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Model Ikea

13 Jul
Shoshanna's Room

Planning a room with Ikea site?

I do not know if there is, please reader, more than a Stiod, this will be a request!

You know the most famous Swedish girl, Ikea, has so cool solutions for a relatively low cost when it has to do with furnishing.

The company has, by the way quite helpful softwares to planning, but it does not always help! At least not to me, who has not the sharpest mind in the world. What if, this Ikea girls furnishing had its own model pieces. I don’t know if it would need to be Ikea who sold it, though there is some potential there. But it could fit also other chains such as Mio or whoever sells furniture worldwide. One could have a standard scale, like the model railways things, but a little bigger.

I know architects use some things, but to my knowing they use to make such things by themselves, or am I wrong? I heard of people who even uses Lego to do the work. Please, too much abstraction to me!

Imagine if you had it as ready to use models or even if you could build it home, with your children or your partner or …  in a hobby-like afternoon? A-ma-zing!

So, if you know about something like this, please, comment, or if you don’t let’s hope some “mind behind the things” reads this post and hear our voices>


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Mother’s day gifts

11 May

Orchidea (Photo credit: TGiacinto)

I remember my first gift to her. It took me time planning and a lot of savings, since I was 7 and she was my only source of money. Despite the little concern in using her money to give her a present, I decided that once she gave me the coins they were mine and I would do whatever I wanted with them.

At the beginning of May, 1989, the few cruzeiros I had and the restriction of going out by myself or with my bigger sister wouldn’t allow me many choices. I don’t remember exactly how the trade went, but I got her a small, blue measure cup that she uses still today, in her sugar box. Sweet memories.

I was thinking that in many cases I buy my mother some sort of “moderly” gifts. Today, I decided something different, and if you haven’t bought your mother a gift, It might be worth sharing the stiod (Did you know there are different dates according to the different countries and histories? Ckeck this table at Wikipedia).

I went to my favorite accessory shop (Customized) with one  only idea: “I’ll buy her present as though it was to myself” but regarded age and style constraints. The only negative thing is that I love the design of many of their accessories so I did not resist and bought me some “gifts as well” with the argument I am mom to a cat and so I deserve some caress for myself. Great is because they produce many of my favorite items, they are unique and not that expensive, so she’ll get five or six items if I decide giving away a cute ring and a scarf I first bought to her and am now in doubt about.

If you are a boy, this can work for you as well, since you can imagine yourself having some great think that will also fit mommy. That will make it easy to you buying jewelry or clothes consider some or these questions:

  •  Would yourself wear/use them?
  • What do they tell about your personality?


Now and then I get really concerned with the comercialization of celebration dates such as mother’s day, Easter, Christmas etc. These days were not different and perhaps that is why it took me long to deciding what to give Mrs. Paiva this year. Well other (worth sharing)  ideas I had for mother’s day were:

  • Handcrafting her a pot and getting her some nice and long lasting plant
  • Handcrafting her patchwork frame
  • Take mom to a quick travel somewhere she  likes (Campos do Jordão?)  and have daughter-mom weekend.

 These Ideas are not as commercial as going to this Higienópolis shop, even though they are quite cheap in there. But they have something more special since it would represent my time dedication and directing my concern towards her maternity itself.

Stiod Sharing: Door and Bottle opener

9 May

Household design industry has a lot to learn about people’s actual necessity when making their improvements. This “creator” has a tip:

I have no Idea where it comes from, but we can discuss where it goes.  It goes bad if you open alcoholic drinks and you’re a driver. It goes well if you are not a driver or if you open a light beer or some soft drink bottles.

Ah, drink water!

PS. Picture from MSN.

Weight loss series: Double Torture or household chores with aerobical weights

8 May

After a frank talk to the mirror and a bunch of clothes that won’t enter me by any means, we decided I need to move my habits. Then I figure out the few lucky experiences I had when I wanted to lessen a bit my weight – mind the difference, before I wanted to lose weight, now I need.

One of these useful ideas I had was when I was about to get married, I wanted both (physical) resistance and shape. I imagine myself running from place to place the days before, not to mention the D-Day when I would have to walk for hours around talking, dance in high heels etc. Not with my existential laziness.

Exercising with Good Housekeeping

Exercising with Good Housekeeping (Photo credit: kevin dooley)

To get my muscles working, and because I did not had much time (PhD thesis, plus wedding – and I wanted to sew the bridesmaids dresses among other), I used to have aerobic weights while doing the household chores. Because they were quite light (0,250 kg) I did not hurt, and while I was moving around in home, I was also exercising.

Why double torture – I do not love doing dishes, laundry, sweeping etc. I do not like exercising either. Mixing both when I do need will make me a bit tired, but will help to keep up the “move your a:: program 😀  To bear my mood up, some Madonna, a great samba or Audioslave playing loud…

You guys, cheer up, go go… 😀

Relationship Investment: Support your partner’s hobby

7 May

Once or twice I got worried for this women who are complaining their partners had some hobby and did not spend enough time on them, or men who complain their partners spend time and/or money in their free time.

My idea is creating a private investment fund for supporting your partner’s hobby, instead of fighting it – please, with no hope they will end up stopping it, ok?

The thought behind the stiod is giving more than love to your beloved. Give them support. Incentive them to buy the needed devices, products etc. to improve their hobbies. I myself have been spending some time learning how to build plastic models and some money in trying to create a perfect one to praise my dearest and incentive him to keep with his (guilty) pleasure. On the other side, he’s spent more time on giving me compliments when I succeed in my polishing, for example.

Thing is – instead of trying to stop your partner doing what they like in their free time, you find ways of helping each other.

