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Putting on Weight Series: Banana with Chantilly

31 May

It is afternoon and I am both bored and hungry. A bit time in front of television, watching old episodes of some sitcoms. So I took a banana because it is the sweetest thing I allowed myself and Husband to buy. There was also some whipped cream spray in the fridge.

That turned to the smartest lazy-bored afternoon combination ever. Forget any preparation. Just eat as it is: You don’t do more than spray a little hat on the top of the banana before each bite. Awesome.


I ate all before got any chance to take pics, so, sorry.


Stiod Sharing: Cinebox or Cinema Jukebox

30 May

Do you know that scene of Fried Green Tomatoes everybody talks about? Have you never seen The Seventh Seal, The 39 Steps, or a lot lot of films people are making on and on since the beginning of 20th century? That have been plenty of them. People still think you should know this and that specially good sequence. So, what about stop by a jukecinebox and check some of the most famous ones?

The project was developed by André Sturm and Alessandra Dorgan and it is pretty original.

It is a blend of an old jukebox and a photo booth. From a screen outside you chose a film scene you please (they offer selected scenes of 60 films), enter the  stuff and watch the selected sequence for three minutes. There inside you’ll find two seats and two puff seats.

The place where it is installed and the purpose make it quite a great project. It is just a nice place to have such a thing, since I don’t suppose it would work in bars etc. I wonder how interesting it would be having such in a library, for example, cool if you are writing some homework, composition etc and then you would check the scene you want to write about etc. Although as it is today, you have only a part of it. What does not make the project less important.

Available from May 1st to November, 1 2012.

Tuesday to Friday, from 12 am to 10 pm.; Saturday, Sunday and Holidays from 11 am. to 9 pm..
Gratis |

Full list of films
Museu da Imagem e do Som
Avenida Europa, 158 | Jardim Europa | São Paulo | Brazil Phone: (11) 2117-4777 |

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The forbiden words list

29 May

Recently I read at the Telegraph that it is not a good thing to use the word “obesity” since it carries negative meanings. (here)
One week ago or a bit more, newspaper in Sweden go mad because of Prime Ministers saying of “ethnicity”. (here, here and here)
A couple of months ago, a dictionary writer went sued because he gave the derogatory definition of a word in his dictionary in Brazil. (here, here)


That is such a desolating situation! The episodes in the prologue above just give us a starting point to see that this political correct issue is way hard. That is because we cannot be all sure about the words and terminology in our own languages because there will be people scrutinizing deep inlet meanings of so far ordinary words. Those people will get offended or understand all the other speakers should get offended by listening you to say shameful words.

The stiod is also a dare: To create a list of words deemed to negative understandings. I have some ideas for names:

  • The black list of prejudiced words.
  • The cursing vocabulary.
  • Unpronounceable  and unwritable  words
  • Banished words list

All of these make me remember a short story I read years ago written by Pierdomenico Baccalario. It tells a story of  Li-po. He is condemned to wander around the world eating paper and drinking ink, after he utters the secret word. I did not find anything about the story in English though I really tried. Perhaps there is something about it. I come back later if I find some.

Ecumenical holidays

28 May

I used to love holidays. But I am about to stop it.

I liked holidays because I had the great chance to stay home. I dislike holidays because of several reasons. One of them is my inclination – or trial – to be  more tolerant or more universal as we use to say. Other reason is also about having broader frontiers.
Different countries have different holidays and when you deal with several of them the number of non-working days in your calendar sinks. If you are to deal, with a Dutch authority for example, you have to keep in mind that  today was a holiday in Holland. 15th May it was holiday in Sweden, next week we get some in SP etc.
A good calendar or Google Calendar will help us to go through it, it’s just paying attention (so you don’t waste time going to a closed Council :/ or trying desperately to call another one).
But what got me worried is that many holidays are Christian ones, moreover, they are Catholic ones. I do respect the Pope followers and the likes, I love Christmas spirit and Easter chocolates (though I hardly ever think of the religious background of them). However, why do I have to skip carrying my business if it is a day for celebrating what I don’t care about? Pentecost, Corpus Christi, etc. etc.
I am trying not to be selfish now, but  only thinking of the great amount of people who are not Catholics or Christians. They have to skip their business so the Christianity memoir is preserved. Nonetheless, other religions do not have a day for their own in our Gregorian Calendar.
Everybody works in Chinese New Year, Chanukah’s, Yemanjá’s day, Hijri New Year, Foundation of Mecca, I don’t really know myself which days are important to other religions – I would not care much I guess. But I believe we should have less Christian holidays but a (or some) ecumenical day – when all the religions are respected.
Alternatively we could have one or two free days granted to each worker so s/he would chose to celebrate the day that is relevant to their religion. The same amount of days to every worker from all over the world regardless their beliefs. Because as it is nowadays is just not fair and we are standing far from religious tolerance by celebrating one creed but not others.

Stiod Sharing – Laundry at the Local Petrol Station *

27 May

The title says it all. Unfortunately all my creativity is now compromised.

