Naughty T-shirt

17 May

Hi you out there. Please ignore it’s over midnight here under the Equator line, because the late night stiod happened just by chance.

Have you ever had that great moment you made the love of your life? Just that outstanding moment that is a pity you cannot go screaming out loud to world?

This stiod is for those bolder than me: a simple t-shirt with slightly big letters saying: I’ve just had the best sex ever!

Is that too obvious in English? Try it in a not so common language in your country

  • Portuguese: Acabei de ter o melhor sexo da minha vida
  • Swedish: Jag har precis haft det bästa sexet någonsin i mitt liv.
  • Icelandic: Ég hef bara haft besta kynlíf alltaf (google translate)
  • Yiddish: איך’ווע פּונקט האט די בעסטער געשלעכט אלץ (google translate)
  • Kanada, Tupi, etc. I have no Idea how it’d be


That comes mostly from a personal experience, when I saw a tough guy in big muscles with a tough-like T-Shirt saying: “Listen to your heart”. As the majority in Brazil can’t speak English I wondered if he knew what was written in his T-Shirt. 😀

Also I got a friend who had a sweater where it was written in Icelandic: “Ég tala ekki íslensku” (“I don’t speak Icelandic”)

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