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Model Ikea

13 Jul
Shoshanna's Room

Planning a room with Ikea site?

I do not know if there is, please reader, more than a Stiod, this will be a request!

You know the most famous Swedish girl, Ikea, has so cool solutions for a relatively low cost when it has to do with furnishing.

The company has, by the way quite helpful softwares to planning, but it does not always help! At least not to me, who has not the sharpest mind in the world. What if, this Ikea girls furnishing had its own model pieces. I don’t know if it would need to be Ikea who sold it, though there is some potential there. But it could fit also other chains such as Mio or whoever sells furniture worldwide. One could have a standard scale, like the model railways things, but a little bigger.

I know architects use some things, but to my knowing they use to make such things by themselves, or am I wrong? I heard of people who even uses Lego to do the work. Please, too much abstraction to me!

Imagine if you had it as ready to use models or even if you could build it home, with your children or your partner or …  in a hobby-like afternoon? A-ma-zing!

So, if you know about something like this, please, comment, or if you don’t let’s hope some “mind behind the things” reads this post and hear our voices>


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The forbiden words list

29 May

Recently I read at the Telegraph that it is not a good thing to use the word “obesity” since it carries negative meanings. (here)
One week ago or a bit more, newspaper in Sweden go mad because of Prime Ministers saying of “ethnicity”. (here, here and here)
A couple of months ago, a dictionary writer went sued because he gave the derogatory definition of a word in his dictionary in Brazil. (here, here)


That is such a desolating situation! The episodes in the prologue above just give us a starting point to see that this political correct issue is way hard. That is because we cannot be all sure about the words and terminology in our own languages because there will be people scrutinizing deep inlet meanings of so far ordinary words. Those people will get offended or understand all the other speakers should get offended by listening you to say shameful words.

The stiod is also a dare: To create a list of words deemed to negative understandings. I have some ideas for names:

  • The black list of prejudiced words.
  • The cursing vocabulary.
  • Unpronounceable  and unwritable  words
  • Banished words list

All of these make me remember a short story I read years ago written by Pierdomenico Baccalario. It tells a story of  Li-po. He is condemned to wander around the world eating paper and drinking ink, after he utters the secret word. I did not find anything about the story in English though I really tried. Perhaps there is something about it. I come back later if I find some.

A fixed Idea – The most dangerous stiod of all

23 May

Yesterday a friend sent me an advertising video I liked so much. I really wanted to share it here in the blog. As it is in Portuguese I got the stiod of subtitling it myself. That drowned into me as one of this killing idea-worm. Because I could not sleep since then, It reminded me one of the best Brazilian writers and decided sharing  it all – Machado de Assis is the writer.

I realized now that one idea I had saved in my drafts folder is just similar to his what made me a bit alarmed. First, I am introducing you Bras Cubas. He is a dead writer that decides writing about his life. And his causa mortis was pneumonia. But this pneumonia was triggered by an idea. A fixed Idea Bras Cubas would not give up – inventing an ointment that was responsible to work against melancholy. Only putting it would take away your sorrow, depression etc. – Perhaps a less harmful version of Prozac and the likes.

Asphodelus albus

Asphodelus albus (Photo credit: z_aurelie)

Some weeks ago I read about a flower called Asphodelus – in mythology this plant is considered to have strong bounds to underworld. It might be due to its long roots.  Many Greeks were interested in this flower, that becomes so gloomy in the end of Autumn and beginning of winter. But they were not the only ones. Poets (specially those writing and living the Spleen). Wirginia Woolf wrote about how this flower works:

But some were early infected by a germ said to be bred of the pollen of the asphodel and to be blown out of Greece and Italy, which was of so deadly a nature that it would shake the hand as it was raised to strike, and cloud the eye as it sought its prey, and make the tongue stammer as it declared its love.

I wondered if there was possibility of creating an incense from asphodel and using its the power of triggering the spleen (“splénétique”) state so that one could write and write and write. One would enter in such a “Byron” state of mind that would create the most passionate poems while the sadness and melancholy lasted in ones body.

I gave up the Idea before I entered myself into this incomprehensible feelings of sadness myself. And now am I waiting till the other fixed Idea takes its way to makeability.

Weight Loss series: Create chances to walk

10 May

One reading around session and I found out this quite inspiring post (here).

That is curious how simple attitudes may change the whole thing. The author in this post will get off her bus one stop earlier so to find one more reason to walk.

I have thought a bit about myself.  And what can be the ideas I can bring to my reality in order to move more.

  1. Copy her idea and leave the bus one stop earlier.
  2. Avoid taking the bus or metro at all if my walk would be equal or less than 20 minutes
  3. Buy less food supplies each time I go to supermarket so I need to go there more often.
  4. Get of the elevator one floor earlier and walk upstairs
  5. Visit one of São Paulo shopping mall twice a week and up for sales – they are big enough for walking for hours there inside.

What do you guys do for walking in your everyday lives?

Weight loss series: Double Torture or household chores with aerobical weights

8 May

After a frank talk to the mirror and a bunch of clothes that won’t enter me by any means, we decided I need to move my habits. Then I figure out the few lucky experiences I had when I wanted to lessen a bit my weight – mind the difference, before I wanted to lose weight, now I need.

One of these useful ideas I had was when I was about to get married, I wanted both (physical) resistance and shape. I imagine myself running from place to place the days before, not to mention the D-Day when I would have to walk for hours around talking, dance in high heels etc. Not with my existential laziness.

