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Popcorn filter

3 Jul

As I offered Husband to be a collaborator to to Stupid Ideas of the Day and he refused I took the freedom to publish his ideas as if they were originally mine :D.

It happens that husband is the best corn popper at home –  and he uses to do it on the traditional stove with oil and a big sauce pan. Though the popcorns get very big and the most of them pop, there are always unpopped kernels which annoy him.

Then his stiod was just born: a bowl that has holes big enough to sift the spare kernels and hold the tasty big popcorns. This way you will only serve the greatest popcorn without risk to your teeth.

Kernel and popped popcorn

It is just appropriate and does not demand better explaining or does it?




Remote controlled stove

22 Apr

A couple of weeks ago I thought of a solution to those who usually overcook or burn their recipes. The thermometer sauce pan will be a solution to those who are really “in” the cooking process, and can stay near their stoves while preparing their food. 

But world is not that simple. Life either.

Many of us work, need to have fun, watch a movie or some match, and decide (or simply need) to cook. Then you got this gorgeous countdown clocks that kindly tell you that your time is up. You need to move your a*s and rush to the kitchen to set the stove (fire or induction) off.

LeCreuset on the Induction Cooker

(credit: mystuart)

If you have an induction stove, why can’t it come with a remote control? You can turn off the heat from wherever you are in your house. And you can continue with your movie, your blogging, knitting whatever, while you food rests in the due heat, and gets even more delicious.

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