Stiod Quote: Selma Lagerlöv

10 Aug
Lagerlöf, 1909

Lagerlöf, 1909 (credit: Wikipedia)

After four years I love the one who loves me, I don’t care about church boundaries and after one month without blogging, I feel like that:

“O God, when honor is dumb, and misjudgment speaks, give me back misjudgment! When happiness is dumb, but sorrow speaks, give me back sorrow!” (Selma Lagerlöf, *The fallen king*)

That means: a great suffer, who wants to hide their own sorrow is a better poet than those who have perfec welbeing, are happy with their status and so on. Am I so? I ask myself this very moment. Am I happy? Are all my desires fulfilled?

Come on, reader… Not at all! I do have tons of ideas and things to write about. I just did not want to be nagging (spell?) or whatever else. But Lagerlöf’s short story, and mostly its last paragraphf, makes believe that suffering is great. So, today’s stiod is a suffering faker. The week you do not know what to write about, cheer for the team which is next last in the (you favorite sport here) liga. Whish to have someone who won’t love you (it does not work with me, as I wish to have sex with Madonna or Hugh Grant, but I’m sure they would if they knew me).

To be a great writer, you have to be a faker. Do you remember my post about liars? This one is the opposite of its. You would create a liars routine (WordPress’ associate  Plinky is an alternative, why to tell always the truth?). This will sure give you outstanding writing ideas.

Forget it that the best writers are the ones who dominate the litterature and language fields. No! Some writer said they are just as chamberlains: they know what to do, but will never be able to!.

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