Period Tracker for male users

12 May

Diagram of the menstrual cycle (based on sever...

No, I am not possessed by my last period. Just haven’t done much of outer life because of some annoying cramps. That makes me thinking of my immediate reality. Ok, perhaps you’re right.

And no, I am not suggesting (yet) that men should bleed on our behalf!

Let me introduce my newest stiod – an App that helps men to follow their girls’ period and identify and interpret her signs- that are nothing more than symptoms she experiences every month depending on the point of her period she is.

Usually our partners do not know where in our periods we women are, and that makes them a bit insensitive about those loads of changes our body and our mood go through.


How it would work?

  • One fills a date when his/her girl gets her period
  • The App will calculate when probably next period comes (just as Ovuview works – and it works pretty well)
  • A tab would show what are the most probable symptoms for the given point the woman is in her period. And explain to the partner what is going on.
  • The App suggests what are the most probable reactions to such signs – menstruation is coming in a few days, be careful with nipples and so on. Fertile periods etc…

Just as Ovuview, the App could have a log, where the partner enters the main symptoms s/he observes in their girl – did she had cramps today? Were she more keen to have sex? Humidity etc.

Guys, we are walking towards the future of relationships – a walk towards perfection, that is nothing more  than based on comprehension. And this App will help you guys in your way there.


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