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News wall paper

18 Feb
Newspaper fire orange

Newspaper fire orange (Photo credit: NS Newsflash)

I woke up just some minutes ago and “ideed” (I fouled an idea). Have spent the last six months redecorating a newly bought flat. All the wall papers are bought, but I realized our built-in wardrobes lost any appeal they might have had.

With some decoupage techniques I’ve got, I want to glue newspapers on the doors and get them a bit lively. Googling around I found that there are some ready newspapers-patterned wall papers, they are quite mechanic with a little news repeating on an on.

My idea was thus, to start gathering in some way newspapers from all over the world, with local news from different countries, in different languages, and with advertisements in.

I want this news corner to be unique and meaningful. That would make my bedroom news collection/collage to have a personality, and some news that were selected and had some meaning to those who sent me them.

How to do that?

How to get those newspapers?

Social media, dear reader. That is how it has to be done. So, if you read this post so far, and are willing to send me a sheet of newspaper from your city-tow, I would be really thankful. I intend also to refund you with costs for sending it by snail-mail.

Please, e-mail me if you are willing to be part of my collection.

sonialindblom (a t) gmail. com


Race thoughts.

1 May
Assorted cosmetics and tools

Assorted cosmetics and tools (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is not the first time I type about race/ racism etc. But I will do it again, because the stiod to be told is a real (stupid) one. This week I’ve read enough about the topic. First the black cake, then the black power sponges… So I got inspired

People have been screaming out loud that we should not see people as different. Kind of ignoring that there are different groups of people, so not to be called racist. I will not go into the debate, but I have some suggestions to the make money withing (or, better saying without) the cosmetics industry.

You can chose one of the following ways of doing it:

  1. Sue cosmetic companies because they have shampoos and products specifically to black people. Arguments:
    1. they make money after b.p. necessities of strong products;
    2. they imply b.p. are not as good as white people and then they need to use differentiated products;
    3. products destined to b.p. have brown color in their packages, and that is discrimination;
    4. they sell products to make b.p. hair as straight as white people ones, and induce b.p. to abdicate their own ethnicity.
  2. Sue cosmetic companies that sell products for white people. Arguments:
    1. they discriminate openly: that b.p. are not supposed to buy their products;
    2. the products are more expensive than those for b.p.
    3. the b.p products are more expensive than those for white people: see argument 1.1
  3. Sue a store that does not have equal number of products for b.p and white people.
  4. Sue a make up company because their blush for b.p is too light for dark skin.
  5. Sue a make up company because they have too dark blush.

cropped from :Image:Races2.jpg 1820 drawing of...

Well, I do not want to sit all the night typing about racism and the likes. Hope you could have some fun. I’d love to see what  you guys think of the subject (more energy where the real problems lie) or there is racism everywhere and people who suffer prejudice are too stupid for not defending themselves?

Stiod Opinion: Residency for teachers

1 May

Teacher in primary school in northern Laos

The idea might have come from other scholars but I got to know it from António Nóvoa, rector of the University of Lisbon.  Let us see what it is.

Whoever is concerned about teaching matters know that there is a huge gap between the content at universities and the reality at schools. Undergrad students go directly from ideal world – with ideal content and ideal students – to school practice. They have not time to pass from a student to a professional teacher.

The residency would work just as it does form medicine young professionals. The ST teacher would work about three years under supervision of a fully licensed professional. This would help the newbie to make a transition between the university content and the school reality.

The idea sounds amazing. And it amazes me because since my studies at university I always felt no one of us at teaching program were  prepared for going out teaching. The internship programs are not enough.

American Education is in the Dumpster

American Education is in the Dumpster (credit: brewbooks)

However, the internships programs showed me why Nóvoa´s idea is not the whole thing for solving education problems – there is a huge number of “experienced” teachers that have no idea what they are doing in a classroom. I say that about Brazil, but what I have read around, I can say it is a big problem in other countries as well. Inclunding Portugal, where professor Nóvoa comes from.

In Sweden, one of top countries when education matters, has a great debate in demanding teachers to be licensed. People who are against this obligation have no idea how education can be degraded outside that system. Therefore I think that licencing exams must be also mandatory for teachers. They are as much responsible for lives as doctors are.

Unfortunately, so few see this occupation as crucial for the evolution of our species and the preservation of all the others.

