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Popcorn filter

3 Jul

As I offered Husband to be a collaborator to to Stupid Ideas of the Day and he refused I took the freedom to publish his ideas as if they were originally mine :D.

It happens that husband is the best corn popper at home –  and he uses to do it on the traditional stove with oil and a big sauce pan. Though the popcorns get very big and the most of them pop, there are always unpopped kernels which annoy him.

Then his stiod was just born: a bowl that has holes big enough to sift the spare kernels and hold the tasty big popcorns. This way you will only serve the greatest popcorn without risk to your teeth.

Kernel and popped popcorn

It is just appropriate and does not demand better explaining or does it?



Publicity for fruits and vegetables

25 Jun
English: Fruit on display at La Boqueria marke...

La Boqueria market in Barcelona (credit: Wikipedia)

Definitely I won’t say how it can be done since I am not that creative etc etc. My last toilet book was “Publicidade para o público” (Publicity for the public). There a guy is teaching publicity techniques etc. But I am ok in knowing only the basics and that such things exist (I am good in many things, so, I’ll skip this extra skill ::laugh::)

The stiod, though can come to existence with the limitation of a sketch as many others I publish, by the way.

While I am enjoying the morning laziness and deciding if I will vacuum clean or read e-mails, I decided watching Sponge Bob for the time being. These commercial TV channels have a lot of commercials (I guess there comes the name of its). The commercial Ads I saw are much of chewing gums, chips, candies – and clothes, games and toys. I guess that is why I am not willing to eat an apple but would gladly take a glass of strawberry quick as soon as I get up the couch.

Long time I am not a kid – perhaps sadly, though I am ok on my thirties –  and I was strongly suggested by the eating of some sugary cereal or Toddy.

But one thing you can observe there is no advertisement for fruits: Fruits and vegetables have brands as well, just as milk etc. And the brand makes the difference in quality, besides, there might have different benefits and appeals.

Why don’t these brands just make some (quick) ad and dispute or get over the market:

Apples “Small Jungle” – the most juicy you can find.

Ananas (usch) “Tupi Açu” – easy to sculpt your favorite shapes (and happy kids with plastic knives making sweet & acid figures while showing a strong attitude).

Travel through world eating “Interfruits” from far away lands to your fruit basket

I don’t mind you laughing of my lack creativity – but I’ve seen worst (check this). Thing is we complain of world problems, kids who don’t eat, but where are our farms, veggies importers? Why don’t they announce their products?

Ops, I guess I am going to look for some greenery for lunch.

Third Party`s Stiod: Silent beer cans

22 Jun
Can of Duff beer, produced in the 1990s by the...

Can of Duff beer, produced in the 1990s by the Lion Nathan brewery in Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was rest time to me and football time to Husband, Eurocup, you know. Despite I am not paying attention to him, a sound denounces:  He opens the beer can. I come to living room, get a sip and we laugh.

Husband thinks it is not fair, that he has the right to open a beer can without denouncing himself and calling the wife’s attention. He decides that the world beer producers should care about Husbands’ privacy. That is why there should be developed beer can openers with a silent mechanism, yet effective.

Despite I think he has that right, I would stick with the stiod of having a beer barrel home 😀

Popcorn race

10 Jun

Get a cold and rainy day. Put together five kids. Add three bowls of popcorn. Mix all together, then turn the TV on and let it be for about an hour.

If your leaving room is clean after that, congrats, you can skip reading. If not I suppose soon your little guests (or kids, if your are a parent) will need more stimulus. In our endless search for distractions for those challenging kids I found out some fun contest:

Kids are to be divided in two groups (little Hugo got to be in the white zone) – we draw and assemble some medals, then start the race:

The group who gets more popcorn into the little bag will get the gold medals, the other team would be given the silver ones.

The floor would get a bit easier to vacuum cleaning and the little angels have a bit of fun – as well as the “old Ant” Sonia.


Stiod Sharing – “Loss Goggles”

3 Jun

People have been trying to help us all losing weight by all means. Taking away our food. Lessening the amount of food. Reducing the taste. Creating satisfaction pills.

