Stiod Opinion: Seatbelt clip.

24 May

The seatbelt was a great invention and it would or will figure here by its own in some later post.

Today I was sitting behind the bus driver and saw something that had somehow bothered me before but I did not gave the due attention to it. The bus driver were using a device to hold his seatbelt loose. That is, the guy was had a seatbelt fastened but had some clip to keep himself free from the belt.

I mean, what is the reason to skip using the safety belt if you won’t have any safety from it. The main thing is that it is just forbidden to drive without seatbelt in Brazil so people just found out a way of cheating. That is just narrow minded! How can people assume they are so good they do no need any safety guard? Sick!

What I wondered most was how come that so many people would use the clip so that it became produced in industrial scale. Sick again.


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