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Stiod Sharing – Creating togethet

22 Jun

Stiod has been in Lund, Sweden, and now want to share a presentation that do has to do with our site.

It is about making the world better – by doing what Stiod does – share ideas, be they stupid or brilliant.



Technological torture

17 Jun
blue cross

blue cross (Photo credit: Tilley441)

The title of this post was supposed to be called some thing related to friends game. But after it was applied it turned out to make that reference to a torture. No body would get that harmed out of the play, though it was tough.

Besides that difficulty of nowadays get-together when mates go on and on complaining as a sympathy holding topic, there are those situations when you sit at a cafe with your friends and it takes no longer than five minutes to the first one open their mobile phones, i-pads etc to check mail, check sms, send sms or tinkle int hey own ways.

Then it came to us yesterdays stiod, I am publishing now for obvious reasons – I had such a hangover I could not sit in near the computer before…

Two possibilities – the pals want to show off whose technological device is more advanced or they are indeed addicted to their online lives and cannot stay a while out of it. Thinking of that a couple of friends decided  to challenge the whole group not to interact with their gadgets while we were at a bar.

All the machines set up on the table sharing place with bottles, glasses and finger food. Not a few times were we talking about them, but none would touch their devices otherwise they would pay the whole bill. Was it hard – yep. My facebook page were not updated. I took no picture for this post.

Despite the pressure and the stress of being unplugged, the bill was shared evenly as we use to do. That made us think how hard it was not tinkling with digital machines when we are together, but how good it was taking a time and devoting it totally to the friends who were indeed with us.

Stiod Derivative: Facebook Kids!

18 Apr

This stiod comes and goes into my mind. Today I got support from the post “kids and facebook”. The blogger’s concern is about making or not a facebook profile to under aged users.


(credit: sitmonkeysupreme)

What I always thought of (before starting this blog) was allowing the youths having their profile under the consent of a responsible adult. The adult in question (mom, daddy etc) would moderate the acceptance of new friends, posts containing external links (we shall agree that there’s no need to moderate kids’ and teens’ messaging among equals) and similar things. That’s a way taking care of who has access to the kids’ pages and way a protecting them. Moreover there is already a hard control from the website over the content of what people post out there, picture they publish and so on and so forth.

The arguments for this? There are many. Inclusion, new ways of socializing,  and some you find around… specially the need of creating fake accounts, right parents? What about you, reader, have you ever created a facebook account to an under aged user?

This stiod would give facebook a bit of work, but it is nothing they can’t cope with, or is it?

Making your photo collections into an exhibition

15 Apr

Ut pictura poesis,

“As is painting so is poetry.”

Horace’s Ars Poetica

This is a new modality of Stiod. Since it is done upon someones’ experience or idea as a way of enhancing them.

It would work mostly if you are indeed a good photographer – otherwise, do your best. This photographer blogger, just showed some pics that are great, and she uses to take systematically pics of her friends.

The Stiod is to make an exhibition, a photo poetry, as she says she does — and does indeed — with photos classified as poem goes. With emotions or qualities, with properties or situations. How do those photos stand for friendship?

It feels just good all about it! I wish I had such abilities

Enjoy her!

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