Stiod Derived: Surprise Wedding

20 May

Girls around the world will agree that taking a man to the altar is a thorny path. Many magazines will give advice, recipes etc about the best way to convince your dearest into a marriage. That will not be a problem if you take the altar to your husband-to-be or the bride to be.

“If Mohammed will not go to the mountain, the mountain must come to Mohammed.

The stiod is derived from none less than Priscilla Chan (just-married to the billionaire Zuckerberg straight after he puts the company into the stock market). In fact I don’t believe one should be thinking about his bank account otherwise we will miss the real matter.

What is the real matter?

The title of the piece of news announcing the change in the  facebook status of Mr. Zuckerberg tells us it was a surprise ceremony, though the surprise was to the guests and not to the bride groom. Many will be suggested that he did not know he was getting married (as this humble writer did before reading BBC’s text completely. And before the idea gets spread out, I decided making it into a stiod.

So, if getting the love of your life to the altar is too hard to you, you can plan the whole ceremony by yourself. Pick something unusual, like his/her backyard after s/he had a busy day – that way s/he does not see your efforts for putting things together. Book with everybody a surprise party (birthday, graduation, Ms. Chan?), if you wish a fancy wedding, ask your guests to come in black tie.

Before you go planning your surprise wedding, perhaps you may consider the making husband-to-be aware it might happen sometime in the future – perhaps he can design you a “simple ruby” wedding ring ;), or buy the bride a fancy and cute white dress.

Also you might consider – prior to “buying” my stiod – making sure how the law works in your country. I guess in my country both bride and bridegroom might sign a paper stating they wish to get married and a note must be published in a newspaper. Unfortunately.

The idea sounds romantic, great, and a lot of people will just applaud you, of course. And all of this will happen to you wishing to become the world most beautiful bride and have the most creative wedding on Earth. If you allow me giving some opinion about it – and I will suppose you do as you continue reading the post. It is not that smart. Sorry.

Planning a surprise wedding party without the husband-to-be acknowledging it is starting your marriage taking away his participation in your common life. It is depriving him from having opinion, helping to decide the details, etc.

But it will yield  a lot of

The wedding vows are complete - you may now ki...

The wedding vows are complete – you may now kiss the bridegroom. (credit: Wikipedia)

comments, and yes, it will sure be an unusual wedding!

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