This Japanese team decided going a bit more creative. Eyeglasses that makes the food look bigger. Allegedly the glasses will help you losing weight, by magnifying only the food in your hands. It seems the food gets 50% bigger. And you will eat less of the food.

It seems the thesis that you eat with your eyes is being confirmed. The researchers just don’t know what is it that make people eat less wit the food sized being virtually increased.

It looks good. Wonder how long will it take to my stomach get used to less food, instead.

Putting on weight series – Upgraded “Caipirinha de Maracujá”

1 Jun
മലയാളം: പാഷൻ ഫ്രൂട്ട്

(credit: Wikipedia)

Passion Fruit mix is my favorite drink. Usually it is made only of cachaça (a Brazilian spririt), passion fruit, ice and sugar.

I tried the same base ingredients – but I froze the passion fruit first – and added condensed milk to them and blended it all. The result is this creamy alcoholic wonder in the picture. A great starter for Friday night that will sure make me weigh more later on. Cheers.

Putting on Weight Series: Banana with Chantilly

31 May

It is afternoon and I am both bored and hungry. A bit time in front of television, watching old episodes of some sitcoms. So I took a banana because it is the sweetest thing I allowed myself and Husband to buy. There was also some whipped cream spray in the fridge.

That turned to the smartest lazy-bored afternoon combination ever. Forget any preparation. Just eat as it is: You don’t do more than spray a little hat on the top of the banana before each bite. Awesome.


I ate all before got any chance to take pics, so, sorry.

Stoning advertisement

27 May

Man, have you ever tried passion fruit caipirinha? Oh. Ask me the recipe if you want it.

Well, with this harmless drink 😀 I got some add stiod I believe will rock it all.

Holland have allowed the free consumption of weed in … cafes. Soon or later they might need some jingle for their advertisement. Before one starts creating stupid ones, why not recicling some old songs and adapting them?

“you make me feel higher”

That would be the sound track for some suggesting scenes to “happy” people and some stoning smoke, just before its brand logotype and slogan appear on the screen.

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Stiod Sharing – Sachet Pierce

15 May

After fighting for hours with a ketchup sachet I wondered if there wasn’t any device that would help starving ordinary people to open those sauce sachets around world.

In fact there are some. Different ways of thinking the same thing, but many will help us not tearing the I-don’t-know-how-clean packets with our teeth. So you will no longer  lose a fight to tearing it open, dirty your white blouse with bloody red, or lose your mind with those annoying sauce bags. Let me  now introduce you the ones I found on the Internet:

  • In-place sachet opener –  Quick Snip

 This Opener is much of a table dependent device. You would have it in your diner, cafeteria, snack bar or at home, so you can use them in the kitchen, for opening condiment packets etc. I got curious about the use of the little bowl that serves a support to the opener. Would it have any other use, such as collecting the corners or for holding the content of the sachets as to use as dip?

  • In-place sachet opener – Clean Cut

 This one was designed to be attached to some other place, such as a napkin dispenser, a wall,  a table or counter  corner. The cutter has some sort of knife that slits your sauce open and then hold the corners inside itself. It demands cleaning often, so you don’t have a mess there inside.  It looks good. Yet, just as the Quick Snip above, you will depend on the restaurant, cafe, snack bar having it. It is not a big deal if owners of these places consider acquiring the devices to make our eating experience more relaxed.

  • Portable opener

 I did not get the picture of this one in use, but it seems to have a species of blade in one of the corners. That looks good to have some advertising on it, and then making bar owners keener in having them, together with a cute sachet holder, such as a basket. It goes well for having home as well, perhaps you can use a pair of scissors instead, I don’t know.

  • Give Away model – sachet pierce

I liked this little guy better. It can be given away by bars, with their logotype, phone etc. I don’t like the status the producers give to it as disposable opener. They are quite cheap, but there is some plastic in it and throwing lots of them away will definitely not be environmental friendly.

So, I would like to see much of them in snack bars etc. with some incentive to keep them to oneself and using it in some other places. 😀

That’s it by now. Bon appétit.

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