Stiod Sharing: Cell Phone Charging Station

20 Jun

Yesterday I posted a stiod for charger tables in restaurants, bars etc. Today, while surfing around I came to this great thing I have not seen before (published here): a charging station. In a Burger King restaurant in Philippines you can find this:

 A station to charge up your cellphone that has not only the outlets but the chargers so you can plug in your mobile and save your day! Just notice that there are three Nokia chargers and one Samsung, one Sony Ericsson and one Motorola. It seems that the Finish company is bigger out there in the Philippines.

It could be a great thing if mobile companies got inspired and found it as a marketing strategy, making charging totems available in different places in some cities, so their client’s devices would get charged when they were in battery need. 😀

What if this charging stations took solar energy?

One Response to “Stiod Sharing: Cell Phone Charging Station”

  1. Mike Boht October 30, 2012 at 11:43 pm #

    This is a nice to have feature in restaurants, plug in your phone while you eat, I wonder how often it’s used though, surely some people would be worried about their phone getting stolen or forgetting it when they leave. Plus Burger King doesn’t really get anything out of it aside from convenience for customers.

    It would be interesting to know how often it’s used and how many people say “my phone is almost dead, lets have lunch at BK” 🙂

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