Stiod Sharing: Cell Phone Charging Station

20 Jun

Yesterday I posted a stiod for charger tables in restaurants, bars etc. Today, while surfing around I came to this great thing I have not seen before (published here): a charging station. In a Burger King restaurant in Philippines you can find this:

 A station to charge up your cellphone that has not only the outlets but the chargers so you can plug in your mobile and save your day! Just notice that there are three Nokia chargers and one Samsung, one Sony Ericsson and one Motorola. It seems that the Finish company is bigger out there in the Philippines.

It could be a great thing if mobile companies got inspired and found it as a marketing strategy, making charging totems available in different places in some cities, so their client’s devices would get charged when they were in battery need. ūüėÄ

What if this charging stations took solar energy?


Tables with electric outlets

19 Jun

Some years ago I would thank the gods if some place here in São Paulo had wireless connection so I would be able to type everywhere. That is not a big problem nowadays since I can have mobile internet almost where ever I  go. This makes  my text working rather flexible and I can write at any bar, cafe or bookstore. But not always do I remember charging completely the notebook or the mobile and there I go. Sometimes the battery just empties in a sudden. Out of batteries all the time I planned to surf out of home is gone.

That are many places that even offer wireless and that is really good and sometimes those networks are faster than my network provider. But that are places that won’t allow me using any electrical outlets that I find free on their walls. There was this mall with nice decoration etc. and I sat near the wall for a while. Mobile battery just abandoned me and I found this outlet smiling at me. I just plug it and this security guard comes censoring me: “Lady, you cannot use our contact!”

After a while feeling a robber and coming silently home (no battery, no music on the phone, no typing notes… no-thing!). In my quite way I went thinking of this post: Produce tables with inbuilt electrical outlets for clients charging their devices in restaurants, shopping malls etc.

I think that more than allowing us to charge our devices, the tables in this “public” places should offer on their tops some contacts so we can charge our devices while we are consuming, just as an extra service. I would prioritize more a place with this feature than a cheaper one. And that would make it much more convenient than paying a guard to stop me “stealing” their electrical stream.¬†

Toilet seats with springs

18 Jun

Again a stiod I thought of my own – despite I’ve see some fancy version (here) from Japan on youtube, some weeks ago – was thought of before me and has indeed a patent registered. A step further to come to existence though.

My concern toward the toilet seats come from long time ago when I shared an apartment with two boys. They would never fold back the seat top after using the toilet seat. When you get married that comes also to happen sometimes – though seldom home by me.

It is not a good problem if you are wide awake and your toilet room is warm and nice. Take it when you are sleepy in the middle of the night, and the toilet is a heck of a cold place to sit, that can be a distress to marriage. You crawl out bed and snail into the toilet room, roll out your pajamas etc and sit in a freezing cold porcelain. Someone forgot to pull down the soft warm seat to its place.

The invention will help you to save your marriage by not needing to scream of surprise for the cold bottom and not complaining everyday about the same thing. Your fine toilet seat should come with springs, that help the boys to have it up while they need it but will slowly and nicely pull it back to its due place after being left loose.

The patent text I read here.

The picture above is another version that focuses more in the toilet lifter. (here)



Technological torture

17 Jun
blue cross

blue cross (Photo credit: Tilley441)

The title of this post was supposed to be called some thing related to friends game. But after it was applied it turned out to make that reference to a torture. No body would get that harmed out of the play, though it was tough.

Besides that difficulty of nowadays get-together when mates go on and on complaining as a sympathy holding topic, there are those situations when you sit at a cafe with your friends and it takes no longer than five minutes to the first one open their mobile phones, i-pads etc to check mail, check sms, send sms or tinkle int hey own ways.

Then it came to us yesterdays stiod,¬†I am publishing now for obvious reasons – I had such a hangover I could not sit in near the computer before…

Two possibilities Рthe pals want to show off whose technological device is more advanced or they are indeed addicted to their online lives and cannot stay a while out of it. Thinking of that a couple of friends decided  to challenge the whole group not to interact with their gadgets while we were at a bar.

