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News wall paper

18 Feb
Newspaper fire orange

Newspaper fire orange (Photo credit: NS Newsflash)

I woke up just some minutes ago and “ideed” (I fouled an idea). Have spent the last six months redecorating a newly bought flat. All the wall papers are bought, but I realized our built-in wardrobes lost any appeal they might have had.

With some decoupage techniques I’ve got, I want to glue newspapers on the doors and get them a bit lively. Googling around I found that there are some ready newspapers-patterned wall papers, they are quite mechanic with a little news repeating on an on.

My idea was thus, to start gathering in some way newspapers from all over the world, with local news from different countries, in different languages, and with advertisements in.

I want this news corner to be unique and meaningful. That would make my bedroom news collection/collage to have a personality, and some news that were selected and had some meaning to those who sent me them.

How to do that?

How to get those newspapers?

Social media, dear reader. That is how it has to be done. So, if you read this post so far, and are willing to send me a sheet of newspaper from your city-tow, I would be really thankful. I intend also to refund you with costs for sending it by snail-mail.

Please, e-mail me if you are willing to be part of my collection.

sonialindblom (a t) gmail. com


Stiod Sharing: Cinebox or Cinema Jukebox

30 May

Do you know that scene of Fried Green Tomatoes everybody talks about? Have you never seen The Seventh Seal, The 39 Steps, or a lot lot of films people are making on and on since the beginning of 20th century? That have been plenty of them. People still think you should know this and that specially good sequence. So, what about stop by a jukecinebox and check some of the most famous ones?

The project was developed by André Sturm and Alessandra Dorgan and it is pretty original.

It is a blend of an old jukebox and a photo booth. From a screen outside you chose a film scene you please (they offer selected scenes of 60 films), enter the  stuff and watch the selected sequence for three minutes. There inside you’ll find two seats and two puff seats.

The place where it is installed and the purpose make it quite a great project. It is just a nice place to have such a thing, since I don’t suppose it would work in bars etc. I wonder how interesting it would be having such in a library, for example, cool if you are writing some homework, composition etc and then you would check the scene you want to write about etc. Although as it is today, you have only a part of it. What does not make the project less important.

Available from May 1st to November, 1 2012.

Tuesday to Friday, from 12 am to 10 pm.; Saturday, Sunday and Holidays from 11 am. to 9 pm..
Gratis |

Full list of films
Museu da Imagem e do Som
Avenida Europa, 158 | Jardim Europa | São Paulo | Brazil Phone: (11) 2117-4777 |

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Stiod Opinion (envy): Beds instead of cinema seats.

22 Apr

via Malaysia Is the World Leader In Theater Comfort Technology.

I wish the idea was mine so good it is! In fact, in my ignorance it has never ever come to my simpleton mind. Wonder how many of your readers would have had such idea yourselves (answers, please).

Forget all you know about movie theaters and come to a innovative concept of comfort and environment when watching your favorite films. If you were happy with the folding seats in your playhouse, it seems that just as me, you dreamed low. It did not happened to someone inside this cinema chain in Malaysia. The conventional seats give room to exclusive designed bean bag double place seats. And it does not stop there since it has also “a cosy and relaxed viewing experience and has become a favorite among the movie-goers”.

Do you love seating nested to your partner (or kids) when watching a great movie? That’s why you love home theatering?

Cinema seats.

Now you got as well as me, bitten by the jealousy bug. And your film watching life will never be the same, because you know, out there, some people are watching the same film premier as you, in a way cozier room, much more comfortable then your folding seat with place to put soft drink mugs. Wait, I did not see places for my soft drink mugs in those seats.

 I wonder if they rent you warm and nice blankets so you can have that sweet home feeling.

Poliglot (local) radio

19 Apr
Avenida Paulista in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Avenida Paulista . SP, Brazil (credit: Wikipedia)

How many foreigners are there in your area?

Perhaps this stiod occurred me because I live in a metropolis, and an afternoon walk through Avenida Paulista allows me to hear lots of other languages around. Why not give this groups the chance to listen to their mother tongue once or twice a day? That is also a way of sharing their culture and decentralizing the music world from EMI, (MTV) EMA, Grammy nominees circles.

Just a listen to the contesters to Eurovision (and the winners some years back) you can see how nice it can be listening songs from other countries, in other languages! Now I have many facebook friends from other countries, and just checking their posts about music reveals great rhythms, nice melodies and so on (Ok I don’t have idea what they are singing about, but it is pleasant).

So, you give foreigners the chance to show their culture, have a news digest in their own language (nice to listen when in traffic, etc.) and to locals to expand their horizon and culture range.

The Radio frequency would be shared by different countries representatives. I believe in some subsidy would help to get kicked off, but latter just selling the schedule and etc. just as a standard radio works.

Stiod Opinion: Eat a woman from “down there” up.

18 Apr

So, if you want to manifest about something, and you represent this with art. That sounds amazing.  This is what an artist did in Sweden. Makode Aj Linde decided to depict the mutilation of African women and wished that Swedish Minister of Culture should start the incision. After the sex of the black caricature was cut by the Minister, people started eating the poor woman, I mean, the black cake with read insides (disgusting!) and partying. A bit more grotesque than mutilation, perhaps… I don’t know…

The text I came across first was in a Swedish website one or two days ago, as I am lazy I am reacting only now.

I cannot classify how stupid the thing can be! No matter the color the artist is.  You cannot eat other people!

So, some more Stiod to artists around the world who want to “provoke”:

  • Hand out rubber fetuses in the churches, so you will fight abortion;
  • Picture naked babies smoking – as a warning that parents should not smoke near their kids;
  • Make a painting with Mohamed kissing the Virgin Mary so you defend peace between Christians and Muslims in the Middle East;
  • Burn buses in order to demonstrate against the lack of public transportation in small towns (learn from Sao Paulo gangs)

You can find a trendy and artistic way of doing so. You can defend yourself a representative of the “grotesque” etc etc etc. People will believe you. Some will applaud, I promise!

By the way, I think the Minister would not make the cake herself and was afraid to be called racist just as she said… I do!

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