Don’t wash your dirty linen in public

It was some guy who instead of  hiring a laundry company for cleaning his Persian carpet decided to hiring a (cheaper option) “do-it-yourself” or a self service place at a gas station in Sweden. Sadly for him, not for my blog feeding, the carpet was too big for the place that would fit a car and some personal at the gas station did not get so happy with his stiod. The police was called  (ok, not for the washing, but because he got aggressive) and he had to take his wet carpet under his arms and go home.

I just wonder if his anger  was less aggressive than the the car washing chemicals would be  to a fine Persian Carpet?

* with Husbands help.

** sorry  I do not have much more information about the carpet or its owner.


Stoning advertisement

27 May

Man, have you ever tried passion fruit caipirinha? Oh. Ask me the recipe if you want it.

Well, with this harmless drink 😀 I got some add stiod I believe will rock it all.

Holland have allowed the free consumption of weed in … cafes. Soon or later they might need some jingle for their advertisement. Before one starts creating stupid ones, why not recicling some old songs and adapting them?

“you make me feel higher”

That would be the sound track for some suggesting scenes to “happy” people and some stoning smoke, just before its brand logotype and slogan appear on the screen.

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Weight Loss series: brush my teeth as soon as I get satisfied

26 May

That might be only me, but I get lazy in brushing my teeth many times in a row. Because of that, I thought of doing my mouth hygiene as far as I eat the planned portion for the meal.

That will help me to avoid eating more in the next hour at least, otherwise I use to look for more food or sneak eat the extra food, specially it there be some leftovers in the serving dishes :/ With the new washed mouth it becomes less tempting to do so.


Stiod Sharing: An Organ Donation video idea that is worth to be spread out.

25 May

Sorry, I have to refer  you to an external link:

Stiod Sharing: An Organ Donation video idea that is worth to be spread out.

This is a video from Santa Casa de Misericórdia in São Paulo so to make people to understand how it feels like being in giant waiting queue. How would you react if  you were in the position 27.951 in a queue? The idea was to convey the message in ordinary the queue numbers. So if you took your queue ticket, you would see a huge number instead of your actual position — which was displayed in small numbers at the bottom of the ticket.

This would be your position if you were in the queue for receiving an organ. Become a donor. Tell your family. Your actual queue position is 104

To share it, the best way of doing was subtitling the youtube video. I hope you guys like it, despite I am a translator, this is the first time I subtitle a video 😀

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Stiod Opinion: Seatbelt clip.

24 May

The seatbelt was a great invention and it would or will figure here by its own in some later post.

Today I was sitting behind the bus driver and saw something that had somehow bothered me before but I did not gave the due attention to it. The bus driver were using a device to hold his seatbelt loose. That is, the guy was had a seatbelt fastened but had some clip to keep himself free from the belt.

I mean, what is the reason to skip using the safety belt if you won’t have any safety from it. The main thing is that it is just forbidden to drive without seatbelt in Brazil so people just found out a way of cheating. That is just narrow minded! How can people assume they are so good they do no need any safety guard? Sick!

What I wondered most was how come that so many people would use the clip so that it became produced in industrial scale. Sick again.

A fixed Idea – The most dangerous stiod of all

23 May

Yesterday a friend sent me an advertising video I liked so much. I really wanted to share it here in the blog. As it is in Portuguese I got the stiod of subtitling it myself. That drowned into me as one of this killing idea-worm. Because I could not sleep since then, It reminded me one of the best Brazilian writers and decided sharing  it all – Machado de Assis is the writer.

I realized now that one idea I had saved in my drafts folder is just similar to his what made me a bit alarmed. First, I am introducing you Bras Cubas. He is a dead writer that decides writing about his life. And his causa mortis was pneumonia. But this pneumonia was triggered by an idea. A fixed Idea Bras Cubas would not give up – inventing an ointment that was responsible to work against melancholy. Only putting it would take away your sorrow, depression etc. – Perhaps a less harmful version of Prozac and the likes.

Asphodelus albus

Asphodelus albus (Photo credit: z_aurelie)

Some weeks ago I read about a flower called Asphodelus – in mythology this plant is considered to have strong bounds to underworld. It might be due to its long roots.  Many Greeks were interested in this flower, that becomes so gloomy in the end of Autumn and beginning of winter. But they were not the only ones. Poets (specially those writing and living the Spleen). Wirginia Woolf wrote about how this flower works:

But some were early infected by a germ said to be bred of the pollen of the asphodel and to be blown out of Greece and Italy, which was of so deadly a nature that it would shake the hand as it was raised to strike, and cloud the eye as it sought its prey, and make the tongue stammer as it declared its love.

I wondered if there was possibility of creating an incense from asphodel and using its the power of triggering the spleen (“splénétique”) state so that one could write and write and write. One would enter in such a “Byron” state of mind that would create the most passionate poems while the sadness and melancholy lasted in ones body.

I gave up the Idea before I entered myself into this incomprehensible feelings of sadness myself. And now am I waiting till the other fixed Idea takes its way to makeability.

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