All the machines set up on the table sharing place with bottles, glasses and finger food. Not a few times were we talking about them, but none would touch their devices otherwise they would pay the whole bill. Was it hard – yep. My facebook page were not updated. I took no picture for this post.

Despite the pressure and the stress of being unplugged, the bill was shared evenly as we use to do. That made us think how hard it was not tinkling with digital machines when we are together, but how good it was taking a time and devoting it totally to the friends who were indeed with us.

Complaining socially

14 Jun

I don’t know where it comes from but there is a trend of complaining and just so.

Many of the people I know, some friends included, would just get along to complain. You greet the person and ask “how are things”, “how are you” and other phatic expressions to hear people go on and on telling you how life is unfortunate. ¬†Then they look at you expecting you to complain also. If you do not complain, you are in discordance with your circle, so I came today to help a bit.

If you cannot remember anything to complain than the fact of hearing complaints (what may be unsocial of you, sorry…), I thought of a list of bad things that insist in happening to many of us:

  • My land telephone has only five different ring tones and I am tired of them;
  • The ATM insists in giving me $ 50 notes and people insist in not having charge. Where is all the charge in world going to?
  • The taxi driver doesn’t stop talking, I think he means to go slower and get more money from me.
  • When I forget my mobile home, people call me a lot, when I carry it nobody does so.
  • It is too cold home that my butter is hard out of the fridge.
  • The butchers are loosing the ability to make perfect meat cuts.
  • It is hard to find a dress maker and I have to wear the same clothes as everybody.
  • My cat wakes up too early everyday.
  • The housekeeper fee is too high.
  • .
  • .
  • .

Stiod Sharing: Choosing your flight neighbor.

13 Jun
English: JetBlue Airplane in Flight over Houston

(credit: Wikipedia)

Peter is taking a long distance flight. He’s very happy because he just got a promotion in his job, proposed his girlfriend and they are going to get married soon. He’s absolutely good and his life is walking towards perfection. Just have to tell that to everybody.

Jean is taking a long distance flight. He’s very busy, has lots of work to prepare before his presentation only four hours after landing. He opens his laptop, starts a dozen spreadsheets and tries to create the powerpoint slides so perhaps he has time to take a shower before rushing to the company headquarters.

Maria and Manuel are on vacations and took their kids to travel. They take the same long distance flight as Jean and Peter.

Ana Maria and Manuel’s daughter, happen to sit together with Daddy and Jean. Mommy, Teddy and daddy are in the seat behind her.

While Ana tries to play with her little brother, she kicks Jeans laptop accidentally. Later, Teddy cries because Tony, the middle brother stole his toy. Peter can’t hold his happiness and has to talk to the mother and the father who sit next to him, just the aisle separating them. The father is irritated with the kids crying, the guy talking and the long flight, starts complaining to Jean.

Do you want your seat neighbour to be like-minded, share hobbies with you or speak a specific language? 
Do you want to chat, or to rest while flying? Join SeatBuddy to make the best of your flight time.

Is this scene familiar to you? Hardly ever am I in the role of Peter and not seldom do I meed some kids family in flights and the likes. Now you can avoid these not friendly travelers.

Peter can choose a department in the plane where people are friendly and want to talk about free topics. Jean can book a silent department while Maria and Manuel… well, they will wait until a family department is created – Perhaps it will need some doors to hold the possibility of a silent department in the same plane.

The idea comes from the Latvian air company¬†Air Baltic. The passengers will have the possibility to choose their neighbors. You can choose your travel mood or join the community SeatBuddy from their website. It will take your facebook information to match your profile to other passengers’.

Popcorn race

10 Jun

Get a cold and rainy day. Put together five kids. Add three bowls of popcorn. Mix all together, then turn the TV on and let it be for about an hour.

If your leaving room is clean after that, congrats, you can skip reading. If not I suppose soon your little guests (or kids, if your are a parent) will need more stimulus. In our endless search for distractions for those challenging kids I found out some fun contest:

Kids are to be divided in two groups (little Hugo got to be in the white zone) – we draw and assemble some medals, then start the race:

The group who gets more popcorn into the little bag will get the gold medals, the other team would be given the silver ones.

