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Publicity for fruits and vegetables

25 Jun
English: Fruit on display at La Boqueria marke...

La Boqueria market in Barcelona (credit: Wikipedia)

Definitely I won’t say how it can be done since I am not that creative etc etc. My last toilet book was “Publicidade para o público” (Publicity for the public). There a guy is teaching publicity techniques etc. But I am ok in knowing only the basics and that such things exist (I am good in many things, so, I’ll skip this extra skill ::laugh::)

The stiod, though can come to existence with the limitation of a sketch as many others I publish, by the way.

While I am enjoying the morning laziness and deciding if I will vacuum clean or read e-mails, I decided watching Sponge Bob for the time being. These commercial TV channels have a lot of commercials (I guess there comes the name of its). The commercial Ads I saw are much of chewing gums, chips, candies – and clothes, games and toys. I guess that is why I am not willing to eat an apple but would gladly take a glass of strawberry quick as soon as I get up the couch.

Long time I am not a kid – perhaps sadly, though I am ok on my thirties –  and I was strongly suggested by the eating of some sugary cereal or Toddy.

But one thing you can observe there is no advertisement for fruits: Fruits and vegetables have brands as well, just as milk etc. And the brand makes the difference in quality, besides, there might have different benefits and appeals.

Why don’t these brands just make some (quick) ad and dispute or get over the market:

Apples “Small Jungle” – the most juicy you can find.

Ananas (usch) “Tupi Açu” – easy to sculpt your favorite shapes (and happy kids with plastic knives making sweet & acid figures while showing a strong attitude).

Travel through world eating “Interfruits” from far away lands to your fruit basket

I don’t mind you laughing of my lack creativity – but I’ve seen worst (check this). Thing is we complain of world problems, kids who don’t eat, but where are our farms, veggies importers? Why don’t they announce their products?

Ops, I guess I am going to look for some greenery for lunch.


Tables with electric outlets

19 Jun

Some years ago I would thank the gods if some place here in São Paulo had wireless connection so I would be able to type everywhere. That is not a big problem nowadays since I can have mobile internet almost where ever I  go. This makes  my text working rather flexible and I can write at any bar, cafe or bookstore. But not always do I remember charging completely the notebook or the mobile and there I go. Sometimes the battery just empties in a sudden. Out of batteries all the time I planned to surf out of home is gone.

That are many places that even offer wireless and that is really good and sometimes those networks are faster than my network provider. But that are places that won’t allow me using any electrical outlets that I find free on their walls. There was this mall with nice decoration etc. and I sat near the wall for a while. Mobile battery just abandoned me and I found this outlet smiling at me. I just plug it and this security guard comes censoring me: “Lady, you cannot use our contact!”

After a while feeling a robber and coming silently home (no battery, no music on the phone, no typing notes… no-thing!). In my quite way I went thinking of this post: Produce tables with inbuilt electrical outlets for clients charging their devices in restaurants, shopping malls etc.

I think that more than allowing us to charge our devices, the tables in this “public” places should offer on their tops some contacts so we can charge our devices while we are consuming, just as an extra service. I would prioritize more a place with this feature than a cheaper one. And that would make it much more convenient than paying a guard to stop me “stealing” their electrical stream. 

Toilet seats with springs

18 Jun

Again a stiod I thought of my own – despite I’ve see some fancy version (here) from Japan on youtube, some weeks ago – was thought of before me and has indeed a patent registered. A step further to come to existence though.

My concern toward the toilet seats come from long time ago when I shared an apartment with two boys. They would never fold back the seat top after using the toilet seat. When you get married that comes also to happen sometimes – though seldom home by me.

It is not a good problem if you are wide awake and your toilet room is warm and nice. Take it when you are sleepy in the middle of the night, and the toilet is a heck of a cold place to sit, that can be a distress to marriage. You crawl out bed and snail into the toilet room, roll out your pajamas etc and sit in a freezing cold porcelain. Someone forgot to pull down the soft warm seat to its place.

The invention will help you to save your marriage by not needing to scream of surprise for the cold bottom and not complaining everyday about the same thing. Your fine toilet seat should come with springs, that help the boys to have it up while they need it but will slowly and nicely pull it back to its due place after being left loose.

The patent text I read here.

