Pregnancy test

7 Jun

It has been a good while you can go to the drugstore and buy a pregnancy test. Before that you’d have to go to hospital and wait until one give you the result: positive x negative.

The first tests you would pee on a piece of special paper and wait some minutes and get the result: one line – negative, two lines positive.

But we are ahead on time, years after I was terrified doing one of this home exams, I wished  thought it was possible it was happening after one day delay in the period.

Go to the drugstore and they sell me some stripe I would have to stick into a glass with urine in it and wait some minutes. One line – negative, two lines positive. Ok with the plastic free tech. But you have to be quite handy to not pee your hand etc. Than, into the frenzy of getting one or two stripes you just freak flatter out and drip this disgusting pee all over.


Idea: Some chemical you pour into your toilet and it will react with your urine and change color. For example: blue positive, red negative or which ever colors.

That is, just using a common pine detergent in my toilet it changes its color. I read some years ago of a liquid you poured into the swimming pools and it would show if someone kissed in it. So we are half way to the do-ability of the idea. One change in color, the test is going on and negative. Other color the test is positive.

You are allowed to know if you are pregnant or not in a very cleaner way. 😀

BTW  – it was negative :’-(

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