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Model Ikea

13 Jul
Shoshanna's Room

Planning a room with Ikea site?

I do not know if there is, please reader, more than a Stiod, this will be a request!

You know the most famous Swedish girl, Ikea, has so cool solutions for a relatively low cost when it has to do with furnishing.

The company has, by the way quite helpful softwares to planning, but it does not always help! At least not to me, who has not the sharpest mind in the world. What if, this Ikea girls furnishing had its own model pieces. I don’t know if it would need to be Ikea who sold it, though there is some potential there. But it could fit also other chains such as Mio or whoever sells furniture worldwide. One could have a standard scale, like the model railways things, but a little bigger.

I know architects use some things, but to my knowing they use to make such things by themselves, or am I wrong? I heard of people who even uses Lego to do the work. Please, too much abstraction to me!

Imagine if you had it as ready to use models or even if you could build it home, with your children or your partner or …  in a hobby-like afternoon? A-ma-zing!

So, if you know about something like this, please, comment, or if you don’t let’s hope some “mind behind the things” reads this post and hear our voices>


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Popcorn filter

3 Jul

As I offered Husband to be a collaborator to to Stupid Ideas of the Day and he refused I took the freedom to publish his ideas as if they were originally mine :D.

It happens that husband is the best corn popper at home –  and he uses to do it on the traditional stove with oil and a big sauce pan. Though the popcorns get very big and the most of them pop, there are always unpopped kernels which annoy him.

Then his stiod was just born: a bowl that has holes big enough to sift the spare kernels and hold the tasty big popcorns. This way you will only serve the greatest popcorn without risk to your teeth.

Kernel and popped popcorn

It is just appropriate and does not demand better explaining or does it?



Remote controlled stove

22 Apr

A couple of weeks ago I thought of a solution to those who usually overcook or burn their recipes. The thermometer sauce pan will be a solution to those who are really “in” the cooking process, and can stay near their stoves while preparing their food. 

But world is not that simple. Life either.

Many of us work, need to have fun, watch a movie or some match, and decide (or simply need) to cook. Then you got this gorgeous countdown clocks that kindly tell you that your time is up. You need to move your a*s and rush to the kitchen to set the stove (fire or induction) off.

LeCreuset on the Induction Cooker

(credit: mystuart)

If you have an induction stove, why can’t it come with a remote control? You can turn off the heat from wherever you are in your house. And you can continue with your movie, your blogging, knitting whatever, while you food rests in the due heat, and gets even more delicious.

Here is your fridge – App

21 Apr
CDC beets

(credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever found yourself with a bunch of raw food home but no idea of what to do with them?

The recipe App or website will help you to find the optimal recipe based on key ingredients you have home. For example, you have beetroot, milk, egg, flower. What can you do with that?

You enter these ingredients, and it searches for recipes (on the web, or into the website database) where you can use the most ingredients you can, with the minimum necessity to buy others. With the example of my fridge above I would get: option 1, beetroot souffle; option 2, omelet & beetroot juice with milk; option 3, beetroot stuffed pancakes. (These recipes have to come from somewhere, of course).

This idea is perhaps suitable to chefs such as Erik Fröderberg from the TV program that names my stiod, in this program he comes to personalities and cooks 3 dishes meal with whatever they have in their fridges.

The facility could even ask you if you got some extra ingredient that you did not list, so it can help you out to use optimally your “leftover” ingredients.

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Useful welcome gifts – souvenirs

15 Apr

That is common in many kinds of celebration people give a welcome gift to those who are present. Wedding parties, Babies birth, birthday parties — even in funerals you might get some memento/ souvenir as a welcome gift.

These things can be cute, kitsch, fancy…  But save the sweet and edible ones, they are all but useful. From this blog entry, I figured out one that can be fancy and useful welcome (cheap) gift.

A clothespin with good taste patterns, some nice message and/or the name of your baby. If you put a magnet behind it, people can use to metal boards or on the fridge’s door so to hold notes, memos, recipes etc. Or even your babies pictures when they come to his/her one year-old party!

Thanks for the insight, O Jeito Brasileiro

Burger assembler

12 Apr

The Angus burger is a hamburger sold by the in...Have you ever being frustrated at fast food chain when ordering a hamburger. What a deception when the   thing you get does not look like the ones you see in the pictures.

Make hamburgers look amazing with the burger assembler.

It would be a multi-layered plastic (?) device that helps you to put the ingredients of a good hamburger in the right order and in the right place! with perfect bays for sauce, cheese, bread, salad etc. You place the ingredient in the right slot, push a button and – bazinga – you get a perfect and organized hamburger that pleases your eyes and your stomach.


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Idea # 1 – Thermometer sauce pan

8 Apr

Today’s first idea came up after a couple of kitchen disasters.

Have you ever waiter longer than usual to get your recipe cooked? Or your perfect sauce just turned out to be totally lumpy? Tried some oat porridge and the oat was way raw while and yet bound together ?

That because for an average human being it is very difficult to know when your recipe got the ideal heat. Having a thermometer in the kitchen is a solution for some cases. But in the most of the cases it is quite ungainly. The porridge case, for example, it isn’t functional to stir and have a thing in your way.

The Stiod is to have pans with thermometers within. The handle of the pan will show you the right temperature of its content (not the surface, as you can find in the  frying pan I just saw when googling my idea).

It might be kept simple, just a simple functionality of showing the temperature would be perfect (and payable).

and help lots of amateurs who experience such a happiness in being able to try some professional recipes that tells you… “keep the sauce under 231 degrees for 13,56 minutes.

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