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Publicity for fruits and vegetables

25 Jun
English: Fruit on display at La Boqueria marke...

La Boqueria market in Barcelona (credit: Wikipedia)

Definitely I won’t say how it can be done since I am not that creative etc etc. My last toilet book was “Publicidade para o público” (Publicity for the public). There a guy is teaching publicity techniques etc. But I am ok in knowing only the basics and that such things exist (I am good in many things, so, I’ll skip this extra skill ::laugh::)

The stiod, though can come to existence with the limitation of a sketch as many others I publish, by the way.

While I am enjoying the morning laziness and deciding if I will vacuum clean or read e-mails, I decided watching Sponge Bob for the time being. These commercial TV channels have a lot of commercials (I guess there comes the name of its). The commercial Ads I saw are much of chewing gums, chips, candies – and clothes, games and toys. I guess that is why I am not willing to eat an apple but would gladly take a glass of strawberry quick as soon as I get up the couch.

Long time I am not a kid – perhaps sadly, though I am ok on my thirties –  and I was strongly suggested by the eating of some sugary cereal or Toddy.

But one thing you can observe there is no advertisement for fruits: Fruits and vegetables have brands as well, just as milk etc. And the brand makes the difference in quality, besides, there might have different benefits and appeals.

Why don’t these brands just make some (quick) ad and dispute or get over the market:

Apples “Small Jungle” – the most juicy you can find.

Ananas (usch) “Tupi Açu” – easy to sculpt your favorite shapes (and happy kids with plastic knives making sweet & acid figures while showing a strong attitude).

Travel through world eating “Interfruits” from far away lands to your fruit basket

I don’t mind you laughing of my lack creativity – but I’ve seen worst (check this). Thing is we complain of world problems, kids who don’t eat, but where are our farms, veggies importers? Why don’t they announce their products?

Ops, I guess I am going to look for some greenery for lunch.


Stiod Derivative: Facebook Kids!

18 Apr

This stiod comes and goes into my mind. Today I got support from the post “kids and facebook”. The blogger’s concern is about making or not a facebook profile to under aged users.


(credit: sitmonkeysupreme)

What I always thought of (before starting this blog) was allowing the youths having their profile under the consent of a responsible adult. The adult in question (mom, daddy etc) would moderate the acceptance of new friends, posts containing external links (we shall agree that there’s no need to moderate kids’ and teens’ messaging among equals) and similar things. That’s a way taking care of who has access to the kids’ pages and way a protecting them. Moreover there is already a hard control from the website over the content of what people post out there, picture they publish and so on and so forth.

The arguments for this? There are many. Inclusion, new ways of socializing,  and some you find around… specially the need of creating fake accounts, right parents? What about you, reader, have you ever created a facebook account to an under aged user?

This stiod would give facebook a bit of work, but it is nothing they can’t cope with, or is it?

The true you

17 Apr

The truth comes out the children mouth!


Do you want to know what you are like? There are some people you will get the answer from. And they are small and (usually) sweet.

Much fairer than mirror or a personality test. Cheaper than a profile analysis from an image consultant! What makes it better? Purity!

Our perception of the world is blurred since there have been way much information, many opinions, theories, techniques, concepts… that are not in a child’s mind. The lack of advanced (controversial, contrary) concepts, the simplicity and scarcity of resources will bring you much of a truth about how you’re seen out there in the world.

Do you have some children around you? Give them pen, paper and have them to draw you – if they want, needless to say, otherwise you shan’t get it by the way! What you will sure get,  in a couple of (imprecise, perhahps) lines, is what you mean to children. The few resources they have and purity of observation will make them optimally chose the right features who best represent you to their eyes.

Below, you will get some example of description of this person who writes you now, from the children’s hands.

Useful welcome gifts – souvenirs

15 Apr

That is common in many kinds of celebration people give a welcome gift to those who are present. Wedding parties, Babies birth, birthday parties — even in funerals you might get some memento/ souvenir as a welcome gift.

These things can be cute, kitsch, fancy…  But save the sweet and edible ones, they are all but useful. From this blog entry, I figured out one that can be fancy and useful welcome (cheap) gift.

A clothespin with good taste patterns, some nice message and/or the name of your baby. If you put a magnet behind it, people can use to metal boards or on the fridge’s door so to hold notes, memos, recipes etc. Or even your babies pictures when they come to his/her one year-old party!

Thanks for the insight, O Jeito Brasileiro

Idea # 2 – collecting easter egg bases and making a toy.

9 Apr

This Stiod was a bit fun, and I applied it at once.

Easter egg base

Easter egg base

We got those big chocolate eggs, typical in Brazil, to the children. When I saw the plastic “mugs” that help to keep the eggs standing, I just thought I could do something with them – hard plastic with common sizes and shapes. The first thing that came to my mind was using them to build a lamp or some decoration object.

The kids were to get bored and instead, I realized that we’d got a homogeneous set of “totems” perfect to play an old game we used to when I and my sisters were teens.

The game:

The players sit in a circle and each one hold a “totem” (it could be a box of matches, a cup  etc.) in one hand.

All (or almost all) sing and a song. Following the song, the players pass their objects to the next person in the circle.

The lyrics points out when the movement stops (take it out! put it back), and when it changes ( “zig zig zá”) and the players all make a back and forth movement with the object, without passing it to the next person. The traditional way of doing it is repeating the sequence again and again, and substituting the lyrics for “la la la” or silently.

The lyrics we sing translated to English. (listen to the melody here)

Slaves of Job
Played Caxangá*
Take it out, put it back, leave it on
Warriors with warriors do zig zig za
Warriors with warriors do zig zig za.
                                         *I have no idea of what caxangá means.
I found also a video of people playing something similar on you tube. Check it out
It would be quite nice to have this game reaching more kids, because it is very funny.  It teaches group work and coordination. I thought it to be difficult, but changed my mind when my little niece Victoria who is only 5 loved it and could play very well after some training.
A kit with the “totems”, a device playing the melody in different speeds and the lyrics to the song would be an amazing gifts for kids or teens. Even having home to play with friends and family!

Third Part’s Idea. – Kid feeder

7 Apr
The Idea came to me by E-mail this morning. That is safe way to give fruits to small kids.
It will let the babies taste different flavours, fruits, for example, with no risk of getting big pieces in the mouth and reducing the possibility of suffocation.feeder
You open the “feeder”  put in the food your baby will taste, close it and that’s it.
Your baby will experience lots of new tastes (and perhaps learn early to eat different foods).
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