things roaming in the northern lands, with no predators… Or should the same group of mammoth parents bing also to life saber tooth cats etc.

We have to agree that science gains a lot with a lot of experiments people judge to be useless.

Can’t you guys invent ways for making water out of sand, for example that would be more useful to people dying of thirst around Earth. Is it impossible?

It seems also impossible to resurrect old animals specially because as I read around, the project might only mammothize elephants instead of getting a real mammoth back.


Read more:

The Woolly Mammoth’s Return? Scientists Plan to Clone Extinct Creature


Will we ever… clone a mammoth?



The idea of controlling your TV from the couch – the remote control

23 May

Calm down, I shall not try to invent the remote control. Definitely. That has been a while I plan rendering a salute to great ideas that are part of our daily lives in such a way we don’t think even they’ve been ideas of somebody’s.

Recently  – last Sunday – Eugene Polley passed away. Have ever heard about him? An extraordinary and visionary man who has 18 patents. He was the one who first executed (or had?) the idea of controlling a television in a wireless basis. Can you wonder what took him to his project? Well, I suppose it was a sweet and comprehensible laziness – that was it. But the invention created also safety – by replacing the wire controls that were used before his invention – and comfort.

A remote control's infrared seen as near-infra...

When the remote control was invented there were only a couple of  TV channels. Yet, Polley thought he would enjoy more his TV experience if he did not need to stand up for shutting up those annoying advertisements.Laziness is the mother of invention. He has to be rendered a tribute for thinking beyond the fences.

Ironically, the news of Polley’s passing away coincided with my remote controls being out of batteries. My finger tops are bleeding aching tired 🙂 of pushing thousand times the buttons of my TV and cable adapter. I don’t know how often people needed – or dared –  to change channels in the fifties, but there is so much s..t on TV nowadays, you have to zap very often. And more, that is much easier typing 702 if you are watching a program on 40 than pushing the channel button over 600 times. Apocalyptic invention!

There were good and bad side effects of remote controlling TVs, I wonder (and I am still waiting someone giving life to my remote controlled stove!):

Arguable bad effects:

  • Carpet industry lost some customers.
  • Hand physiotherapists lost patients (think of my fingers today)
  • Bladder problems due to many no-cut sessions on HBO

Possible good effects:

  • Advertising became less nagging (ops, almost forgot some shoptime etc.)
  • Gym got more clients (fattening after sitting the whole Sunday in front of TV)
  • Cuddling time became longer ❤

If you pardon me, I will zap for some news about the strike in the subways and trains in SP. Please check the links below for some more detailed texts about Eugene Polley’s geniality. ✜

Chair that imitates an exercise ball

20 May

Elderly man with a dumbell sitting on an exerc...

When I lived in a bigger house I used to have there an exercise ball I used to sit on during the most time I was writing home. Only one week after I started using it I felt great relief in back pains, less pain in the legs as well as I got less tired as a whole. That is because an exercise ball does much good for one’s  body, such as aligning the spine, making one change position all the time, increasing the balance and so on. – If you have got enough space in your working room go for it, by the way! No regret, I swear.

Many people, including me in my temporary apartment, do not have space enough for keeping a big sized ball in home. Nor can we have such device in our offices or our clients and co-workers will just find us mad.

Old Office Chair.JPG

However I believe that the benefits of the exercise ball and its functioning, might be possible to be adapted to a office chair, with such mechanism that will demand the same balance of our body as the ball does, and as so make us changing position often, require body stance, improve circulation etc. All the things being equal to a ball but the shape that is just as sober as any office chair in our current world.

Yep., I said in our current world because it will change forever after we get access to this exercise chair. Isn’t it just amazing losing about 350 calories just for stay sitting – comfortably – in your work chair? And more, it is just fun sitting on these balls.

So, chair makers and designers, you’ve got some new demand.

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