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Third Party`s Stiod: Silent beer cans

22 Jun
Can of Duff beer, produced in the 1990s by the...

Can of Duff beer, produced in the 1990s by the Lion Nathan brewery in Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was rest time to me and football time to Husband, Eurocup, you know. Despite I am not paying attention to him, a sound denounces:  He opens the beer can. I come to living room, get a sip and we laugh.

Husband thinks it is not fair, that he has the right to open a beer can without denouncing himself and calling the wife’s attention. He decides that the world beer producers should care about Husbands’ privacy. That is why there should be developed beer can openers with a silent mechanism, yet effective.

Despite I think he has that right, I would stick with the stiod of having a beer barrel home 😀


Stiod Sharing: Choosing your flight neighbor.

13 Jun
English: JetBlue Airplane in Flight over Houston

(credit: Wikipedia)

Peter is taking a long distance flight. He’s very happy because he just got a promotion in his job, proposed his girlfriend and they are going to get married soon. He’s absolutely good and his life is walking towards perfection. Just have to tell that to everybody.

Jean is taking a long distance flight. He’s very busy, has lots of work to prepare before his presentation only four hours after landing. He opens his laptop, starts a dozen spreadsheets and tries to create the powerpoint slides so perhaps he has time to take a shower before rushing to the company headquarters.

Maria and Manuel are on vacations and took their kids to travel. They take the same long distance flight as Jean and Peter.

Ana Maria and Manuel’s daughter, happen to sit together with Daddy and Jean. Mommy, Teddy and daddy are in the seat behind her.

While Ana tries to play with her little brother, she kicks Jeans laptop accidentally. Later, Teddy cries because Tony, the middle brother stole his toy. Peter can’t hold his happiness and has to talk to the mother and the father who sit next to him, just the aisle separating them. The father is irritated with the kids crying, the guy talking and the long flight, starts complaining to Jean.

Do you want your seat neighbour to be like-minded, share hobbies with you or speak a specific language? 
Do you want to chat, or to rest while flying? Join SeatBuddy to make the best of your flight time.

Is this scene familiar to you? Hardly ever am I in the role of Peter and not seldom do I meed some kids family in flights and the likes. Now you can avoid these not friendly travelers.

Peter can choose a department in the plane where people are friendly and want to talk about free topics. Jean can book a silent department while Maria and Manuel… well, they will wait until a family department is created – Perhaps it will need some doors to hold the possibility of a silent department in the same plane.

The idea comes from the Latvian air company Air Baltic. The passengers will have the possibility to choose their neighbors. You can choose your travel mood or join the community SeatBuddy from their website. It will take your facebook information to match your profile to other passengers’.

Stiod Opinion: Seatbelt clip.

24 May

The seatbelt was a great invention and it would or will figure here by its own in some later post.

Today I was sitting behind the bus driver and saw something that had somehow bothered me before but I did not gave the due attention to it. The bus driver were using a device to hold his seatbelt loose. That is, the guy was had a seatbelt fastened but had some clip to keep himself free from the belt.

I mean, what is the reason to skip using the safety belt if you won’t have any safety from it. The main thing is that it is just forbidden to drive without seatbelt in Brazil so people just found out a way of cheating. That is just narrow minded! How can people assume they are so good they do no need any safety guard? Sick!

What I wondered most was how come that so many people would use the clip so that it became produced in industrial scale. Sick again.

Stiod Opinion: Striptease incentive for teenagers’ learning

21 May

I’d agree it is difficult to find means to teenagers get into the mood of learning, homework etc.

A TV channel in Brazil then decided they found a way for it. They get a weekly competition with quiz about different areas of knowledge. Three girls stand dancing. Each girl for representing one boy. Each time a boy answers the questions correctly a girl takes out one piece of clothing (hope you can see that from your place check here).

I just saw the program for a while as a matter of curiosity. In the beginning of the game, the boys were doing much more right answers than in the end. Perhaps because the girls had for little clothing.

It sounds absurd to me having a contest where kids (under 16 year-old) are exposed to so sexual suggestive images. I mean, it is not that incentive one would like to have to their children – or again am I too old for the world I live in? Take me somewhere else, then.

Soon will students require their teachers or tutors wearing sexual costumes so to look at them? Or just sit on their boring student desks and wondering how the teacher or classmate would look like in underwear.

Unacceptable, sorry.


Fun and Useful Tourist Guide

4 May
Youth Culture - Mods & Rockers 1960s - 1970s

Youth Culture – Mods & Rockers 1960s – 1970s (Photo credit: brizzle born and bred)

Please, cultural people you can keep reading if you promise not getting offended, OK? So, get on board and let’s reason together.

You just bought a Interail/Eurail pass. You are not sure when you are getting this opportunity again because your working life is starting and you’ll have lots to do. You probably had an firm argument to buying tickets, booking hostels and buying cultural programs. That is a un-payable  experience.

Then, my fellow, you spend the whole day visiting historical places, wonderful churches and uncountable hours in loads of musea (or museums if you want). In the evening, mate, how keen are you of going out and staying up the whole night? Blah… What about next day?

