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Model Ikea

13 Jul
Shoshanna's Room

Planning a room with Ikea site?

I do not know if there is, please reader, more than a Stiod, this will be a request!

You know the most famous Swedish girl, Ikea, has so cool solutions for a relatively low cost when it has to do with furnishing.

The company has, by the way quite helpful softwares to planning, but it does not always help! At least not to me, who has not the sharpest mind in the world. What if, this Ikea girls furnishing had its own model pieces. I don’t know if it would need to be Ikea who sold it, though there is some potential there. But it could fit also other chains such as Mio or whoever sells furniture worldwide. One could have a standard scale, like the model railways things, but a little bigger.

I know architects use some things, but to my knowing they use to make such things by themselves, or am I wrong? I heard of people who even uses Lego to do the work. Please, too much abstraction to me!

Imagine if you had it as ready to use models or even if you could build it home, with your children or your partner or …  in a hobby-like afternoon? A-ma-zing!

So, if you know about something like this, please, comment, or if you don’t let’s hope some “mind behind the things” reads this post and hear our voices>


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Stiod Sharing: Door and Bottle opener

9 May

Household design industry has a lot to learn about people’s actual necessity when making their improvements. This “creator” has a tip:

I have no Idea where it comes from, but we can discuss where it goes.  It goes bad if you open alcoholic drinks and you’re a driver. It goes well if you are not a driver or if you open a light beer or some soft drink bottles.

Ah, drink water!

PS. Picture from MSN.

Derived Stiod: Camel sacking

9 May

From Expanding bladder is secret to good night’s sleep

Oh, Science! You muse of our life enhancement. Talk to me and to those whose bladder defies a whole night’s sleep as well as those who have to interrupt feverish bar discussions in order to pee.

This Japanese scientists  discovered the processes that increases our bladder capacity in order to allow us several hours of undisturbed sleep without needing to wake up and empty it.

Now I will sound so annoyingly unscientific, if you permit me. I was told off in my first research projects when I was always arguing a practical, useful reason for researching a topic. Science would have to stand by it’s own, these professors used to say.

White Toilet Bowl in MalaysiaNow reader let’s drink together three of four big glasses of water or beer. Sit a while and ponder over this Japanese discover. Hold on, no one stand up till we get a consensus.

Now what if your became the master of your own bladder? What if you did not need to run to the toilet when you do not want to. What about going to toilet in the middle of night, when you’d rather sleep two nice hours more? Yeah. It would be great having a species of trigger for your bladder increasing its capacity when you need to stay longer in the same position/situation etc.

What about your tricky bladder that decides to empty itself exactly when you want to love? Oh darn…

Couldn’t we just program our piss sack to stay quiet when one is having fun, relaxation or pleasure?

Micro-chip equipped ball or my derived stiod that turned into opinion –

6 May

Perhaps because of my scientist background I use to research abot every stiod I get. And despite I thought myself amazingly original and innovative, one more Idea existed before me.

I’ll just keep you guys into my reasoning line: Do you remember the post about the cow bell t-shirt? There were 20.000 micro-chip implanted in under 14-year-old kid’s t-shirts to control their presence or absence in school. The question that got born into my stiod maker brain: Why instead of putting such chips in thousands of t-shirts don’t people put them into a dozen of balls in the football matches.

A replica of the Adidas Finale Rome ball used ...If you like football, you’ve seen several times discussions if the ball entered of not the goal. If there was only a sensor and a chip in the ball, one could decide if the ball entered or not.

Why is that so? 

Thing is that football referees get too tired under a match and in several cases they do not see if the ball was in or not. Many football fans and teams get desperate because they are pretty sure, though not 100% whether it was goal or not. But not the referee. It happened latter if I am not mistaken in UEFA‘s Champion’s League in a game among Chelsea and Barcelona. I saw that, just don’t find a clip.

How to give it an end?

Simply by having a sensor (in) the crossbar that senses if the ball entered or not a given limit. Relying on cameras and slow motion picture series would also avoid many discussions and disagreement. Just as one have in NHL (ice hockey).

Champions League Qualifier 3rd leg FC Salzburg...

