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News wall paper

18 Feb
Newspaper fire orange

Newspaper fire orange (Photo credit: NS Newsflash)

I woke up just some minutes ago and “ideed” (I fouled an idea). Have spent the last six months redecorating a newly bought flat. All the wall papers are bought, but I realized our built-in wardrobes lost any appeal they might have had.

With some decoupage techniques I’ve got, I want to glue newspapers on the doors and get them a bit lively. Googling around I found that there are some ready newspapers-patterned wall papers, they are quite mechanic with a little news repeating on an on.

My idea was thus, to start gathering in some way newspapers from all over the world, with local news from different countries, in different languages, and with advertisements in.

I want this news corner to be unique and meaningful. That would make my bedroom news collection/collage to have a personality, and some news that were selected and had some meaning to those who sent me them.

How to do that?

How to get those newspapers?

Social media, dear reader. That is how it has to be done. So, if you read this post so far, and are willing to send me a sheet of newspaper from your city-tow, I would be really thankful. I intend also to refund you with costs for sending it by snail-mail.

Please, e-mail me if you are willing to be part of my collection.

sonialindblom (a t) gmail. com


Stiod Quote: Selma Lagerlöv

10 Aug
Lagerlöf, 1909

Lagerlöf, 1909 (credit: Wikipedia)

After four years I love the one who loves me, I don’t care about church boundaries and after one month without blogging, I feel like that:

“O God, when honor is dumb, and misjudgment speaks, give me back misjudgment! When happiness is dumb, but sorrow speaks, give me back sorrow!” (Selma Lagerlöf, *The fallen king*)

That means: a great suffer, who wants to hide their own sorrow is a better poet than those who have perfec welbeing, are happy with their status and so on. Am I so? I ask myself this very moment. Am I happy? Are all my desires fulfilled?

Come on, reader… Not at all! I do have tons of ideas and things to write about. I just did not want to be nagging (spell?) or whatever else. But Lagerlöf’s short story, and mostly its last paragraphf, makes believe that suffering is great. So, today’s stiod is a suffering faker. The week you do not know what to write about, cheer for the team which is next last in the (you favorite sport here) liga. Whish to have someone who won’t love you (it does not work with me, as I wish to have sex with Madonna or Hugh Grant, but I’m sure they would if they knew me).

To be a great writer, you have to be a faker. Do you remember my post about liars? This one is the opposite of its. You would create a liars routine (WordPress’ associate  Plinky is an alternative, why to tell always the truth?). This will sure give you outstanding writing ideas.

Forget it that the best writers are the ones who dominate the litterature and language fields. No! Some writer said they are just as chamberlains: they know what to do, but will never be able to!.

The forbiden words list

29 May

Recently I read at the Telegraph that it is not a good thing to use the word “obesity” since it carries negative meanings. (here)
One week ago or a bit more, newspaper in Sweden go mad because of Prime Ministers saying of “ethnicity”. (here, here and here)
A couple of months ago, a dictionary writer went sued because he gave the derogatory definition of a word in his dictionary in Brazil. (here, here)


That is such a desolating situation! The episodes in the prologue above just give us a starting point to see that this political correct issue is way hard. That is because we cannot be all sure about the words and terminology in our own languages because there will be people scrutinizing deep inlet meanings of so far ordinary words. Those people will get offended or understand all the other speakers should get offended by listening you to say shameful words.

The stiod is also a dare: To create a list of words deemed to negative understandings. I have some ideas for names:

  • The black list of prejudiced words.
  • The cursing vocabulary.
  • Unpronounceable  and unwritable  words
  • Banished words list

All of these make me remember a short story I read years ago written by Pierdomenico Baccalario. It tells a story of  Li-po. He is condemned to wander around the world eating paper and drinking ink, after he utters the secret word. I did not find anything about the story in English though I really tried. Perhaps there is something about it. I come back later if I find some.

A fixed Idea – The most dangerous stiod of all

23 May

Yesterday a friend sent me an advertising video I liked so much. I really wanted to share it here in the blog. As it is in Portuguese I got the stiod of subtitling it myself. That drowned into me as one of this killing idea-worm. Because I could not sleep since then, It reminded me one of the best Brazilian writers and decided sharing  it all – Machado de Assis is the writer.

I realized now that one idea I had saved in my drafts folder is just similar to his what made me a bit alarmed. First, I am introducing you Bras Cubas. He is a dead writer that decides writing about his life. And his causa mortis was pneumonia. But this pneumonia was triggered by an idea. A fixed Idea Bras Cubas would not give up – inventing an ointment that was responsible to work against melancholy. Only putting it would take away your sorrow, depression etc. – Perhaps a less harmful version of Prozac and the likes.

Asphodelus albus

Asphodelus albus (Photo credit: z_aurelie)

Some weeks ago I read about a flower called Asphodelus – in mythology this plant is considered to have strong bounds to underworld. It might be due to its long roots.  Many Greeks were interested in this flower, that becomes so gloomy in the end of Autumn and beginning of winter. But they were not the only ones. Poets (specially those writing and living the Spleen). Wirginia Woolf wrote about how this flower works:

But some were early infected by a germ said to be bred of the pollen of the asphodel and to be blown out of Greece and Italy, which was of so deadly a nature that it would shake the hand as it was raised to strike, and cloud the eye as it sought its prey, and make the tongue stammer as it declared its love.

I wondered if there was possibility of creating an incense from asphodel and using its the power of triggering the spleen (“splénétique”) state so that one could write and write and write. One would enter in such a “Byron” state of mind that would create the most passionate poems while the sadness and melancholy lasted in ones body.

I gave up the Idea before I entered myself into this incomprehensible feelings of sadness myself. And now am I waiting till the other fixed Idea takes its way to makeability.

Books with your favorite screenplays

12 May

Oh, please, don’t name me nerd because I like to read, will you?

Thing is I love reading. I love some series.  And I don’t like watching old episodes of my series as much as I like to read (see, I still see repeatedly my favorite episodes). I’d rather read a good screenplay – or a play –  in my bad or sofa, rest my mind up and read a cool book. That cool book could be easily a screenplay of my favorite series (Friends, Touch, The Big Bang Theory).

I mean, instead of these guys trying to sell their DVDs, why not selling a book, with the screenplay, a good layout and comfortable type? I never bought a Season DVD box, but I’d buy any screenplay book of my favorite films and series. How many times have I read Tenessee Wiliinams’ Summer and SmokeClothes for a Summer Hotel etc. Chico Buarque’s Calabar, Opera do Malandro, Shakespeare, Sofocles’s Oedipus the king etc.? I can’t tell.

But I can tell how I would enjoy reading a great sitcom screen play – an example: Bolaños’ book El Chavo del Ocho is my favorite reading (after Garry Larson’s The Far Side) when I need some laughing. Why not the other sitcoms? I mean, reading scripts may be so amusing to readers, though challenging to directors since every reader has in their own mind how the story would be played – so what don’t we have the right of our own imagination?


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