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Tablet menu

15 Apr

In general, I feel guilty for thinking of ways for making the world easier and some that make business more profitable, for getting jobs done quicker and more easily.

But I can’t help this Stiod. And mostly it is due to the slow service some (crowded) restaurants and bars. There has been something similar to that – as I said earlier – there’s nothing absolutely new.

A tablet  is handed in to each client when they get to a restaurant. The client order directly from the gadget. With no need of having the waiter/ess colecting orders.

How does it work? The tablet menu is interactive (and I mean it). It works just as a common menu, you scroll, pages and  browse categories (starters, main dishes (fish, meat, vegetarian etc), drinks, deserts) offered by the place. Then you have prices, and then you order by clicking (and confirming) your choice. Your order goes directly to the department where it should be  prepared/ served – as simple and common as the system already used in many restaurants. The department confirms they got your order (or the system confirms it’s being printed in the “department’s” terminal.

It might (or not) be locked and give access only to the restaurant’s software. (Why not allowing your guests having some fun while they wait for their orders? Food quizzes, polls, satisfaction surveys … a world of alternatives!)

All the waiters will do is to get your order from the kitchen of the bar and take them to your table. They will have much more time to give a better service, talk to clients, clarify doubts and smile. That will make the work of the waiting staff much shorter. Since the time of “waiting” will be way smaller than it is nowadays!

I’ve read about the non-feasibility of having digital menus about the prices. But I’m not talking about reader. But about shortening the path from: greeting > sitting > getting the menu > reading > waiting the waiter/ess > comunicating your order > order traveling to the kitchen/bar > waiter getting your order > serving you.

to reeting > sitting > getting the menu > reading > chosing > waiter getting your order > serving you. How much would restaurants save in personal or gain with better service and more satisfied clients while having less charged waiter/ess

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