Ideas for Gay Pride Parade

6 Jun
English: A drag queen at the 2008 Gay Pride in...

(credit: Wikipedia)

That is time of freeing the fantasies and going to Paulista Ave. showing or supporting gay pride – sorry there is an acronym but as it changes each year I can’t cope with it all.

Husband’s friends use to make fun of him telling he was seen in high heels last year. I thought why not? Have been thinking of some costumes that are appropriate for the occasion.

Either if not in São Paulo and your gay parade hasn’t occurred this year yet you can of your gay parade has already been, you can come back later and consider the ideas as well.

You will not want to wear a sexy costume will you? Just as everybody? For that you don’t really need a stiod. What I was thinking here I love the Drag Queens, they are just wonderful.

Some Ideas:

  • What I think this year could be a most aggressive defense of the gay pride: Take to the streets figures that are themselves against gay marriage, sex freedom etc. Why not religious homophobic figures, homophobic politicians, etc.
  • Also, If I was a man, I would wear myself a big pregnancy belly, and create an androgynous figure. It will both represent the right of lesbians turning into a masculine body and still getting pregnant or of gay couples having kids.
  • Thinking of wearing male costume myself and getting Husband going hand by hand with a guy. And this is another idea. Homogenizing  hetero couples so to show sympathy to the Gay Cause.

And you reader. Do you have any tips for enjoying gay parades?

VIII Gay Pride in São Paulo, Brazil

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