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Stiod Sharing: Cinebox or Cinema Jukebox

30 May

Do you know that scene of Fried Green Tomatoes everybody talks about? Have you never seen The Seventh Seal, The 39 Steps, or a lot lot of films people are making on and on since the beginning of 20th century? That have been plenty of them. People still think you should know this and that specially good sequence. So, what about stop by a jukecinebox and check some of the most famous ones?

The project was developed by André Sturm and Alessandra Dorgan and it is pretty original.

It is a blend of an old jukebox and a photo booth. From a screen outside you chose a film scene you please (they offer selected scenes of 60 films), enter the  stuff and watch the selected sequence for three minutes. There inside you’ll find two seats and two puff seats.

The place where it is installed and the purpose make it quite a great project. It is just a nice place to have such a thing, since I don’t suppose it would work in bars etc. I wonder how interesting it would be having such in a library, for example, cool if you are writing some homework, composition etc and then you would check the scene you want to write about etc. Although as it is today, you have only a part of it. What does not make the project less important.

Available from May 1st to November, 1 2012.

Tuesday to Friday, from 12 am to 10 pm.; Saturday, Sunday and Holidays from 11 am. to 9 pm..
Gratis |

Full list of films
Museu da Imagem e do Som
Avenida Europa, 158 | Jardim Europa | São Paulo | Brazil Phone: (11) 2117-4777 |

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Stiod Opinion: Analog SMS

24 Apr

To those who are fans of Moleskine notebooks – including this humble writer – cutting a piece of their excellent sheets sounds like an offensive stiod. But sometines it is just necessary to take a piece of paper in order to note something. And you only have your nice and expensive Italian designed notebook.

The brand just got a great idea to help us, by creating a notebook with detachable sheets and pre-printed messages  (that will take you away the pleasure of using your fancy stabilo pens) so you can use your notebook also for messaging.

The idea does not stop there as this cool notebook also will help you to effectively message your colleagues in this boring conferences by using an exclusive catapult to launch analog text messages. The text message is pulled up to 17 feet away. It’s at least fun, besides being quite functional. You can also use it at the library if you need to call attention of a friend. It’s very functional while flirting in a cafe or a bistro.

Can’t I do that with my old notebooks without needing to buy this special catapult Moleskine? — you will sure ask me.

Why will you spend hours calculating the rigth strength to stretch out the cord of your notebook? Forget it. That’s why great stiod exist: to make your life easier and more amusing!

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Stiod Opinion (envy): Beds instead of cinema seats.

22 Apr

via Malaysia Is the World Leader In Theater Comfort Technology.

I wish the idea was mine so good it is! In fact, in my ignorance it has never ever come to my simpleton mind. Wonder how many of your readers would have had such idea yourselves (answers, please).

Forget all you know about movie theaters and come to a innovative concept of comfort and environment when watching your favorite films. If you were happy with the folding seats in your playhouse, it seems that just as me, you dreamed low. It did not happened to someone inside this cinema chain in Malaysia. The conventional seats give room to exclusive designed bean bag double place seats. And it does not stop there since it has also “a cosy and relaxed viewing experience and has become a favorite among the movie-goers”.

Do you love seating nested to your partner (or kids) when watching a great movie? That’s why you love home theatering?

Cinema seats.

Now you got as well as me, bitten by the jealousy bug. And your film watching life will never be the same, because you know, out there, some people are watching the same film premier as you, in a way cozier room, much more comfortable then your folding seat with place to put soft drink mugs. Wait, I did not see places for my soft drink mugs in those seats.

 I wonder if they rent you warm and nice blankets so you can have that sweet home feeling.

A romance to be written

13 Apr
Blog of the day once again

(Photo credit: the Italian voice)

That’s not that I am lazy, but some ideas, would work perfectly, but they are just not for me! A romance, for example — I could perhaps do it, but I simply don’t.

So, Idea seeker and good writer, check this one out!

It is inspired in some literature I’ve read, in a comment from a great friend whose blog wasn’t a true success and she could see who read it, because it was an old multiply blog, plus a very successful blogger‘s — friend of mine — pride in his posts.

The story is as it follows:

There is this very shy blogger who is also a bit quirky. The blog is so uninteresting that it has no audience. In a sudden, one person comes and visit it. The reader (name and faceless) goes through all the unread old posts. – the clicks are tracked and show up in the blog statistics.

It would be just unnoticeable. A reader of a grayish charmless blog. But that has a meaning to the blogger’s self steem. A reason to write more. Someone reads the posts.

All just ordinary, as emotionless as it would be.

Orthographic projection of Uruguay.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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