Acclimatised Toilet Seats

13 May

It varies from culture to culture the relation to toilet visits. From the Swedish people who use to announce when they are going to toilet from those who can’t even mention doing so.

Pedestal squat toilet

Pedestal squat toilet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In one of the extremes, we have Buñuel‘s dinner on his “The Phantom of Liberty” (Le Fantôme de la liberté)  where the guests are sit around a table on flushing toilets. They politely discuss various issues about defecation while using the toilets that they are sitting on. The topics related to food are impolite, If someone wants to eat, they excuse themselves and discretely move to the dining room, a private cubicle, to eat food. (If you haven’t see the film, just check this scene on Youtube)

With that in mind and let me take you guys to a collective toilet thinking. No, I’d appreciate Buñuel only for his criticism about liberty, freedom etc. Leave the eschatology to respecting different cultures only. That is part of the common knowledge of people to whom it would take time for doing some business on their toilet visits.

There are for example those who have to turn of the tap so to run some water till they can pee. There are also those who sit for a great while, afraid someone outside will hear some of the embarrassing sounds from bowel activities while trying to poop, for example.

Operating controls on a modern Japanese toilet...

Operating controls on a modern Japanese toilet, ( credit: Wikipedia)

My stiod is having a toilet seat with environmental sounds – for different situations: for hiding our awkward sounds, for helping the pee function work quicker etc. I read somewhere on former Japanese toilet seats that were equipped with different functions such as butt washing, bidet, and blow drying. Isn’t that amazing? Why not to give these high-tech toilets just a touch of humanity with a little creek sound track (listen here, don’t you wanna pee now?), ocean waves (listen here) or the likes.

We live in an era of environmental concerns and we don’t want people opening a tap and wasting liters of water while trying to pee. Or do we?

6 Responses to “Acclimatised Toilet Seats”

  1. Pavi May 13, 2012 at 9:35 pm #

    Yes, Japanese toilets already have these sounds! You push a small button next to the toilet and it makes the sound of running water or plays music.

    And not only in hi-tech home toilets either – you also find this in many public toilets.

    For some strange reason though, this is only found in women’s toilets, not men’s…

    • no tail nor flies May 13, 2012 at 9:51 pm #

      That is just great that it exists – although only in Japan. I just got curious about it being exclusive to the ladies’. Is it any culture constraint?

      • Pavi May 13, 2012 at 11:15 pm #

        I think it’s like in other countries too, women are seen to be more sensitive to such things than men. The noises etc a body makes are considered unfeminine. But for blokes it’s seen as ok.

      • no tail nor flies May 14, 2012 at 5:47 am #

        Yeah, that makes sense. Though the pee thing might not be only female “problem”. 😀


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