Liars Anonymous

18 May

Sisterworld (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some people might try to say the truth most of the time whereas other have some sort of pathological pleasure in lying. Many of the fabulists cannot stop telling lies. I myself observed this made-up stories that I could hardly understand why they were being told. Specially because the telling of it would not change anything in the liars’ life nor in mine.

Maybe shrinks will have better information about that than I do myself. Moreover I don’t want to go deep into definitions and scientific things.  But the thing is these compulsive liars need help. Many of them would not do so in a clinic for many reasons.

I believe one way to solution is having a (physical space) fellowship where people can have a collective experience and share their needs in lying, their effort to stopping etc. People could even have lie workshops etc. All of this under the supervision of people who are there to help them. Sorry if I am talking about inventing the wheel. I hope only reinventing it, since help groups exist already such as Alcoholic Anonymous and Narcotic Anonymous.

Actually, after this stiod I went researching and did not find much but one virtual group. A good start, by the way. The question is, do people who enter this virtual community represent the ones with real problem? What about their families, do they have any orientation? A weekly/ periodical meeting would do much, would give the feeling of belonging, of fellowship etc.

I myself get sad when I see how these people undergo prejudice. Those who are anchored in some sort of authoritarian beliefs suffer the promises of going to hell and so on. How harmful can be living in a truth demanding society when you have to create your parallel world where you can feel comfortable living in? What about if you believe yourself a sinner, criminal, and ascribe yourself all the punishments possible?

What about canalizing the lying potential into creation of stories, films, poems etc?


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