(credit: Wikipedia)

The Idea has been around at least since 2005, that is the date I found the news about making tests for having chips and sensors in foot balls. Check it out at Google News. For those arguing that the resource shall slow down the matches, it won’t do so if you refer to the equipment only if there is doubt about the entrance of the ball in the net, again as it is in NHL.

No doubt it the ball stays there in. If it shakes the net etc. But what about it some smart player takes the ball away from the goal? How to deem? Just by using some technology.

And the technology I’m talking about is ready, and used unnecessarily in a school in North East Brazil. Ha!

Fun and Useful Tourist Guide

4 May
Youth Culture - Mods & Rockers 1960s - 1970s

Youth Culture – Mods & Rockers 1960s – 1970s (Photo credit: brizzle born and bred)

Please, cultural people you can keep reading if you promise not getting offended, OK? So, get on board and let’s reason together.

You just bought a Interail/Eurail pass. You are not sure when you are getting this opportunity again because your working life is starting and you’ll have lots to do. You probably had an firm argument to buying tickets, booking hostels and buying cultural programs. That is a un-payable  experience.

Then, my fellow, you spend the whole day visiting historical places, wonderful churches and uncountable hours in loads of musea (or museums if you want). In the evening, mate, how keen are you of going out and staying up the whole night? Blah… What about next day?

No. The Stiod  is for some good writer and smart traveler (or travelers group). It would be divided by places, cities, capitals. It will teach you exactly what you are supposed to say to people (including your parents and relatives that supported your travel) in one page. Another page will tell exactly what to do to have fun and meet people. Where to go, how to behave, what to buy and stay, as well as what to buy as souvenir without spending hours walking in city centers looking for something cool to you old uncle sitting home and waiting for a post card and a memento of your travel 😀

Have you ever got this sinking feeling that you are not culturally appropriate? Yeah, I knew it! That’s because you have never read this book. Because it is a begging-to-be-done idea!

For the time being, I’ve never found anything similar and have amused myself with lots of freaking interesting cultural programs, but barely enjoyed one night in cities such as Budapes, Praga, Paris, etc. Why? Why?

Notifying Pet feeder

2 May

It has been one year we decided adopting a cute spoiled short-haired cat. Since then, having his dried food bowl full became one of my duties. It does not harm me at all and is a way of giving him love.

Sometimes, though, I find it hard to take decisions because I wouldn’t know if he’s got enough food for my absence. I would not allow myself getting him a automatic feeder or the likes. That’s quite un-personal. Then, the stiod was born

Pip would get a wi-fi bowl. Its system might be simple: based in its weight and a clock. Its function is to inform me weather it is empty or full. And if when it was emptied or filled (if I get a cat sitter, for example – or whatchamacallit). When on of this events occur it generates a log in an App, that shows me the current status of the bowl. And the App shows me if he is probably satisfied or hungry based in given veterinarian data. B-)




Digital interpreter

25 Apr
Title page of one of the earliest phrase books...

Title page of one of the earliest phrase books of Sindebele to be published in Rhodesia: J. O'Neil's "Phrase Book in English and Sindebele", 1910: Ellis Allen, Bulawayo, Rhodesia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You might say: “Come on, dear… we got those fantastic (half working) phrase book App. We do not need any one more.

Yeah. That’s true, but as far as I’ve seen these phrasebooks work partially and not as this one.

Despite it is still non-totally-working because of the bad quality of voice recognition technology we have nowadays, it might work better, with some pre-configured set of languages.

It will work with voice recognition, and you say the phrase you need to say somewhere in the world (in some preset language, of course), it recognizes your message (let’s say it works as source language mainly English, and then it gives you the phrase in the target language. You can just play the thing out loud in a restaurant, bus station, news stand etc (it can be separated by categories, so the set to look up the sentences will be quite restricted).

If you need, for example order a beer, you say the sentence in English (ok, am I being too lazy, you can type it, but we are talking about communicating, and speaking is faster) or select it from a given set. Your phrase book App look up for the counterpart in the target language and says it aloud to you.

