Stiod Opinion: Striptease incentive for teenagers’ learning

21 May

I’d agree it is difficult to find means to teenagers get into the mood of learning, homework etc.

A TV channel in Brazil then decided they found a way for it. They get a weekly competition with quiz about different areas of knowledge. Three girls stand dancing. Each girl for representing one boy. Each time a boy answers the questions correctly a girl takes out one piece of clothing (hope you can see that from your place check here).

I just saw the program for a while as a matter of curiosity. In the beginning of the game, the boys were doing much more right answers than in the end. Perhaps because the girls had for little clothing.

It sounds absurd to me having a contest where kids (under 16 year-old) are exposed to so sexual suggestive images. I mean, it is not that incentive one would like to have to their children – or again am I too old for the world I live in? Take me somewhere else, then.

Soon will students require their teachers or tutors wearing sexual costumes so to look at them? Or just sit on their boring student desks and wondering how the teacher or classmate would look like in underwear.

Unacceptable, sorry.


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