Stiod Opinion: Online Prayer (or digital Wailing Wall)

21 Apr
Wailing Wall pre-1920

Wailing Wall pre-1920 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Swedish church got an amazing idea that has taken some hours of my day since I discovered it yesterday.

At first it reminded me the Wailing Wall in Israel. In there, there is a very common practice of placing slips of paper containing written prayers into the cracks of the Wall. People will write notes with their wishes and place them in the cracks hoping they will come true.

It’s digital (ecumenical) version is a quite well developed website in which you type a prayer. The question I did immediately was “why should I pray via computer?”. There is no reason in fact. The greatness of the stiod lies exactly in it. You don’t really need to type your prayer. But the moment you do that, it takes form. It exists. It gets official. It was the prayer you chose to leave your innermost and enter this community of wishes, thanks giving, aspirations.

The whole set makes the history of mankind wishes. Unclassifiable, uncontrolled. Only free, with the only constraint on the number of characters you can type. But then you can come back and give life to more prayers. Here you have a link to it. Be curious, and get touched…


You don’t need to be Christian or whatever. You don’t need to pray to any specific divinity – it can be your own. You might only be curious and read around what people ask. And discover amazing selves in there. With no face, no color, no name. Only words.

I like the place for all it represents, for the anonymity and unity of its. For putting people together and homogenizing – all have equal place, equal chance to express their real wishes. You can also chose a church to send your prayer (perhaps they will address you their blessings)

Poliglot (local) radio

19 Apr
Avenida Paulista in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Avenida Paulista . SP, Brazil (credit: Wikipedia)

How many foreigners are there in your area?

Perhaps this stiod occurred me because I live in a metropolis, and an afternoon walk through Avenida Paulista allows me to hear lots of other languages around. Why not give this groups the chance to listen to their mother tongue once or twice a day? That is also a way of sharing their culture and decentralizing the music world from EMI, (MTV) EMA, Grammy nominees circles.

Just a listen to the contesters to Eurovision (and the winners some years back) you can see how nice it can be listening songs from other countries, in other languages! Now I have many facebook friends from other countries, and just checking their posts about music reveals great rhythms, nice melodies and so on (Ok I don’t have idea what they are singing about, but it is pleasant).

So, you give foreigners the chance to show their culture, have a news digest in their own language (nice to listen when in traffic, etc.) and to locals to expand their horizon and culture range.

The Radio frequency would be shared by different countries representatives. I believe in some subsidy would help to get kicked off, but latter just selling the schedule and etc. just as a standard radio works.

Stiod Opinion: Eat a woman from “down there” up.

18 Apr

So, if you want to manifest about something, and you represent this with art. That sounds amazing.  This is what an artist did in Sweden. Makode Aj Linde decided to depict the mutilation of African women and wished that Swedish Minister of Culture should start the incision. After the sex of the black caricature was cut by the Minister, people started eating the poor woman, I mean, the black cake with read insides (disgusting!) and partying. A bit more grotesque than mutilation, perhaps… I don’t know…

The text I came across first was in a Swedish website one or two days ago, as I am lazy I am reacting only now.

I cannot classify how stupid the thing can be! No matter the color the artist is.  You cannot eat other people!

So, some more Stiod to artists around the world who want to “provoke”:

  • Hand out rubber fetuses in the churches, so you will fight abortion;
  • Picture naked babies smoking – as a warning that parents should not smoke near their kids;
  • Make a painting with Mohamed kissing the Virgin Mary so you defend peace between Christians and Muslims in the Middle East;
  • Burn buses in order to demonstrate against the lack of public transportation in small towns (learn from Sao Paulo gangs)

You can find a trendy and artistic way of doing so. You can defend yourself a representative of the “grotesque” etc etc etc. People will believe you. Some will applaud, I promise!

By the way, I think the Minister would not make the cake herself and was afraid to be called racist just as she said… I do!

Third Part`s idea – Planting Hash to pay debts

11 Apr

Isn’t it such an amazing idea?

You have got some free land. Marijuana is just expensive, so let’s plant some and pay off our debts.

This non-mine idea was put to votation in Rasquera, Spain. The hamlet, where mostly retirees live, is facing financial problems and got some client interested in their land. A association of private users in Barcelona would pay Rasquera  €1.3 million for the rent.

The good thing is that the town will also create jobs. Nothing bad for a country in economical crisis. About 40  job position in the process of growing, harvesting and packaging the weeds.

Curious if it will spread out.

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