Zoolinguistics Research

4 May

Cats Eyes

 “The cat lives alone, has no need of society, obeys only when she pleases, pretends to sleep that she may see more clearly, and scratches everything on which she can lay her paw.”


I have never seen a discipline like that in the schools I studied and had contacts with. The name does not figure out in dictionaries what tells me it is not common just as I have been thinking. But there were linguists who studied the communication system of animals. I had even had a professor who claims her dogs talk to her.

The fact is that observing my cat sounds I figured out he has many different sounds, only one of them I can imitate. And he understands. As well as he “understands” Husband question if his food is good. Ok crazy, you think. No problem.

Cat Conspiracy

Cat Conspiracy (credit: Tjflex2)

Things in science is like that – trial and error. My stiod now is having a study in order to interpret cats’ mood or intentions in their meowing. Something that tells us if the cat is happy, unhappy, hunting (that I and Husband can understand from Pip, but not reproducing, it’s like he barks). No, I don’t mean cats have the same ability of as human or  language learning as chimps.

But animals might have their own communication system and people could just study that – why not? It’s just recording them a whole time in their natural habitat. For some hours. And then describing. Wanna help with the project write or skype me.

working in the kitchen

2 May

Weathered (Photo credit: JEBourk)

If you are a happy individual living in a fancy country with any smart interior heating  system, you can stop reading. More: you should know that here in a cold floor kitchen sits a woman green with envy of yours.

One of the (not so few) things I hate about living in Brazil is the freezing houses. Yeah, we do not have hot weather 365 days in São Paulo, but I’ll complain about the heat later, I swear. Despite we can get from 30 Celsius degrees to 8 in the same day, we do not have any heating system in our houses. People sit in home with double pants, three socks and a bunch of coats (an English friend of mine said he feels embarrassed of working with jacket but has no choice since one can freeze to death in here)

We bought a Taiwan electrical heater that takes our electrical bills to heaven – yeah, physicists are right, hot air lifts – and here it lifts my bills. So, the great stiod today was bringing my papers to the kitchen and preparing some food while I am working (and blogging). If you can feel some smell of garlic flavored sirloin it’s my fault.

Despite it might be dangerous for the papers getting some olive oil texture, It gives me comfort of a warm room for the time being. And I will soon open the cookbook looking for some tart recipe or the likes so I can use the oven as well. Perhaps I should get some cooking as sideline all over the winter time. I guess LP gas is cheaper than electricity anyways.

Notifying Pet feeder

2 May

It has been one year we decided adopting a cute spoiled short-haired cat. Since then, having his dried food bowl full became one of my duties. It does not harm me at all and is a way of giving him love.

Sometimes, though, I find it hard to take decisions because I wouldn’t know if he’s got enough food for my absence. I would not allow myself getting him a automatic feeder or the likes. That’s quite un-personal. Then, the stiod was born

Pip would get a wi-fi bowl. Its system might be simple: based in its weight and a clock. Its function is to inform me weather it is empty or full. And if when it was emptied or filled (if I get a cat sitter, for example – or whatchamacallit). When on of this events occur it generates a log in an App, that shows me the current status of the bowl. And the App shows me if he is probably satisfied or hungry based in given veterinarian data. B-)




Stiod Opinion: Black Power Sponge

28 Apr
Black Power

Black Power (Photo credit: Walt Jabsco)

I have never been a Barbie fan. That might be because she’d never had a hair as darting as mine 😀

In sudden, I’ve liked a doll. Wait, dear, you’re thirty! yeah, com’on, I’m not mother yet, so some playing with toys might not be a huge problem or might not it?

The toy: A Diana Ross doll. With this wonderful black power hair you can use as a washing sponge — and it does not stop there, they have black power version as well as punky (white), disco (white) and groovy (white) versions. The thing I find it a great stiod relies yet in my positivism and my keenness in finding usefulness in things.

My hair has had some usefulness, as many have noticed: protection against rain, shock, pen holder, etc. But I’ve never used it as a sponge (or have I?), and would be scared if someone did it. But what about a doll? I might use my wash sponges more often, I swear! I’ve thinking of finding some use to my cat’s soft soft soft fur, I promise, but no success yet…

Well the thing that makes it a bit upsetting is not the fact that they use our huge black hair as brush. But the problem some many “black people defenders” find in it. How many have reacted after the mop that look exactly like white straight hair (that in my country we call “Emilia” (A white doll we have in our folklore).

Thing is racist defenders have gone too long. Too far away from reality. That’s also why I can tell black people jokes and have dozen of people laughing at a bar, but cannot hear that from my friends.


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Get my hobby paying itself

25 Apr

Much probably you will think I am going to sell my stiods. Not exactly. I have this narcissistic feeling of happiness in having people enjoying my writings and that does not cost me much — if you don’t consider that time is money and sometimes I stop some translation work for writing a post.

I got a more time and money consuming hobby. I love buying old metal objects and enhancing them. If I am allowed to brag about myself, I got good taste and good eyes for the thing.  Although the dedication to this hobby is quite new I have been mastering the techniques since the I’ve got skills –  and acquire a tool set for doing it with more precision and quality.

The thing is machines, tools, polishing products and silvery, gold, brass objects take me money and space. I cannot go shopping more objects since I don’t have much place to set them home – and I do not intend having a museum at home. Since my pleasure is satisfied in buying, plus making things beautiful, I decided to sell some the things I have ready and do not want to keep to myself. Remember, I am greedy, so I am not going to give things away for free.

That is in fact a kind of great thing to do. You will not be rich by selling your hobby work – knitting, stamp collection, model train etc. But you can have your hobby paying itself and being more sustainable – since you can skip keeping things you don’t need home.


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