Exercising with Good Housekeeping

Exercising with Good Housekeeping (Photo credit: kevin dooley)

To get my muscles working, and because I did not had much time (PhD thesis, plus wedding – and I wanted to sew the bridesmaids dresses among other), I used to have aerobic weights while doing the household chores. Because they were quite light (0,250 kg) I did not hurt, and while I was moving around in home, I was also exercising.

Why double torture – I do not love doing dishes, laundry, sweeping etc. I do not like exercising either. Mixing both when I do need will make me a bit tired, but will help to keep up the “move your a:: program 😀  To bear my mood up, some Madonna, a great samba or Audioslave playing loud…

You guys, cheer up, go go… 😀

Relationship Investment: Support your partner’s hobby

7 May

Once or twice I got worried for this women who are complaining their partners had some hobby and did not spend enough time on them, or men who complain their partners spend time and/or money in their free time.

My idea is creating a private investment fund for supporting your partner’s hobby, instead of fighting it – please, with no hope they will end up stopping it, ok?

The thought behind the stiod is giving more than love to your beloved. Give them support. Incentive them to buy the needed devices, products etc. to improve their hobbies. I myself have been spending some time learning how to build plastic models and some money in trying to create a perfect one to praise my dearest and incentive him to keep with his (guilty) pleasure. On the other side, he’s spent more time on giving me compliments when I succeed in my polishing, for example.

Thing is – instead of trying to stop your partner doing what they like in their free time, you find ways of helping each other.

Stiod Opinion: Football Gospel Fan-club

6 May

Let us be interconnected by fate. Oh, dramatic me.

Perhaps just because the last post was about football, this one just popped out from my TV. Perhaps it’s the destiny.

Let me stop with this yonder talk and go straight to the point. In my beloved Brazil, a protestant priest decided to create his own football fan-club: Fogospel. It is  a way of blending the passions for Jesus and for football.

Wait, wait… will you deem me for intolerance if I say it is weird? That’s perhaps because we have the football stadium as our (un)sacred place for swearing and screaming the stress off. These people go there and restrain themselves from swearing. But, how do they express their (extreme) anger or (extreme) happiness? Using religious words!!!

Instead of saying “f*ck you referee”, they say “go and convert yourself, referee”.

Instead of “shit”, “Jesus”

Instead of “f*ck off you j*rk*d”, “Oh God, save him!”

Again, you might call me a bitter b**ch, but I do not think it is OK for many Gospel, Catholic, Muslim, or Jew or other religious groups to cry out The Sacred Name vainly.

Please, where are we folks going with all this tolerance talk? To allow any jerk doing whatever they want in name of their beliefs. Please, take me home…

Micro-chip equipped ball or my derived stiod that turned into opinion –

6 May

Perhaps because of my scientist background I use to research abot every stiod I get. And despite I thought myself amazingly original and innovative, one more Idea existed before me.

I’ll just keep you guys into my reasoning line: Do you remember the post about the cow bell t-shirt? There were 20.000 micro-chip implanted in under 14-year-old kid’s t-shirts to control their presence or absence in school. The question that got born into my stiod maker brain: Why instead of putting such chips in thousands of t-shirts don’t people put them into a dozen of balls in the football matches.

A replica of the Adidas Finale Rome ball used ...If you like football, you’ve seen several times discussions if the ball entered of not the goal. If there was only a sensor and a chip in the ball, one could decide if the ball entered or not.

Why is that so? 

Thing is that football referees get too tired under a match and in several cases they do not see if the ball was in or not. Many football fans and teams get desperate because they are pretty sure, though not 100% whether it was goal or not. But not the referee. It happened latter if I am not mistaken in UEFA‘s Champion’s League in a game among Chelsea and Barcelona. I saw that, just don’t find a clip.

How to give it an end?

Simply by having a sensor (in) the crossbar that senses if the ball entered or not a given limit. Relying on cameras and slow motion picture series would also avoid many discussions and disagreement. Just as one have in NHL (ice hockey).

Champions League Qualifier 3rd leg FC Salzburg...

(credit: Wikipedia)

The Idea has been around at least since 2005, that is the date I found the news about making tests for having chips and sensors in foot balls. Check it out at Google News. For those arguing that the resource shall slow down the matches, it won’t do so if you refer to the equipment only if there is doubt about the entrance of the ball in the net, again as it is in NHL.

No doubt it the ball stays there in. If it shakes the net etc. But what about it some smart player takes the ball away from the goal? How to deem? Just by using some technology.

And the technology I’m talking about is ready, and used unnecessarily in a school in North East Brazil. Ha!

Anniversary Stiod: a poetry trial

5 May

Move from the container to the mouth

Change from the fullbodied liquid that warms up

The mouth and the throat and the cheek, the heart

Over me, over you – inebriates the both of us

Inner transfusion of the humour we have got

The strong red color gets shinny

So the lipstick gets matted

So it fills the emptiness

And the vat holds

our will

our souls

And all the taste of the grapes of this wine.

Welcome (back)

2 May

I just got today’s second stiod and am applying it. I’d like to share with you one more info about me. Having ideas is like breathing to me. I have them all the time. But the best ones come at night, and I write down when I can. And I suppose  you reader have also many ideas. I’d like to now how things go for you.

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