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Third Party’s Stiod: Efficient Alarm clock App

2 Jul

The great soul who invented the snooze button might  indeed have wanted to help people. But they just invented a way of making workers and students late.

It is simple: you start hitting the gentle button to stop the weirdest wake up sounds up. And you can turn side, get even more comfortable and sleep again. Then it sounds once more, and you hit the snooze, and you sleep and… on and on till you don’t have enough time to brush your hair or your teeth and rush out.

The Stiod I saw this morning on facebook was an Alarm App that has  the two traditional snooze and off buttons with a little change: The button for turning off is free and the other one costs money (say $0,99)  for snoozing. Cool and upsetting at once! Isn’t it? I wonder who the money goes to, but that is another discussion, maybe to the App ower – Man, a gold pot!

With that, being lazy will cost you a bit more – by the way, to me it cost some taxi rides sometimes and later breakfast at the baker’s.


Stiod News – Facebook Kids

4 Jun

It has been less than two months Stupid Ideas of the Day are online, and it seems that someone out there have already listened to one of the ideas: the facebook kids. I was googling for more information, but couldn’t find more than the piece of news I saw on TV this morning. And it is in Portuguese, but the TV news show reports that Facebook is already planing to create some sort of access to kids under 13.

Check the program here.

That might be my self-esteem/pride but the features they kind of announced are quite similar to those published by this humble blog. Let’s hope it comes to. My little niece is learning to read and write in such a hurry because she hopes having her own facebook page.


Stiod Derived: Surprise Wedding

20 May

Girls around the world will agree that taking a man to the altar is a thorny path. Many magazines will give advice, recipes etc about the best way to convince your dearest into a marriage. That will not be a problem if you take the altar to your husband-to-be or the bride to be.

“If Mohammed will not go to the mountain, the mountain must come to Mohammed.

The stiod is derived from none less than Priscilla Chan (just-married to the billionaire Zuckerberg straight after he puts the company into the stock market). In fact I don’t believe one should be thinking about his bank account otherwise we will miss the real matter.

What is the real matter?

The title of the piece of news announcing the change in the  facebook status of Mr. Zuckerberg tells us it was a surprise ceremony, though the surprise was to the guests and not to the bride groom. Many will be suggested that he did not know he was getting married (as this humble writer did before reading BBC’s text completely. And before the idea gets spread out, I decided making it into a stiod.

So, if getting the love of your life to the altar is too hard to you, you can plan the whole ceremony by yourself. Pick something unusual, like his/her backyard after s/he had a busy day – that way s/he does not see your efforts for putting things together. Book with everybody a surprise party (birthday, graduation, Ms. Chan?), if you wish a fancy wedding, ask your guests to come in black tie.

Before you go planning your surprise wedding, perhaps you may consider the making husband-to-be aware it might happen sometime in the future – perhaps he can design you a “simple ruby” wedding ring ;), or buy the bride a fancy and cute white dress.

Also you might consider – prior to “buying” my stiod – making sure how the law works in your country. I guess in my country both bride and bridegroom might sign a paper stating they wish to get married and a note must be published in a newspaper. Unfortunately.

The idea sounds romantic, great, and a lot of people will just applaud you, of course. And all of this will happen to you wishing to become the world most beautiful bride and have the most creative wedding on Earth. If you allow me giving some opinion about it – and I will suppose you do as you continue reading the post. It is not that smart. Sorry.

Planning a surprise wedding party without the husband-to-be acknowledging it is starting your marriage taking away his participation in your common life. It is depriving him from having opinion, helping to decide the details, etc.

But it will yield  a lot of

The wedding vows are complete - you may now ki...

The wedding vows are complete – you may now kiss the bridegroom. (credit: Wikipedia)

comments, and yes, it will sure be an unusual wedding!

Third Party’s Stiod: Charge for having your spam spread!

20 Apr

Did I oversleep and missed some evolution of world? Kinda dunno

This company just gets the stiod of creating a facebook spam. The victim receives an invite from some acquaintance (former victim, of course). It promises “Sync your friends contact information from Facebook directly into your iPhone and iPad”. After accepting or at least clicking the link, the “app” spreads itself to the victims’  contacts. It does not stop there, as it is a spam it would go on and on. But there’s nothing new in that. Nothing worth the name stiod!

The falkor.com’s spam  App will charge it’s victims to spread their their invites. That is, you give this guys the room for “advertising” and it charges you! This is a gold mine idea… How didn’t I come to it before? Oh… right, honesty honesty… what is that, pal?

no spam!

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It should be illegal, or should it?

Would falkor.com like to be bolder, I could suggest asking for volunteers to give them money in charge for some destructive viruses, for example. That would probably work with some promise to look up other people’s privacy or just promising to get the computer stopping working at once. Quite spontaneous.’

A mild version of its is a new “google facility” Street view

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Stiod Derivative: Facebook Kids!

18 Apr

This stiod comes and goes into my mind. Today I got support from the post “kids and facebook”. The blogger’s concern is about making or not a facebook profile to under aged users.


(credit: sitmonkeysupreme)

What I always thought of (before starting this blog) was allowing the youths having their profile under the consent of a responsible adult. The adult in question (mom, daddy etc) would moderate the acceptance of new friends, posts containing external links (we shall agree that there’s no need to moderate kids’ and teens’ messaging among equals) and similar things. That’s a way taking care of who has access to the kids’ pages and way a protecting them. Moreover there is already a hard control from the website over the content of what people post out there, picture they publish and so on and so forth.

The arguments for this? There are many. Inclusion, new ways of socializing,  and some you find around… specially the need of creating fake accounts, right parents? What about you, reader, have you ever created a facebook account to an under aged user?

This stiod would give facebook a bit of work, but it is nothing they can’t cope with, or is it?

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