No. The Stiod  is for some good writer and smart traveler (or travelers group). It would be divided by places, cities, capitals. It will teach you exactly what you are supposed to say to people (including your parents and relatives that supported your travel) in one page. Another page will tell exactly what to do to have fun and meet people. Where to go, how to behave, what to buy and stay, as well as what to buy as souvenir without spending hours walking in city centers looking for something cool to you old uncle sitting home and waiting for a post card and a memento of your travel 😀

Have you ever got this sinking feeling that you are not culturally appropriate? Yeah, I knew it! That’s because you have never read this book. Because it is a begging-to-be-done idea!

For the time being, I’ve never found anything similar and have amused myself with lots of freaking interesting cultural programs, but barely enjoyed one night in cities such as Budapes, Praga, Paris, etc. Why? Why?

Stiod Opinion: Beat Politicians – or have kids doing so.

3 May

Who of us have never been angry at politicians. Because I am not a homeland buff – and that might be because of our politicians – I get angry at politicians around the globe: Berlusconi, Sarcozi, Bush, Obama, Rousseff, Salim, Kirchner, Chavez, Morales and the list goes… increasing and decreasing, usually hitting the top in those authoritarians.

The thing is, you get mad at them. You dislike some a lot. But we always restrain our innermost hate towards other people. That the way we have been taught towards civilization. So long.

This politicians (the Swedish Left Party) decided to make bolls (piñatas) resembling current Swedish authorities. Fill them up with candies and money. And have kids beating them “to death”. So they would get their insides out and eat them up! Some thing recalls me some other event I don’t know exactly what… let me see… yeah, the black cake case again! How many I have to say: we don’t eat people.

Thing is… sarcasm, irony, satire goes perfectly well withing any situation – many, including this humble blogger, have what we call here around “black humor” and make some “politically incorrect” jokes (those Vänsterpartiet would deem me to prison for). We don’t hurt people. We don’t depict hate and violence. There is a huge gap between a joke and a realistic scene where you beat (images of) people up!

What makes a bit worried is “what are we teaching kids”? To beat on those people we disagree with?  A new “dejavu” remembers someone throwing footwear  in presidents.

So, to finish this, I will just recall an old post: Natural Law teaching as global obligation. Or good taste principles that would not harm anybody either.


Traditional Piñatas (above) vs  Left Party’s Piñatas (below) (foto from Sydsvenskan.se)

A nine-pointed star piñata.

Thumb holder in your beer (beverage) can

29 Apr

I planned starting this post with a disclaimer, explaining I am not an alcoholic. Despite this is the case in fact, I enjoy myself a little beer with friends a bit often.  And therefore today’s stiod makes more sense if you like such circles, specially in these meetings you are not sitting the whole time.

How to know which beer can is yours when you and your mates left your cans on a table and went to a dance, for example?

That is not difficult if you press with your thumb in the very place where it usually stays when you hold a can. You will knead a little the can, in the form of your thumb (attention so you do that in the direction of the can opening). This will help you to find out easily which can is yours. And moreover it will help you to hold the can in such a way you’ll never miss the opening even after some beers.

Get my hobby paying itself

25 Apr

Much probably you will think I am going to sell my stiods. Not exactly. I have this narcissistic feeling of happiness in having people enjoying my writings and that does not cost me much — if you don’t consider that time is money and sometimes I stop some translation work for writing a post.

I got a more time and money consuming hobby. I love buying old metal objects and enhancing them. If I am allowed to brag about myself, I got good taste and good eyes for the thing.  Although the dedication to this hobby is quite new I have been mastering the techniques since the I’ve got skills –  and acquire a tool set for doing it with more precision and quality.

The thing is machines, tools, polishing products and silvery, gold, brass objects take me money and space. I cannot go shopping more objects since I don’t have much place to set them home – and I do not intend having a museum at home. Since my pleasure is satisfied in buying, plus making things beautiful, I decided to sell some the things I have ready and do not want to keep to myself. Remember, I am greedy, so I am not going to give things away for free.

That is in fact a kind of great thing to do. You will not be rich by selling your hobby work – knitting, stamp collection, model train etc. But you can have your hobby paying itself and being more sustainable – since you can skip keeping things you don’t need home.


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5 liters beer can accessible to all

20 Apr

You don’t need to be an alcoholic. It is enough to like to gather friends home and share some beer.

I came across to the stiod by chance, as I saw a big can in a restaurant near my place. I thought it was just a decoration article, but some googling turned up to show it exists for real! You have a 5 liters beer can on your table. Everybody can just go to it’s tap, pour the beer into their glasses and continue chatting or playing some board game or whatever.

A Kranz (wreath) of Kölsch beer.

A Kranz (wreath) of Kölsch beer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No need to run  and get new beer cans/ bottles all the time.  One thing that concerns me is to get the beer cold long enough,I  need to check if it has a system of holding the cold once it’s outside the fridge. (Come latter with more info)

It could also work as the widespread bag in box wine does. You keep the big can in your fridge and poor beer to yourself only when when you need/ want a sip.

The good thing, it seems to me, is that you might need less material for the can, so you reduce your waste producing (got to research more as well).

One important thing is to get this big cans easy to find, since I didn’t know I could get one of that before having the stiod of looking up some information about the “decoration article” I saw in the restaurant!

So, my stiod is  having a widespread advertising campaign, or having people demanding 5 liters beer accessible to all.


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