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Third Party`s Stiod: Silent beer cans

22 Jun
Can of Duff beer, produced in the 1990s by the...

Can of Duff beer, produced in the 1990s by the Lion Nathan brewery in Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was rest time to me and football time to Husband, Eurocup, you know. Despite I am not paying attention to him, a sound denounces:  He opens the beer can. I come to living room, get a sip and we laugh.

Husband thinks it is not fair, that he has the right to open a beer can without denouncing himself and calling the wife’s attention. He decides that the world beer producers should care about Husbands’ privacy. That is why there should be developed beer can openers with a silent mechanism, yet effective.

Despite I think he has that right, I would stick with the stiod of having a beer barrel home 😀

Derived Stiod: Camel sacking

9 May

From Expanding bladder is secret to good night’s sleep

Oh, Science! You muse of our life enhancement. Talk to me and to those whose bladder defies a whole night’s sleep as well as those who have to interrupt feverish bar discussions in order to pee.

This Japanese scientists  discovered the processes that increases our bladder capacity in order to allow us several hours of undisturbed sleep without needing to wake up and empty it.

Now I will sound so annoyingly unscientific, if you permit me. I was told off in my first research projects when I was always arguing a practical, useful reason for researching a topic. Science would have to stand by it’s own, these professors used to say.

White Toilet Bowl in MalaysiaNow reader let’s drink together three of four big glasses of water or beer. Sit a while and ponder over this Japanese discover. Hold on, no one stand up till we get a consensus.

Now what if your became the master of your own bladder? What if you did not need to run to the toilet when you do not want to. What about going to toilet in the middle of night, when you’d rather sleep two nice hours more? Yeah. It would be great having a species of trigger for your bladder increasing its capacity when you need to stay longer in the same position/situation etc.

What about your tricky bladder that decides to empty itself exactly when you want to love? Oh darn…

Couldn’t we just program our piss sack to stay quiet when one is having fun, relaxation or pleasure?

Thumb holder in your beer (beverage) can

29 Apr

I planned starting this post with a disclaimer, explaining I am not an alcoholic. Despite this is the case in fact, I enjoy myself a little beer with friends a bit often.  And therefore today’s stiod makes more sense if you like such circles, specially in these meetings you are not sitting the whole time.

How to know which beer can is yours when you and your mates left your cans on a table and went to a dance, for example?

That is not difficult if you press with your thumb in the very place where it usually stays when you hold a can. You will knead a little the can, in the form of your thumb (attention so you do that in the direction of the can opening). This will help you to find out easily which can is yours. And moreover it will help you to hold the can in such a way you’ll never miss the opening even after some beers.

5 liters beer can accessible to all

20 Apr

You don’t need to be an alcoholic. It is enough to like to gather friends home and share some beer.

I came across to the stiod by chance, as I saw a big can in a restaurant near my place. I thought it was just a decoration article, but some googling turned up to show it exists for real! You have a 5 liters beer can on your table. Everybody can just go to it’s tap, pour the beer into their glasses and continue chatting or playing some board game or whatever.

A Kranz (wreath) of Kölsch beer.

A Kranz (wreath) of Kölsch beer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No need to run  and get new beer cans/ bottles all the time.  One thing that concerns me is to get the beer cold long enough,I  need to check if it has a system of holding the cold once it’s outside the fridge. (Come latter with more info)

It could also work as the widespread bag in box wine does. You keep the big can in your fridge and poor beer to yourself only when when you need/ want a sip.

The good thing, it seems to me, is that you might need less material for the can, so you reduce your waste producing (got to research more as well).

One important thing is to get this big cans easy to find, since I didn’t know I could get one of that before having the stiod of looking up some information about the “decoration article” I saw in the restaurant!

So, my stiod is  having a widespread advertising campaign, or having people demanding 5 liters beer accessible to all.


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