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Vuxendagis – Adult Kindergarten

2 Jun

A great thing to offer a girl when she’s feeling gloomy is taking her to a great shopping center. Going into every single store and let her buy – or even just window shopping. I don’t mean it is exactly the best thing in world but it is quite close to be so.

This is an activity to be done mostly by BF’Fs that would love “shop walking” the friend. Sometimes the best friend isn’t available. Sometimes their guys would offer the companionship. Sadly there are a few who would enjoy the deed as it has to be done.

Today’s stiod stands on my conception of a term Husband use to utter sometimes: vuxendagis – that in fact means “adult kindergarten – in the context he uses. A place where people can have fun and looked after. The Adult Kindergarten or the Fun Store is to be a store in a shopping center. It uses the concept of kid’s care  center in shopping malls where you can leave you kids playing under the supervision of a monitor while you go shopping.

FlightGear 1.0.0 r150 for Mac OS X. Flight A-10.

FlightGear 1.0.0 r150 ( credit: Wikipedia)

Your guy follows you quite gladly. You go together into the first store. He is a bit interested and gets bored the very first 20 minutes. You smile at him, give him the first shopping bag you’ve already acquired and tell him – I meet you at the Fun store, dear. After hours roaming (LOL) from store to store, you then find your guy flying a car simulation game. Isn’t

he a flight freak, what about car slot table etc. He looks at you with that sweet begging face: won’t you like going a round more. Take my credit card, dear…

The Adult Kindergarten will offer your grown up boy amusement options such as:

  • Slot car table

    Rail transport modelling #1

    (credit: lennox_mcdough)

  • Comics library
  • Beer tasting sessions
  • Flight simulator
  • Model railroad
  • Plastic Models assembling corner – they gotta buy new models or just bring their own.
  • Kite simulation program
  • Video game machines
  • Table games

… and the most important of all

  • The match of the day – perhaps it will be needed to make a schedule and show either ice hockey or football (soccer as well as American) games.

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Nail Polish with inbuilt brush

19 May

I don’t know what science is behind the shape and format of nail polish brushes. As far as I know, they have all the same type of brush: long and soft ones. I am pretty eclectic in buying this beauty item and have from the cheap Modha I have in my nails today to expensive Prada ones going through middle price/quality Natura and Avon. All of them have the same kind of brush.

All of them drive me crazy because the brush is longer than my nails. With more liquid than I need to have. When they drip in the way from the little bottle to my nail. I thought if things wouldn’t become cleaner if I got a smaller brush, that was directly connected to the liquid: such as some gloss, blush, base already use?

I bet it will become much more lithesome to paint nails by oneself  if the person is not a professional or skilled user of nail polish. Today I tried using the less of the brush and I managed making less mess than I use to do. That tells me a bit that my mess is often due to the gawky brush my nail polishes have.

My only ambition is having beautiful nails, painted in a short while and with more precision. I do believe nail polishes with smaller inbuilt brushes is the solution to our amateur skills.

Hair Make Up. Or hiding gray hair with mascara

17 May

I have to assume that this is not my idea but my little sister’s. I am experiencing this growing of some gray hair. A friend of mine insists in coloring the newbies with color pen, so to make me know I should have my hair dyed. Nonetheless it feels a bit early to go dying the whole head because of a couple of undesired uncolored threads. Usually when I am home by myself, I do not care about them.

I do care a bit when I dress my hair up and in the middle of the forehead the new hair color shines among the other black one. My sister advised me using a little of eyelash mascara to cover the grayish hair when I am concerned about it.

The stiod is just fantastic. You do not need to harm the whole hair with coloring, discoloring etc. It works also well to those who have already dared to dye the hair and have the bottom of its growing gray. I now thought of acquiring other colors of mascara and styling a bit with some dark blue or dark green highlight where the hair is lighter than I would like them to be.