The picture above is another version that focuses more in the toilet lifter. (here)



Ideas for Gay Pride Parade

6 Jun
English: A drag queen at the 2008 Gay Pride in...

(credit: Wikipedia)

That is time of freeing the fantasies and going to Paulista Ave. showing or supporting gay pride – sorry there is an acronym but as it changes each year I can’t cope with it all.

Husband’s friends use to make fun of him telling he was seen in high heels last year. I thought why not? Have been thinking of some costumes that are appropriate for the occasion.

Either if not in São Paulo and your gay parade hasn’t occurred this year yet you can of your gay parade has already been, you can come back later and consider the ideas as well.

You will not want to wear a sexy costume will you? Just as everybody? For that you don’t really need a stiod. What I was thinking here I love the Drag Queens, they are just wonderful.

Some Ideas:

  • What I think this year could be a most aggressive defense of the gay pride: Take to the streets figures that are themselves against gay marriage, sex freedom etc. Why not religious homophobic figures, homophobic politicians, etc.
  • Also, If I was a man, I would wear myself a big pregnancy belly, and create an androgynous figure. It will both represent the right of lesbians turning into a masculine body and still getting pregnant or of gay couples having kids.
  • Thinking of wearing male costume myself and getting Husband going hand by hand with a guy. And this is another idea. Homogenizing  hetero couples so to show sympathy to the Gay Cause.

And you reader. Do you have any tips for enjoying gay parades?

VIII Gay Pride in São Paulo, Brazil

Vuxendagis – Adult Kindergarten

2 Jun

A great thing to offer a girl when she’s feeling gloomy is taking her to a great shopping center. Going into every single store and let her buy – or even just window shopping. I don’t mean it is exactly the best thing in world but it is quite close to be so.

This is an activity to be done mostly by BF’Fs that would love “shop walking” the friend. Sometimes the best friend isn’t available. Sometimes their guys would offer the companionship. Sadly there are a few who would enjoy the deed as it has to be done.

Today’s stiod stands on my conception of a term Husband use to utter sometimes: vuxendagis – that in fact means “adult kindergarten – in the context he uses. A place where people can have fun and looked after. The Adult Kindergarten or the Fun Store is to be a store in a shopping center. It uses the concept of kid’s care  center in shopping malls where you can leave you kids playing under the supervision of a monitor while you go shopping.

FlightGear 1.0.0 r150 for Mac OS X. Flight A-10.

FlightGear 1.0.0 r150 ( credit: Wikipedia)

Your guy follows you quite gladly. You go together into the first store. He is a bit interested and gets bored the very first 20 minutes. You smile at him, give him the first shopping bag you’ve already acquired and tell him – I meet you at the Fun store, dear. After hours roaming (LOL) from store to store, you then find your guy flying a car simulation game. Isn’t

he a flight freak, what about car slot table etc. He looks at you with that sweet begging face: won’t you like going a round more. Take my credit card, dear…

The Adult Kindergarten will offer your grown up boy amusement options such as:

  • Slot car table

    Rail transport modelling #1

    (credit: lennox_mcdough)

  • Comics library
  • Beer tasting sessions
  • Flight simulator
  • Model railroad
  • Plastic Models assembling corner – they gotta buy new models or just bring their own.
  • Kite simulation program
  • Video game machines
  • Table games

… and the most important of all

  • The match of the day – perhaps it will be needed to make a schedule and show either ice hockey or football (soccer as well as American) games.

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Nail Polish with inbuilt brush

19 May

I don’t know what science is behind the shape and format of nail polish brushes. As far as I know, they have all the same type of brush: long and soft ones. I am pretty eclectic in buying this beauty item and have from the cheap Modha I have in my nails today to expensive Prada ones going through middle price/quality Natura and Avon. All of them have the same kind of brush.

All of them drive me crazy because the brush is longer than my nails. With more liquid than I need to have. When they drip in the way from the little bottle to my nail. I thought if things wouldn’t become cleaner if I got a smaller brush, that was directly connected to the liquid: such as some gloss, blush, base already use?

I bet it will become much more lithesome to paint nails by oneself  if the person is not a professional or skilled user of nail polish. Today I tried using the less of the brush and I managed making less mess than I use to do. That tells me a bit that my mess is often due to the gawky brush my nail polishes have.

My only ambition is having beautiful nails, painted in a short while and with more precision. I do believe nail polishes with smaller inbuilt brushes is the solution to our amateur skills.

Stiod Sharing – Sachet Pierce

15 May

After fighting for hours with a ketchup sachet I wondered if there wasn’t any device that would help starving ordinary people to open those sauce sachets around world.