If you are a daring person, you can try to repeat it by yourself, but you can avoid the scene, and help native people go quicker then you “treiaul oov seayiing dthe  seenteenss in dtheirr laenguaegdj” . Why that if you can have your personal digital interpreter?

Your interpreter will also help you to understand the answers you get. You ask your service/ product provider to speak clearly to your phone/ tablet/ gadget. The App will look for a similar sentence into its database. It will, then return you a (written) translation.

I am afraid it will have to rely on web, for having both ways of translations. But if you skip this last feature, I do not think only an off-line application would be non-working.

We have plenty of platforms for that, such as Forvo or Google voices. And I am in the queue for acquiring one in my next travel to Hungary – I don’t dare trying to speak that language myself.

On the fly Fiction

23 Apr
245i Short Stories Oct-1949 Page 11 Loot from ...

245i Short Stories Oct-1949 Page 11 Loot from Badakhshan 06 by E. Hoffmann Price (credit: California Cthulhu (Will Hart))

Last week I was talking to a great friend of mine (Cid Marcus) and he told me why he’s never published a book despite he has material for at least a dozen of them: “I hate the all-time frozen aspect of books. I change, so do my ideas”.

Cid Marcus as well as many of us changes his mind on the go. Because he learns more and wants constant changes in the things he writes. That is why now he’s got a blog where he rewrites his texts that were published since the 70’s.

Thinking of Cid Marcus’ aversion for static opinions and the perpetual feeling of  printed materials I thought of how would it look like having a “on the fly” fiction. The stiod is to have your romance or etc written online. Something similar to old times short stories that were written in parts and published in magazines.

The novelty in this “on the fly” fiction is that it can be changed as the authors change their minds, since it is a hypertext. The story might change small details through time, the readers would access them by chapters or mark somehow where they’ve stopped reading (perfect in times of tablets and the likes), since the reader can log in (ah ha, a way of getting payed, so those merchant minds would adhere to the movement) and read periodically his/her story, romance or the so.

This would make the reading process much dynamic since you have a living story, progresses according to the time being, the acceptance of the chapters, public reaction, author’s state of mind. It will be rather challenging to keep the unity with all these features, keep the audience, the thrill.

I would be in the first isle to read such genre, as far as the story has personality and content.

Remote controlled stove

22 Apr

A couple of weeks ago I thought of a solution to those who usually overcook or burn their recipes. The thermometer sauce pan will be a solution to those who are really “in” the cooking process, and can stay near their stoves while preparing their food. 

But world is not that simple. Life either.

Many of us work, need to have fun, watch a movie or some match, and decide (or simply need) to cook. Then you got this gorgeous countdown clocks that kindly tell you that your time is up. You need to move your a*s and rush to the kitchen to set the stove (fire or induction) off.

LeCreuset on the Induction Cooker

(credit: mystuart)

If you have an induction stove, why can’t it come with a remote control? You can turn off the heat from wherever you are in your house. And you can continue with your movie, your blogging, knitting whatever, while you food rests in the due heat, and gets even more delicious.

Stiod Opinion (envy): Beds instead of cinema seats.

22 Apr

via Malaysia Is the World Leader In Theater Comfort Technology.

I wish the idea was mine so good it is! In fact, in my ignorance it has never ever come to my simpleton mind. Wonder how many of your readers would have had such idea yourselves (answers, please).

Forget all you know about movie theaters and come to a innovative concept of comfort and environment when watching your favorite films. If you were happy with the folding seats in your playhouse, it seems that just as me, you dreamed low. It did not happened to someone inside this cinema chain in Malaysia. The conventional seats give room to exclusive designed bean bag double place seats. And it does not stop there since it has also “a cosy and relaxed viewing experience and has become a favorite among the movie-goers”.

Do you love seating nested to your partner (or kids) when watching a great movie? That’s why you love home theatering?

Cinema seats.

Now you got as well as me, bitten by the jealousy bug. And your film watching life will never be the same, because you know, out there, some people are watching the same film premier as you, in a way cozier room, much more comfortable then your folding seat with place to put soft drink mugs. Wait, I did not see places for my soft drink mugs in those seats.

 I wonder if they rent you warm and nice blankets so you can have that sweet home feeling.

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