Stiod Sharing – Sachet Pierce

15 May

After fighting for hours with a ketchup sachet I wondered if there wasn’t any device that would help starving ordinary people to open those sauce sachets around world.

In fact there are some. Different ways of thinking the same thing, but many will help us not tearing the I-don’t-know-how-clean packets with our teeth. So you will no longer  lose a fight to tearing it open, dirty your white blouse with bloody red, or lose your mind with those annoying sauce bags. Let me  now introduce you the ones I found on the Internet:

  • In-place sachet opener –  Quick Snip

 This Opener is much of a table dependent device. You would have it in your diner, cafeteria, snack bar or at home, so you can use them in the kitchen, for opening condiment packets etc. I got curious about the use of the little bowl that serves a support to the opener. Would it have any other use, such as collecting the corners or for holding the content of the sachets as to use as dip?

  • In-place sachet opener – Clean Cut

 This one was designed to be attached to some other place, such as a napkin dispenser, a wall,  a table or counter  corner. The cutter has some sort of knife that slits your sauce open and then hold the corners inside itself. It demands cleaning often, so you don’t have a mess there inside.  It looks good. Yet, just as the Quick Snip above, you will depend on the restaurant, cafe, snack bar having it. It is not a big deal if owners of these places consider acquiring the devices to make our eating experience more relaxed.

  • Portable opener

 I did not get the picture of this one in use, but it seems to have a species of blade in one of the corners. That looks good to have some advertising on it, and then making bar owners keener in having them, together with a cute sachet holder, such as a basket. It goes well for having home as well, perhaps you can use a pair of scissors instead, I don’t know.

  • Give Away model – sachet pierce

I liked this little guy better. It can be given away by bars, with their logotype, phone etc. I don’t like the status the producers give to it as disposable opener. They are quite cheap, but there is some plastic in it and throwing lots of them away will definitely not be environmental friendly.

So, I would like to see much of them in snack bars etc. with some incentive to keep them to oneself and using it in some other places. 😀

That’s it by now. Bon appétit.

2 Responses to “Stiod Sharing – Sachet Pierce”

  1. Brian July 9, 2012 at 1:22 pm #

    Hi; I agree.. I like the Give Away model – sachet pierce.. Can you post a link where I can get more information on the device?

    • no tail nor flies July 9, 2012 at 10:40 pm #

      Hi there.

      I was naive and thought that the link in the picture would take the readers to the site. But here is a link to someone who produces it. It is in Portuguese though…

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