In fact there are some. Different ways of thinking the same thing, but many will help us not tearing the I-don’t-know-how-clean packets with our teeth. So you will no longer  lose a fight to tearing it open, dirty your white blouse with bloody red, or lose your mind with those annoying sauce bags. Let me  now introduce you the ones I found on the Internet:

  • In-place sachet opener –  Quick Snip

 This Opener is much of a table dependent device. You would have it in your diner, cafeteria, snack bar or at home, so you can use them in the kitchen, for opening condiment packets etc. I got curious about the use of the little bowl that serves a support to the opener. Would it have any other use, such as collecting the corners or for holding the content of the sachets as to use as dip?

  • In-place sachet opener – Clean Cut

 This one was designed to be attached to some other place, such as a napkin dispenser, a wall,  a table or counter  corner. The cutter has some sort of knife that slits your sauce open and then hold the corners inside itself. It demands cleaning often, so you don’t have a mess there inside.  It looks good. Yet, just as the Quick Snip above, you will depend on the restaurant, cafe, snack bar having it. It is not a big deal if owners of these places consider acquiring the devices to make our eating experience more relaxed.

  • Portable opener

 I did not get the picture of this one in use, but it seems to have a species of blade in one of the corners. That looks good to have some advertising on it, and then making bar owners keener in having them, together with a cute sachet holder, such as a basket. It goes well for having home as well, perhaps you can use a pair of scissors instead, I don’t know.

  • Give Away model – sachet pierce

I liked this little guy better. It can be given away by bars, with their logotype, phone etc. I don’t like the status the producers give to it as disposable opener. They are quite cheap, but there is some plastic in it and throwing lots of them away will definitely not be environmental friendly.

So, I would like to see much of them in snack bars etc. with some incentive to keep them to oneself and using it in some other places. 😀

That’s it by now. Bon appétit.

Stiod Sharing: Foldable High Heels

10 May

Have you heard of Marte den Hollander? No problem if not, I did not either until I thought I had an Stiod and went researching.

I kind of feel some stiod are mostly a wish. But however. This designer created these shoes with heels that can be folded into comfortable flats. It  just makes my wish/stiod true and I am pretty happy and hopeful I’ll see these versatile shoes on the stores.



Bristles refill to toothbrushes

19 Apr
Toothbrushs generation

(Photo credit: HatM)


The word of the day is sustainability. Not only of the day, of course, but let it be.


I myself have always got a bit concerned every time I have to change my toothbrush. And it is time now. The whole thing is in order but the head. In fact, I don’t need more than new bristles. And I am sure you guys who change toothbrush regularly would agree that you do not damage the whole handle (body) of a toothbrush in three months.


Electrical toothbrushes usually have the mechanism I am thinking of now. But also that could change a bit (by the way, I don’t like electrical toothbrushes. Just weird, i think).  Again, what I need to change is only the head, mainly the bristles, because everything is all right, brand new, as a matter of fact.


The big tooth product companies should just sell long lasting handles with replaceable “heads”. The main argument is environmental, I swear. But of course it would make the replacing of a toothbrush cheaper. And perhaps Colgate, Oral-b, etc. would be against it. In fact, I’ve already said that to Colgate team, since I was a member of their client council board. It seems they do not like my Stiod.


PS. I’ve seen a kind of thing as I wrote here, in Sweden (made in Germany if I’m not wrong). So this is not my Stiod.


Question, would you pay a little more for a long lasting (non electrical) handle if you could latter change only the “head” of its?




Idea # 1 – Gift picker

10 Apr

Have you ever being standing in a shopping mall hallway having no idea where to go?

You came there just because of that: need to buy a gift to someone and you can’t figure out what the person would like to get.  What can make someone happy?

People are so different. So are gifts

The idea is mixing personality tests and products description in a data crossing system (gadget application). It would work with a poll interface where the final user inserts the characteristics of what he/she can tell of the person who will get the gift (physical, psychological, social, cultural, relationship with the buyer, etc.) and the system searches the product with a description that fits optimally!

This might be non-working for general Apps, but might be worth it trying for big categories of products (books — criminal novel, romance etc.; cosmetics — perfume, shaving lotions, make up; jewels — gold, silver, jewelry etc.). But it can be used by some more restricted retailers as well, who have control over their repertoire and will help buyers to decide which of their products are the best ones.

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