Secular Wedding

8 Jun
Rita and John's Marriage Certificate

Rita and John’s Marriage Certificate (Photo credit: mary hodder)

I thought this would be a perfect Idea for a wedding if I had one again. | Just hope I’ll never need to.

The church thing is quite beautiful I can’t deny.  When I said the definitive yes, Husband and I were in a very cute church, with no many square meters by a still lake in Swedish summer afternoon.

If we did not have that idyllic scene, I’d have something totally different:

  • Instead of a priest wise wo/men.
  • Instead of an altar, a round table
  • Instead of church sermon, philosophy on sharing lives, living together and matrimony.
  • Best men and ladies of honor would have a talk about their conceptions of marriage.
  • The reverends would object and/or defend marriage.
  • In face of it all, the pair is questioned if they agree in doing such a life-long intended binding – and then, the Yes.


For a wedding music-  The Valkyries, Carmen, Figaro…

For ceremony guests, round tables with wine and bread. The decoration would remind a cafe, with plenty of luxury, why not?


All this arrangement would make you marriage go under the sign of common thought and not empty promises.




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