Third Party’s Stiod: Charge for having your spam spread!

20 Apr

Did I oversleep and missed some evolution of world? Kinda dunno

This company just gets the stiod of creating a facebook spam. The victim receives an invite from some acquaintance (former victim, of course). It promises “Sync your friends contact information from Facebook directly into your iPhone and iPad”. After accepting or at least clicking the link, the “app” spreads itself to the victims’  contacts. It does not stop there, as it is a spam it would go on and on. But there’s nothing new in that. Nothing worth the name stiod!

The’s spam  App will charge it’s victims to spread their their invites. That is, you give this guys the room for “advertising” and it charges you! This is a gold mine idea… How didn’t I come to it before? Oh… right, honesty honesty… what is that, pal?

no spam!

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It should be illegal, or should it?

Would like to be bolder, I could suggest asking for volunteers to give them money in charge for some destructive viruses, for example. That would probably work with some promise to look up other people’s privacy or just promising to get the computer stopping working at once. Quite spontaneous.’

A mild version of its is a new “google facility” Street view

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