Chair that imitates an exercise ball

20 May

Elderly man with a dumbell sitting on an exerc...

When I lived in a bigger house I used to have there an exercise ball I used to sit on during the most time I was writing home. Only one week after I started using it I felt great relief in back pains, less pain in the legs as well as I got less tired as a whole. That is because an exercise ball does much good for one’s  body, such as aligning the spine, making one change position all the time, increasing the balance and so on. – If you have got enough space in your working room go for it, by the way! No regret, I swear.

Many people, including me in my temporary apartment, do not have space enough for keeping a big sized ball in home. Nor can we have such device in our offices or our clients and co-workers will just find us mad.

Old Office Chair.JPG

However I believe that the benefits of the exercise ball and its functioning, might be possible to be adapted to a office chair, with such mechanism that will demand the same balance of our body as the ball does, and as so make us changing position often, require body stance, improve circulation etc. All the things being equal to a ball but the shape that is just as sober as any office chair in our current world.

Yep., I said in our current world because it will change forever after we get access to this exercise chair. Isn’t it just amazing losing about 350 calories just for stay sitting – comfortably – in your work chair? And more, it is just fun sitting on these balls.

So, chair makers and designers, you’ve got some new demand.

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