Vuxendagis – Adult Kindergarten

2 Jun

A great thing to offer a girl when she’s feeling gloomy is taking her to a great shopping center. Going into every single store and let her buy – or even just window shopping. I don’t mean it is exactly the best thing in world but it is quite close to be so.

This is an activity to be done mostly by BF’Fs that would love “shop walking” the friend. Sometimes the best friend isn’t available. Sometimes their guys would offer the companionship. Sadly there are a few who would enjoy the deed as it has to be done.

Today’s stiod stands on my conception of a term Husband use to utter sometimes: vuxendagis – that in fact means “adult kindergarten – in the context he uses. A place where people can have fun and looked after. The Adult Kindergarten or the Fun Store is to be a store in a shopping center. It uses the concept of kid’s care  center in shopping malls where you can leave you kids playing under the supervision of a monitor while you go shopping.

FlightGear 1.0.0 r150 for Mac OS X. Flight A-10.

FlightGear 1.0.0 r150 ( credit: Wikipedia)

Your guy follows you quite gladly. You go together into the first store. He is a bit interested and gets bored the very first 20 minutes. You smile at him, give him the first shopping bag you’ve already acquired and tell him – I meet you at the Fun store, dear. After hours roaming (LOL) from store to store, you then find your guy flying a car simulation game. Isn’t

he a flight freak, what about car slot table etc. He looks at you with that sweet begging face: won’t you like going a round more. Take my credit card, dear…

The Adult Kindergarten will offer your grown up boy amusement options such as:

  • Slot car table

    Rail transport modelling #1

    (credit: lennox_mcdough)

  • Comics library
  • Beer tasting sessions
  • Flight simulator
  • Model railroad
  • Plastic Models assembling corner – they gotta buy new models or just bring their own.
  • Kite simulation program
  • Video game machines
  • Table games

… and the most important of all

  • The match of the day – perhaps it will be needed to make a schedule and show either ice hockey or football (soccer as well as American) games.

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