Nail Polish with inbuilt brush

19 May

I don’t know what science is behind the shape and format of nail polish brushes. As far as I know, they have all the same type of brush: long and soft ones. I am pretty eclectic in buying this beauty item and have from the cheap Modha I have in my nails today to expensive Prada ones going through middle price/quality Natura and Avon. All of them have the same kind of brush.

All of them drive me crazy because the brush is longer than my nails. With more liquid than I need to have. When they drip in the way from the little bottle to my nail. I thought if things wouldn’t become cleaner if I got a smaller brush, that was directly connected to the liquid: such as some gloss, blush, base already use?

I bet it will become much more lithesome to paint nails by oneself  if the person is not a professional or skilled user of nail polish. Today I tried using the less of the brush and I managed making less mess than I use to do. That tells me a bit that my mess is often due to the gawky brush my nail polishes have.

My only ambition is having beautiful nails, painted in a short while and with more precision. I do believe nail polishes with smaller inbuilt brushes is the solution to our amateur skills.


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