The idea of controlling your TV from the couch – the remote control

23 May

Calm down, I shall not try to invent the remote control. Definitely. That has been a while I plan rendering a salute to great ideas that are part of our daily lives in such a way we don’t think even they’ve been ideas of somebody’s.

Recently  – last Sunday – Eugene Polley passed away. Have ever heard about him? An extraordinary and visionary man who has 18 patents. He was the one who first executed (or had?) the idea of controlling a television in a wireless basis. Can you wonder what took him to his project? Well, I suppose it was a sweet and comprehensible laziness – that was it. But the invention created also safety – by replacing the wire controls that were used before his invention – and comfort.

A remote control's infrared seen as near-infra...

When the remote control was invented there were only a couple of  TV channels. Yet, Polley thought he would enjoy more his TV experience if he did not need to stand up for shutting up those annoying advertisements.Laziness is the mother of invention. He has to be rendered a tribute for thinking beyond the fences.

Ironically, the news of Polley’s passing away coincided with my remote controls being out of batteries. My finger tops are bleeding aching tired 🙂 of pushing thousand times the buttons of my TV and cable adapter. I don’t know how often people needed – or dared –  to change channels in the fifties, but there is so much s..t on TV nowadays, you have to zap very often. And more, that is much easier typing 702 if you are watching a program on 40 than pushing the channel button over 600 times. Apocalyptic invention!

There were good and bad side effects of remote controlling TVs, I wonder (and I am still waiting someone giving life to my remote controlled stove!):

Arguable bad effects:

  • Carpet industry lost some customers.
  • Hand physiotherapists lost patients (think of my fingers today)
  • Bladder problems due to many no-cut sessions on HBO

Possible good effects:

  • Advertising became less nagging (ops, almost forgot some shoptime etc.)
  • Gym got more clients (fattening after sitting the whole Sunday in front of TV)
  • Cuddling time became longer ❤

If you pardon me, I will zap for some news about the strike in the subways and trains in SP. Please check the links below for some more detailed texts about Eugene Polley’s geniality. ✜

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