The floor would get a bit easier to vacuum cleaning and the little angels have a bit of fun – as well as the “old Ant” Sonia.


Secular Wedding

8 Jun
Rita and John's Marriage Certificate

Rita and John’s Marriage Certificate (Photo credit: mary hodder)

I thought this would be a perfect Idea for a wedding if I had one again. | Just hope I’ll never need to.

The church thing is quite beautiful I can’t deny. ¬†When I said the definitive yes, Husband and I were in a very cute church, with no many square meters by a still lake in Swedish summer afternoon.

If we did not have that idyllic scene, I’d have something totally different:

  • Instead of a priest wise wo/men.
  • Instead of an altar, a round table
  • Instead of church sermon, philosophy on sharing lives, living together and matrimony.
  • Best men and ladies of honor would have a talk about their conceptions of marriage.
  • The reverends would object and/or defend marriage.
  • In face of it all, the pair is questioned if they agree in doing such a life-long intended binding – and then, the Yes.


For a wedding music- ¬†The Valkyries, Carmen, Figaro…

For ceremony guests, round tables with wine and bread. The decoration would remind a cafe, with plenty of luxury, why not?


All this arrangement would make you marriage go under the sign of common thought and not empty promises.



Pregnancy test

7 Jun

It has been a good while you can go to the drugstore and buy a pregnancy test. Before that you’d have to go to hospital and wait until one give you the result: positive x negative.

The first tests you would pee on a piece of special paper and wait some minutes and get the result: one line – negative, two lines positive.

But we are ahead on time, years after I was terrified doing one of this home exams, I wished  thought it was possible it was happening after one day delay in the period.

Go to the drugstore and they sell me some stripe I would have to stick into a glass with urine in it and wait some minutes. One line – negative, two lines positive. Ok with the plastic free tech. But you have to be quite handy to not pee your hand etc. Than, into the frenzy of getting one or two stripes you just freak flatter out and drip this disgusting pee all over.


Idea: Some chemical you pour into your toilet and it will react with your urine and change color. For example: blue positive, red negative or which ever colors.

That is, just using a common pine detergent in my toilet it changes its color. I read some years ago of a liquid you poured into the swimming pools and it would show if someone kissed in it. So we are half way to the do-ability of the idea. One change in color, the test is going on and negative. Other color the test is positive.

You are allowed to know if you are pregnant or not in a very cleaner way. ūüėÄ

BTW ¬†– it was negative :’-(

Ideas for Gay Pride Parade

6 Jun
English: A drag queen at the 2008 Gay Pride in...

(credit: Wikipedia)

That is time of freeing the fantasies and going to Paulista Ave. showing or supporting gay pride – sorry there is an acronym but as it changes each year I can’t cope with it all.

Husband’s friends use to make fun of him telling he was seen in high heels last year. I thought why not? Have been thinking of some costumes that are appropriate for the occasion.

Either if not in S√£o Paulo and your gay parade hasn’t occurred this year yet you can of your gay parade has already been, you can come back later and consider the ideas as well.

You will not want to wear a sexy costume will you? Just as everybody? For that you don’t really need a stiod.¬†What I was thinking here I love the Drag Queens, they are just wonderful.

Some Ideas:

  • What I think this year could be a most aggressive defense of the gay pride: Take to the streets figures that are themselves against gay marriage, sex freedom etc. Why not religious homophobic figures, homophobic politicians, etc.
  • Also, If I was a man, I would wear myself a big pregnancy belly, and create an¬†androgynous¬†figure. It will both represent the right of lesbians turning into a masculine body and still getting pregnant or of gay couples having kids.
  • Thinking of wearing male costume myself and getting Husband going hand by hand with a guy. And this is another idea.¬†Homogenizing¬†¬†hetero couples so to show¬†sympathy to the Gay Cause.

And you reader. Do you have any tips for enjoying gay parades?

VIII Gay Pride in S√£o Paulo, Brazil

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