You would agree that the mascara might stain sheets and the likes. I don’t see problem since 1)  when I dress up with hairspray, gel etc. I use to wash my hair before going to bed so not damaging my curls. 2) using long lasting water proof mascara is also a solution for those events you will sure come home late and have no will to wash you hair. 😀

Thanks Sis…


Naughty T-shirt

17 May

Hi you out there. Please ignore it’s over midnight here under the Equator line, because the late night stiod happened just by chance.

Have you ever had that great moment you made the love of your life? Just that outstanding moment that is a pity you cannot go screaming out loud to world?

This stiod is for those bolder than me: a simple t-shirt with slightly big letters saying: I’ve just had the best sex ever!

Is that too obvious in English? Try it in a not so common language in your country

  • Portuguese: Acabei de ter o melhor sexo da minha vida
  • Swedish: Jag har precis haft det bästa sexet någonsin i mitt liv.
  • Icelandic: Ég hef bara haft besta kynlíf alltaf (google translate)
  • Yiddish: איך’ווע פּונקט האט די בעסטער געשלעכט אלץ (google translate)
  • Kanada, Tupi, etc. I have no Idea how it’d be


That comes mostly from a personal experience, when I saw a tough guy in big muscles with a tough-like T-Shirt saying: “Listen to your heart”. As the majority in Brazil can’t speak English I wondered if he knew what was written in his T-Shirt. 😀

Also I got a friend who had a sweater where it was written in Icelandic: “Ég tala ekki íslensku” (“I don’t speak Icelandic”)

Stiod Opinion: Black Power Sponge

28 Apr
Black Power

Black Power (Photo credit: Walt Jabsco)

I have never been a Barbie fan. That might be because she’d never had a hair as darting as mine 😀

In sudden, I’ve liked a doll. Wait, dear, you’re thirty! yeah, com’on, I’m not mother yet, so some playing with toys might not be a huge problem or might not it?

The toy: A Diana Ross doll. With this wonderful black power hair you can use as a washing sponge — and it does not stop there, they have black power version as well as punky (white), disco (white) and groovy (white) versions. The thing I find it a great stiod relies yet in my positivism and my keenness in finding usefulness in things.

My hair has had some usefulness, as many have noticed: protection against rain, shock, pen holder, etc. But I’ve never used it as a sponge (or have I?), and would be scared if someone did it. But what about a doll? I might use my wash sponges more often, I swear! I’ve thinking of finding some use to my cat’s soft soft soft fur, I promise, but no success yet…

Well the thing that makes it a bit upsetting is not the fact that they use our huge black hair as brush. But the problem some many “black people defenders” find in it. How many have reacted after the mop that look exactly like white straight hair (that in my country we call “Emilia” (A white doll we have in our folklore).

Thing is racist defenders have gone too long. Too far away from reality. That’s also why I can tell black people jokes and have dozen of people laughing at a bar, but cannot hear that from my friends.


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Stiod Opinion: Analog SMS

24 Apr

To those who are fans of Moleskine notebooks – including this humble writer – cutting a piece of their excellent sheets sounds like an offensive stiod. But sometines it is just necessary to take a piece of paper in order to note something. And you only have your nice and expensive Italian designed notebook.

The brand just got a great idea to help us, by creating a notebook with detachable sheets and pre-printed messages  (that will take you away the pleasure of using your fancy stabilo pens) so you can use your notebook also for messaging.

The idea does not stop there as this cool notebook also will help you to effectively message your colleagues in this boring conferences by using an exclusive catapult to launch analog text messages. The text message is pulled up to 17 feet away. It’s at least fun, besides being quite functional. You can also use it at the library if you need to call attention of a friend. It’s very functional while flirting in a cafe or a bistro.

Can’t I do that with my old notebooks without needing to buy this special catapult Moleskine? — you will sure ask me.

Why will you spend hours calculating the rigth strength to stretch out the cord of your notebook? Forget it. That’s why great stiod exist: to make your life easier and more amusing!

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