Rotten egg spray

16 May

How is the traffic in your country? Does it work? Do drivers respect traffic lights, zebra crossings and pedestrians?

If answered “yes” to all of this questions, you live in a great country/city and don’t think moving form where you are to places like São Paulo. Where rarely have you someone respecting rules.

Law is not respected around here. Check out this pic I found in the web:

As you can see, the law is not respected even by the police, so to whom shall I complain? Great, so let us come back to the age of land-of-no-one. Why not trying a an eye for an eye policy. That is, just as using pepper spray might be a solution in preventing  robbery in the cities or sexual abuse etc.  you could use a rotten egg spray.

Throwing a rotten egg in a car, will do no harm to the structure of its. But it will smell like hell and the bad driver will have to stop somewhere an wash his/her baby asap. It is not simple to carry in your bag a couple of rotten eggs so to “educate” city drivers.  That is why the stiod: the industrialize  “educator”. A spray smelling, no I mean stinking rotten egg, with quite a strong fixing.

    • One almost run over  you, you can take out your rotten egg spray and SPRIZZITZ…
    • One is parked on the zebra crossing… SPRIZZITZ.
    • The guy just disrespected a reserved parking place… SPRIZZITZ.
    • The dear driver park in two parking places, SPRIZZITZ.

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