“Let’s do it”, instead of “Just do it”

22 May

Just Do It

Supposedly everything is easy enough to be done with goodwill. It is well spread that whoever does not have great achievements just did not want fair enough. And here was the culture of labeling the others “losers” grounded.

Don’t let me blame nike’s add for all the illness derived from such way of thinking. Let me blame our western culture of sole winners, number ones, etc. Your vital necessity to win/ achieve  is not an individual demand but part of our collective unconscious. The goodwill culture goes (almost?) always from us to the others.

How many orders do we give in our day-by-day? “Do so”, “why don’t you do that?”, the government who does not  do this etc.  Just do it!
Way many times we also hear it, all the time: the boss, the mother, father, teacher and moreover – from no one. From this huge underlying pressure we have since we are breathing – no matter if we are sleeping of awake.

What are we doing to other’s unconscious? Harm, of course. That is the mentality behind the “just do it”. And the assumption that if you can’t it is only due to you not wanting to do so. And this harm is done even by those supposedly willing to help: lose weight, feel good, believe in yourself and all this things that are stuffed into our mind by self helpers, priests etc. Just DO it. Yourself, if you want to win!

How many times do we say: “let’s do it”?  When we are the helpers and not the helped. Moreover, what does “helping” mean you? Self affirmation or collective achievement?

So, today’s stiod is a broad campaign. Change our mentality slogan from “just do it” to a challenging “let’s do it”. Let’s fight child slavery, Let’s support self-esteem, Let’s work together. Stop adhering the slogan whenever the invitation is not looking at the collectivity, unless in changing the collective unconsciousness of self willing premise by helping another self.

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